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The Polar Vortex has affected weather patterns and has also changed migration. Geese have been spotted on the equator while Antarctic penguins could be found walking single file along northbound highways.

After record snow this winter, Colorado ski areas are considering staying open until the 4th of July. They plan to close with a bang.

Old ski photo

Recent earthquakes in California have sent many residents into their backyards to camp, This has caused an acute shortage of tents, graham crackers and marshmallows.

old camping photo

So many Wisconsinites have moved south while waiting for spring to arrive, no one was in the stands when the UW Badgers made it to the final four. The university is considering busing California residents for the next game.

old bus photo

Donald Trump will join Dancing with the Stars next season. Old apprentice favorites will compete while Trump takes over Tom Bergeron’s job. He will fire all but the mirror ball trophy winner.


The remake of Gilligan’s Island is in the works. Rumor has it, Zooey Deschanel will play Mary Ann, Christina Hendricks will play Ginger, Gene Hackman will play Mr. Howell, Joan Rivers will play Mrs. Howell, Harrison Ford will play the Professor, Jack Black will play the Skipper, and Jim Carey will play Gilligan.

gilligan's island

Apple will release their latest invention called iAm. The device worn around the neck can keep track of heart rate, cholesterol, how many calories burned and can make suggestions with how to attain goals through GPS. It has shock settings which are triggered when the wearer takes an elevator instead of the stairs.




Will you prank anyone?

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  1. Once when I was little we sneaked over in the dark and tied plastic flowers all over a bush a flowering neighbor had bought, bragged about, and pampered, but it never had any flowers – until that night. We had neighborhood pranks – but those were all pretty mild/harmless – and very funny compared to now. Tomorrow, maybe just duck and cover.
    (great old pix….where are the bikini girls of CO spring skiing?)


    1. Hahaha! That is the best! I bet your neighbor took a double take!
      Now that my husband and daughter proofed my story, I won’t be able to prank them tomorrow. I can always start early before they really wake up… I will have to think of something for my son. For me it’s always about telling a big fib!
      I would guess Aspen. That’s quite a wall of snow!
      Thanks Phil!


  2. For a minute there when you said Donald Trump was joining DWTS, I had a vision of his trademark hairdo flopping around his ears as he spun around on the dance floor Not a pretty sight! Not sure I’d like him any more in the emcee spot, but who knows – it could work! Great prank, Susie!


    1. Nothing surprises me anymore, but these were a lot of fun to write. The Donald would have to use helmet head hairspray to keep it in place. In fact, I think he uses it all the time.:)

      Thanks! I couldn’t wait until tomorrow!


    1. It’s just like the person who jumps out and scares you. I hate it and don’t do it……very often. 🙂
      Thanks so much! I haven’t written very much satire, but this post was a fun one to write.


        1. It’s a wig I wore to a party when I had long hair. I cut it in the same style shortly after and plan to dye it red on my birthday for grins! It’s auburn now. Thank you!


          1. Lovely! I wore my hair like that for a while, trying to grow it back out so that I can wear something similar again. My hair was halfway down my back when I got sick, and when it started falling out from the chemo I cut it very similar to that so that I could donate the length to . Of course, it didn’t last long looking like that – pretty soon, I was a cue-ball! LOL


  3. Thanks for reminding me. I forgot last year. You really had me until I read the Apple part. Made it all the way to the end. Funny, just 30 minutes ago I sent a proof to a client for his new logo which is Inner Alignment Method — IAM. No foolin’. I’ll send him your article.


  4. Well migration is kind of for real.. The Canadian Geese arrived in many parts of Ontario last week and disappeared. In 40 years this has never happened. Did they turn around? Wildlife experts have no clue.

    This is was a good morning smile.


  5. I went to a girls’ school, so of course we did it all — clear gelatin in the toilets, butyric acid in the ventilation system, cow on the roof (did you know they can’t walk down stairs?), etc. Fun times.


  6. Haha–you had me as I scrolled down, the authority of your words not clicking as a prank…actually, until the end! That’s how mesmerized I was by the scenarios and even more, the pictures! Thanks for the laughs, Susie! 🙂


    1. I am so glad you took the bait! 🙂 I was a little concerned and made sure to include “April Fools” and lots of humor tags. I don’t want to be sued!
      Thanks so much!


  7. I forgot all about April Fools till now. I’d better watch out. Good post…thanks for a nice start to my day, Susie… I was actually starting to believe some of that.


  8. Love your cast of Gilligan’s Island! Not a prankster here. But when I was a kid, my brothers and I switched the salt and sugar one morning at breakfast. We were very disappointed when our father didn’t even notice the sugar on his egg or the salt in his tea… until we brought it up.


    1. Oh wow! He didn’t notice??? It must have been very early in the morning for him…
      Thanks so much! Wouldn’t that be the best cast ever???? I would go and see it for sure!


    1. Wouldn’t that be a blast???? I would love to go see that show… Can you imagine the banter between Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell! Christina, Zooey and Joan can hold their own!


  9. I do not prank because I do not want to be pranked – ha! My grandfather was a prankster and he was a nice prankster though. BroCraves on the other hand was not – I am lucky to have survived childhood with him and my mom threatened his life if he pulled anything on my wedding day. I am all for fun, but not when it turns not so nice and someone gets hurt (bodily or emotionally). Happy April:)


    1. That sounds intense!! I remember after my uncle got married, my mom’s family snuck into his house and put shaving cream on the toilet seat among other things. I’ll have to ask my mom about that one!!!!


      1. My girlfriend and her husband decided to go back to their house after their Wedding Reception and a few of the Groomsmen played some pranks on them (i.e. saran wrapped the toilet, put dye in the shower head, set up booby traps, etc.).


  10. I knew something was up! 🙂 I’ve been a bit shaky all day, after waking half way through the night to find my computer had opened iTunes by itself, was playing a merry little 1920s tune, and all the files on the desktop had been mysteriously renamed. It’s messing with me!


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