Ramblings and Results

I hope you survived April Fools! April has arrived and another snowstorm is on the way. The joke’s on us.

April Fools meme

The worst April Fools’ prank sprung on me was through my computer. GAH! I am very particular about apostrophes so when I noticed one of my tags from yesterday’s newsworthy post read, “April Fool’s Day,” I freaked. I had double checked before typing it. April Fools’ Day is the proper way to write it, but I had typed in April Fools Day without the apostrophe since it was a tag. After mopping the coffee from my desk, I went into edit. No matter how many times I tried, I could not get April Fool’s Day off my tags. I even cleaned out my cookies. Then I remembered that I had noticed it first on my iPad and the edit was still open. I closed it, ran upstairs and then deleted April Fool’s Day, updated it, and added April Fools Day. It still came up as April Fool’s Day. I went back to the post I wrote last year and went through the same process. I may always look like a fool on April Fools’ Day.  I have a year to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Grumpy cat April fools

Courtney is gradually recovering from her tonsillectomy. Thanks for your well wishes and checking out her blog. Now, I have a sore throat. I think it’s psychosomatic. After noticing a zit on a person’s forehead, one will sprout on mine the very next day! If I’m so good at imagining things into reality, then why can’t I imagine myself in great shape while looking like a thirty-year-old? My imagination only seems to work for zits and sore throats.

Diane Fallon

The winner of the caption contest is Dianne Fallon! “The Maniacal Traveler” brought a great post about a guided tour in Roswell, New Mexico to the Use Me and Abuse Me blog party and wrote a hilarious story about the seduction of Thin Mints. Congratulation Dianne! I’ll run another contest in April.

snowshoeing with Roxy
“I’ll never turn down a ride from a handsome stranger” – Dianne Fallon – Winner of the March Caption Contest

Speaking of Using and Abusing Me, it’s never to late to add your link in the comments and click on a few. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place! There were a lot of new faces in the crowd and I know they would love to meet you.

That’s all for now. I survived April Fools’. I hope you did too!

Were you pranked at all on April Fools’ Day? (See. I know how to write it.) 


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    1. Oh wow! We have a week or two before pollen pollution. The cold is a little better, but the pranking has continued. I clicked on “April Fools’ Day in “suggested tags” after posting, but it still changed it to “April Fool’s Day”!!!!! I can’t figure it out…


  1. I’m excited that I won the contest! Thank you for running it! Apostrophes have been confounding writers for many years, so I could appreciate your apostrophe panic. Not to add to your editing woes, but my name has two “n”s: Dianne. A mystery writer named Beverly Connor has a forensic anthropologist character named “Diane Fallon”, but I’m pretty sure I came first.

    We always enjoy April Fools Day. I tried to prank my son with news of the cancellation of the Colbert Report, but he did me a few better with the classic “kitchen water sprayer” joke, food coloring in the toothpaste, and several other clever ideas.


      1. When you turn on the water in the kitchen sinker, the rinser/sprayer thing that many sinks have sprays water all over you. A paper clip inserted somewhere (I forget exactly where) locks the sprayer in the “on” position. I was pretty impressed that he came up with the prank.


    1. That apostrophe is a mystery…. It came up that way on this post too!!!
      Courtney went back to her internship today. She was feeling a lot better last night. It really took a full week. Thanks!


    1. Your not alone. My computer is the only one who pranked me. That and a stupid cold that kept me from a class last night. I didn’t feel up to my usual shenanigans to prank anyone else. Next year….


      1. April Fools’ Day the year we were married, we moved to a new apartment. My husband stood in the kitchen with a box marked “Wedding China.” He asked me where I wanted the box and then fumbled the box and it dropped to the floor with a crash. The china wasn’t in it but a bunch of tools, lightbulbs, and beer bottles. Ha Ha. Very funny.


    1. I even tried adding it from suggested tags this morning and it added, but when I updated, it came up as April Fool’s Day. I probably have to go in and remover all the April Fools Day tags, remove my cookies and then add them back. Sheesh!


  2. I would think the apostrophe could go both ways “Fool’s” for the individual and “Fools'” for the masses, but what do I know other than the latter probably looks like I wrote a massive typo. No, I wasn’t pranked but a full size copper canoe was moved into my office’s conference table yesterday so my workspace does look like a joke.


  3. Grumpy Cat not only doesn’t care about proper apostrophe use, he’s got “you’re” instead of “your”! But I don’t think I’m going to say anything to him about it …


  4. Well since you’re an apostrophe freak, I’m going to have to point out that the “you’re” in the cat photo caption is technically wrong. There should not be an apostrophe at all in that word – or an “e.” But hey, you probably already know that. Another late Aprils Fools’ prank perhaps?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  5. Lovely photos – you certainly have gotten quite a bit done in a scant amount of time – our flowers have yet to pop – thank you for the reminder that spring will soon arrive… It is spring break and we have taken in skiing, a baseball game (like rounders or cricket), and are on our way to visit with in-laws… Hoping to write soon… Lots going on and many ways of making it count!


      1. Susie,
        I am embarrassed, I wish I could say it was a prank! I was reading on my phone and had finished reading a post and my fat fingers got the wrong comment button – or maybe it was my eyes – or maybe I shouldn’t be commenting on my phone after dinner —– it’s a long story. I’m sorry for the confusion and poor netiqutte. Please accept my apology and lame excuse.

        It’s good to know your daughter is doing better, I still have my tonsils ad remember vividly when ,my younger brother had his removed. mine…I was 11 and he was 8, we lived in Houston, TX and for the first time ever – it snowed. We couldn’t wait to get outside and play, and of course he was recovering from his surgery and was under order to stay inside…. bummer… we did however sneak him some snow inside, but mom was steadfast, no outside! As for your computer issues those issues drive me nuts (and it’s a short drive!)

        Again, I am a bonehead! Please excuse me…Clay


        1. No worries. I was really just teasing you! I did the same thing the other day. I was reading a comment from Guapola and thought it was from Gingerfightback! I got the G right, but Guapo’s name isn’t Jim in real life. I caught that one afterward, but wonder how many times I’ve done that while responding to comments!!!
          It took Courtney a full week before she was ready to go out. That’s funny about the snow. I bet you got a snow day too!
          I have no idea why my computer is stuck in apostrophe hell. It doesn’t autocorrect anything else!
          Enjoy your vacation!


  6. Was that apostrophe just to include me? Awe, you shouldn’t have! Lol. I see a lot of Spring weather headed our way. I am so jazzed. I am off all next week! Woot! So, yeah, sorry about the snowstorm. Eeek!


    1. Somehow, I’ve been made the fool!
      We woke up to a power outage in the middle of the night. There is a gorgeous 6 inches of snow frosting the everything. It must be pretty warm since it’s melting away.


  7. I was not pranked, but I’m proud to report that my son rigged his dorm suite mate’s bed with an air horn so that it went off when he went to bed. No idea where he learned to think like that.


  8. There were a lot of people stressing over that apostrophe. Of course none of those people were the ones who actually get paid to write or report. There were more print items and graphics on TV done by “professionals” that had it wrong than had it correct. No pranks here for me. I tend to live a life of you would swear was a prank so I wouldn’t notice anyway. 😉


    1. It is a strange looking apostrophe that I tried desperately to duplicate. Unfortunately, there is some strange little hiccup in my WordPress account.
      Welcome to my world! I usually dish them out, but I was coming down with a cold and Courtney was packing up to go home after recovering from her tonsillectomy. Next year, I’ll make up for it BiG TIME!!!!


  9. I’m attracted to proper apostrophe use as well! And yet I had no idea it was April Fools’ Day. Never even crossed my mind. Thanks for cluing me in!


  10. I’m going to get me some of that psychosomatic stuff. I just happened to notice a wallet stuffed with big bills on you. When will mine sprout?
    I admire the lengths you went to in trying to fix that apostrophe catastrophe. Have you ever considered taking up a few more hobbies to pass the time? Just a little suggestion, Susie. No biggie.


    1. I’ve been trying to imagine a money tree for years!!!
      Hahaha! That ridiculous stuff kills me! I’m on a new schedule. We’ll see how long it lasts. I spend waaaay too much time socializing and writing blog posts and not enough time working on what matters. I have some big deadlines coming up, so Yeeeee Haaaaaa!


  11. And I thought cleaning out the cookies solved everything. The good news is that you’ve filled your quota for your apostrophe catastrophes for the year.


  12. Well, I’ve learned something! I’m sure I’ve misplaced the apostrophe more often then I care to admit. I’ve probably misunderstood the meaning of the entire day! Who feels a fool now?


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