A bad cold is just like this…

We’re all in denial when experiencing the first sneeze. We’re still feeling great.


We go about our day and brush off that first little tickle in our throats.


Then we notice something just isn’t right.


Drinking coffee doesn’t snap us out of it.


We wake up in a fog.


With sinuses blocked, our heads feel like they’ll explode.


We look in the mirror and don’t recognize ourselves.


We get really sleepy.


You think you’re performing at an acceptable level, but others can see you’re not yourself.

1233928590_citizen kane clapping

After ten days, it still has you in its grip, but you’re getting stronger.


Then, one morning, you wake up feeling refreshed.


I’m hoping that day is tomorrow…


 Did you go through the winter unscathed or did you get the common cold?

83 thoughts on “A bad cold is just like this…

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    1. When I first saw that guy on Sunday, I wondered how he was doing that! Obviously, he epitomizes my brain function when experiencing a bad cold. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Jess!


  1. What is this about a cold? That sounds miserable Susie. I hope this is a germ free website. I don’t want to catch any viruses. Keep it to yourself. I’m really sorry that you’re sick girl. It’s going around. So far, so good here. But I hear that it’s a doozy. I hope you’re back on your feet soon. And wow, those are some crazy pictures. I guess the trick is not to look at them all at once. I went cross-eyed. Lol! 🙂


    1. You have to watch each one, then it doesn’t get to you. I have a problem with the moving gifs on PicMonkey. They are so distracting!
      This was the classic common cold I will be over it by tomorrow and that will be 2 weeks. Thank God, since I am super busy this week!!
      Thanks Karen! I disinfected before you stopped by!


  2. Go figure, Susie. Mathair and I went through the entire winter season without a peep from any sinus afflictions. It wasn’t until my little brother decided to try his hand at the polar dive with his friends that I caught the common cold and that was about two days ago. It was fifty degrees here in the Smokey Mountains and he was dared to jump into the Tennessee. Against mine and our mother’s warnings, he did so, even after I informed him I’d kick his butt if he got me sick. Now, both Mathair and I, are sniffling and nasally. 😉


  3. Knock on wood, I’ve made it through except for one little week when I was travelling. This post was so entertaining with these clips. Left me thinking over and over, “what happens next?!” ~Catherine


  4. I hope you’re finally feeling better! You’ve perfectly captured what it feels like when you just know that cold is coming. My husband is “suffering” right now, and I’m hoping he’s the end of the line! I think the best part of a cold is the day you realize it’s gone!


  5. Hope you’re fine now. With this crazy up and down weather here in NYC I have a head cold now. 70 one day and then 35 rain and snow the next night! This is nuts. I want a warm Spring!

    I normally never get sick except for the horrioble stomach bug I caught this winter. Felt like Montezuma’s revenge!


    1. I hate the stomach flu. I haven’t gotten it in years. …runs to find wood to knock on…Yep. I’m over it. Danny has some kind of crud now… Bummer!
      Thanks Phil!


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