Another Birthday. Thank God!

It’s my birthday! Last year, I looked forward to being a year older. I couldn’t understand why so many people loathe them when we all want to live a long life. That’s the goal, right? We all want to live to be 100! To get there, you have to attain all the numbers in between.

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Five days after my last birthday, I had a routine mammogram. I was shocked when I learned I needed an immediate ultrasound. I thought I may not see another birthday. After recovering fully from boobectomies and reconstructive surgery, I still can’t believe I was diagnosed with cancer. I have never gotten used to saying that word.

As I hunkered down with close friends and family to heal, I reassessed. I looked honestly at my life and how I was spending my time. Now I surround myself with people who enjoy my company and support me. I’m excited about my projects and am working hard. Yep. I’ve got another one in the works. I’m sending my book to a professional editor on Monday. Whew!

I don’t feel any different about my birthday this year. I’ve always felt that life is precious. I am grateful to have so many candles on my cake and I plan to add a lot more. I am not a woman who dreads being another year older. I’ve earned it!

2013 Birthday

Last year’s birthday

There are things I can’t change such as my height, the fact that I will never be a pro tennis player or a rock star, or the fact that I had cancer. But I can be a redhead! I made an appointment and plan to get pampered on my birthday.

Last year, I wrote a list of ways to celebrate. Number 1. was getting together with family. I’m looking forward to a celebratory dinner with them once again, but afterward we’re going to DANCE!


 This is from my rain dancing days with the photo bomber.

My ordeal was more positive than negative. I’ve learned a lot about myself. With adversity, and the gift of living another year, comes clarity. I know who I am, what I’m capable of, and where I’m going. That’s my birthday gift to myself.

Getting older is a very good thing! 

Do you look forward to your birthday?

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  1. My husband turns 50 next month, Susie, and it’s hard to believe! He doesn’t know it, but we’re celebrating with a family gathering at a local restaurant. Everyone is coming in from out of town. Every single guest. I’m thrilled that they are all helping me give him this wonderful surprise! Happy birthday to you, too. Your outlook on life is inspiring.


    1. Thanks so much Gwen! 50 is a big milestone and it sounds like you have a great celebration planned. Danny has a big one this year too and I’m planning on surprising him as well! That’s what birthdays are for!


  2. Happy belated birthday. I don’t mind birthdays in general, because I share the same view as you. However, there have been tough ones when I reflected upon the year and realized I wasn’t close to where I wanted to be at that time in my life. In particular, with my writing career. But, I usually can turn it around and use it as a learning tool or a stepping stone.


    1. Thanks so much!
      Kindred spirits! I am in a much better place this year than last. It’s weird how life and cancer put everything into perspective for me. What a gift!
      I often feel like writing is such a slow process for me. I get really anxious and feel like I’ve been climbing up the same mountain for a long time. It won’t be long now….trudge….trudge….


  3. Wow. Okay– I’m feeling kind of like an arse, but humbled– in the best way. I’m one of those who frequently complains about birthdays or approaches them with fear and trepidation. How foolish of me. Thanks for reminding me to get out of my silly little head and open my eyes! Happy Birthday Susie– your hair kicks ass!


    1. Thanks so much! I cut it just like the wig in the photo and put a few red streaks in it on Friday. 🙂
      Yep. I’m over the whole “I’m depressed because I’m a year older.” I faced the alternative last year!!!


  4. What a wonderful celebration, Susie! Congratulations on your birthday, and a substantial round of applause for being such a positive light! You really do remind us all to be grateful for every year on our way to 100! I just had a birthday in March, and I never once complain about my age. I have lost too many friends, way too early, and some from Cancer, to ever be a whiner about my age. I think of them often, and realize what a blessing my wrinkles are. But I haven’t faced what you have and the positivity means even more coming from you. ox


    1. Awwww! You just gave me shivers! I had a blast! Thank you.
      I agree that too many are taken too early. Looking older is part of the getting older package. Back when my mom was my age, they didn’t have many options for anti-aging other than a full face lift. Now there’s so much pressure with the full range of products, injectables, and surgeries out there.
      My plan is to live to be 100 and I’m sure I’ll have more than a few wrinkles by then!


  5. I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Susie! Such an inspirational post to those who don’t realize each day is a gift. Living with a chronic disease, I do treasure every day and pray the birthdays keep coming!
    Love the hair!


    1. I’m sorry to hear that you are battling health issues. I hope spring arrives and brings with it renewed energy, (unless you have allergies!!!)
      Thanks so much! It was a blast! I am wearing a wig in my gravatar, but got it cut in the same style afterward!


  6. Happy April Birthday! Sorry this is belated but the rest of the year will have good wishes passed on from me to you! This was so wonderful of you to respond positively in a truly scary time. I had a father who had cancer and I have a young daughter of 28 who was diagnosed with JRA early in life. I think that being grateful for another birthday is the way “I roll,” too! I am so sorry that it took me awhile to wade through all my emails to find that you were here! I am so glad to get to know you and I do know one of your good friends, Jill! She is a sweetheart! Looking forward to more weekend reading, my new friend! Smiles, Robin


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