Use Me and Abuse Me – Roxy Blog Hopping Edition

I hope you had a fabulous Easter. Roxy did!

Blog hopping Roxy 1

It’s party time and I’m inviting all of you to Use Me and Abuse Me! 

Bring ONE link to a story you’d like to share with my friends. Paste it in my comment section below. Then the fun begins! Click on a few links and “mingle” with the guests. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back!

“Follow” a couple and you may “pick up” a few new subscribers.

If you leave a link, make sure to click on a few. You wouldn’t go to a party and fill a bag with appetizers and leave, so don’t leave a link and run. If you leave more than ONE link, you’ll end up in my spam filter. That is always so embarrassing for both of us.

Relax. Stay a while. Help yourself to the buffet. The bar is always open. The barista is making coffee drinks. DJ Kelly Smash is in the house, so don’t forget to DANCE!

Download his latest FREE music HERE!


I am so fortunate and grateful to have met some hideous (awesome) friends through blogging. Brickhouse Chick and Kathryn McCullough tweeted my Open Letter link to @Freshly_Pressed and the editors FP’d it! Woohoo! I am still happy dancing.  Make sure to click on their links and check out their blogs! Brickhouse Chick always has something funny to share and Kathryn will give you a glimpse into her life in Ecuador. They are living (and virtual), proof that the blogging community here at WordPress is the very best. Thanks again girls! *muah*

If you ever read a Freshly Pressed worthy post, be sure to Tweet the editors at @Freshly_Pressed. It works!

Now click on some links and DANCE!

83 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me – Roxy Blog Hopping Edition

Add yours

  1. Congratulations, Susie, on your FP’d selection! I am late to the party because I was getting in my last weekend of spring skiing at snowy Jay Peak in Vermont, so it seems appropriate to share my Jill Kinmont post from a couple of weeks back. Am looking forward to mingling!



    1. Thanks Dianne!
      This is such a great tribute to an extraordinary woman. I do remember hearing about her.
      Thanks for bringing this to the party!
      Have fun clicking on links and “mingling” with the guests!


  2. Sorry I can’t stay and mingle. I have so much work to do over the next couple of days. Just wanted to pop in and say “hi” and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. No wrinkles for you. I’ll mingle more next time since last time I met some great new people.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    P.S. Roxy is too cute.


    1. Hey Rhythem! Thanks for stopping by with a link!
      I love your blog!
      Your link isn’t working so I replaced it with one to your blog. Go ahead and try pasting again. I’m not sure which one you wanted to share. 🙂
      Welcome to the Wild Ride!


  3. Use me and abuse me….not sure that I want to do that (more me who looks for others to do that to me, but I don’t think that is what you mean anyway!). But anyway, got one of those autorecommendations that I might like yr blog….and I guess I kinda do. No links needed all the same…..


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