Use Me and Abuse Me – Roxy Blog Hopping Edition

I hope you had a fabulous Easter. Roxy did!

Blog hopping Roxy 1

It’s party time and I’m inviting all of you to Use Me and Abuse Me! 

Bring ONE link to a story you’d like to share with my friends. Paste it in my comment section below. Then the fun begins! Click on a few links and “mingle” with the guests. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back!

“Follow” a couple and you may “pick up” a few new subscribers.

If you leave a link, make sure to click on a few. You wouldn’t go to a party and fill a bag with appetizers and leave, so don’t leave a link and run. If you leave more than ONE link, you’ll end up in my spam filter. That is always so embarrassing for both of us.

Relax. Stay a while. Help yourself to the buffet. The bar is always open. The barista is making coffee drinks. DJ Kelly Smash is in the house, so don’t forget to DANCE!

Download his latest FREE music HERE!


I am so fortunate and grateful to have met some hideous (awesome) friends through blogging. Brickhouse Chick and Kathryn McCullough tweeted my Open Letter link to @Freshly_Pressed and the editors FP’d it! Woohoo! I am still happy dancing.  Make sure to click on their links and check out their blogs! Brickhouse Chick always has something funny to share and Kathryn will give you a glimpse into her life in Ecuador. They are living (and virtual), proof that the blogging community here at WordPress is the very best. Thanks again girls! *muah*

If you ever read a Freshly Pressed worthy post, be sure to Tweet the editors at @Freshly_Pressed. It works!

Now click on some links and DANCE!

83 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me – Roxy Blog Hopping Edition

Add yours

  1. Woo-whooo! Congrats. May that post be a beacon.
    Today’s a Roxy’s Riot. Will ramble back to read and post something (Easter’s over so need to get something else up for readers) Hasta later and keep directing the dance, Roxy


    1. Thanks Phil! It was a nice surprise!
      Roxy is outside barking at that darned squirrel again. She posed for that picture. Such a ham!
      I’ll look forward to “seeing” you later!


  2. Congratulations on getting FP’ed, Susie! That’s great and what big ears your Roxy has! Don’t cyber scream at me for not posting a link, but it wouldn’t be fair to those that do. I’m at The Grind right now, and sneaking in a little blog reading time because The Boss is running late. This is a busy week for me and I barely have time to read the sites of my bud bloggers.


    1. Love this reminder about password protection.
      Have fun clicking on links and meeting the guests!

      Roxy LOVES posing and somehow knows that she is getting special attention. She even ran up to put on her bunny ears a couple of times yesterday. What a HAM!


    1. I loved your gnometown blog, but couldn’t comment because I’m not a zoomer. (Thought about joining, but they wanted to know all this personal stuff — my favorite TV shows!– etc. Meh.) Cute story though.


    2. Happy Easter to you, Linda!
      I love this whimsical post about the little people! I am so glad everyone rose up to protect them!

      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Don’t forget to dance!


    3. Linda, what a wonderful story with a happy ending. When you started to mention the changing of the clothes…I was expecting them to become nude as they get closer to the beach (I’m a nudist). You went in a surprising direction! BTW, I joined Zoomer but it will take a while, I guess, to get approved so I couldn’t leave a comment on your blog. Please check out my amperart-dot-com site, as we share something: I have to make sure all my “and”s are turned into ampersands, as you cleverly add a “g” wherever appropriate, gnow what I mean?


    1. Thanks so much!
      Roxy is a hoot! She loves to pose for me.
      I am so glad I met you!

      Love your post. Your granny story is hilarious! There is something about that level of confidence that protects people like her!
      Have fun clicking on links and saying “Hello!” Tell them “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place!


  3. Ah, Susie, thank you so much for the shout-out! You’re a sweetie. Loved your open letter! You deserved to be FPed for that one, my friend! Hope you have an awesome week!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    1. She knows she’s adorable too! You should have seen her rocking the ears, yesterday! 🙂

      Love your inspirational post. It’s a great reminder of what’s important in life and finding your passion.
      Have fun mingling with the guests!


  4. I love your blog! So full of life! Ok I’m following you… Not it the stalker way.. “Why won’t you marry me!?” Peace


      1. I’ve been accused of being a wild driver well the California Highway Patrol frowns on drunk driving but that’s besides the point… Ok wild rider then.. (I don’t drink.. Never have)


    1. Great piece! I’m so glad you were able to make the connection with yourself. You are so brave!
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! Have fun clicking on links, mingling with the guests and don’t forget to dance!


    2. I enjoyed your story very much. Glad for both of you. You should get many visitors — afterall, who wouldn’t visit a blog called writingforsex?


  5. Love ya Susie but how could you do that to Roxie? The news has been flooded with photos of dogs in rabbit ears about a Milk Bone away from taking their “loving” owners out.


  6. That is an awsome Easter Bunny! Poor Roxie. She will be plotting your demise!

    Love your parties. Think I’ll just saddle up at the bar and have a few cocktails. Sorry about the last one. Guess the police were needed to be called in. Naked people dancing on the roof is a bit much for some neighbors I guess.

    Here is my latest. A bit of a departure from my normal humor, booze, and foodie posts. More of a baring my soul post along with some inspiration for a Tough Mudder I am running in. Thanks!


    1. Whoa! You take it to the next level, Phil! What a man, iron man that is. Have you ever competed in one of those?
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! Have fun and this time keep your pants on! 🙂


  7. Susie, I love your blog and have spent all of my writing time today reading it and laughing. Especially the Open Letter, which I hope to reblog if that’s alright with you.

    I brought my old blog back to life due to…everything. Slowly I am cleaning it up, including the permalinks. Here’s my chosen submission. Hope it works!

    See you soon!


    1. I fixed your link! Thanks so much for stopping by and for perusing the Wild Ride!
      Love your post. Kids really are a gift and it is the small things in life that are the most rewarding.
      Thanks so much for bringing this to the the party! Have fun clicking on links! Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to abuse me!
      I just stopped by your place. What a cool opportunity! I would love to hear more about the show and how it works!

      Have fun clicking on links and mingling with the guests. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place!


    1. As a typographer I enjoyed your story immensely. Coindidentally, Austin, the first letter of the alphabet is the first letter of your name and the last letter of the alphabet is the last letter of my name (Chaz).


    2. You are hilarious! I remember this one. Not only do you have imaginary friends, you have imaginary letters!
      Thanks for stopping by with link, Austin! There are some new faces here today!


    1. That is such a great post Ted! Love the characters and their conversation. So funny!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun clicking on links and trolling for babes… 🙂


  8. If you’re a Peeps fan, click the link.
    If you’re an ampersand fan, click the link.
    If you can’t wait to subscribe to yet one more blog, click the link. (It features the fun & fabulous ampersand.)

    Here’s an excerpt:
    I’d say Peeps are to Easter what Rudolph is to Christmas — not the main attraction (commercially speaking) but very, very important. There’s even Peeps plush, Peeps apparel and all sorts of Peeps collectibles. (continued…)

    If you like my artwork featuring the fun & fabulous ampersand or my story about those famous Peeps (not famous peeps like Elvis or Gaga or Susie Lindau, not that kind of peeps), please subscribe. I release a new AmperArt featuring the fun & fabulous ampersand every month. Oh yeah, & it’s free.

    Okay, now I’ve got to visit some of your links & then rush to the store for half price Peeps (and other half-price Easter candy).


    1. I LOVE this one Chaz! What a fun Peep and bunny post. Now I’m craving chocolate!
      Thanks for coming to the party! Have fun clicking and checking out all the new partiers!


      1. The first party-goer’s blog I visited yesterday was Austin’s newsworthy article about the Z lawsuit. As a typographer I was totally engrossed and amused with his coverage of the trial. I’ve enjoyed a few others, especially the gnome story. Today I’ll nurse my blogover by meeting more guests who just can’t leave a good party.
        You’re the greatest, Susie. And a deep inspiration to my close friend who just dealt with a sudden cervical cancer situation. Thanks.


      1. Roxy is a riot! She posed for me as usual
        Loved your upbeat post! You are always so inspiring!
        Thanks for coming to the party. There are a lot of new people raging with us!


  9. Oh Susie, you know how much I LOVE a partay! Thanks so much for the shout out on this post. I was so excited for you and am so happy you got fb’d. I’m afraid I am in no condition to party today (dealing with the virus from hell). I may come back and have a drink or two after I recover. 🙂


    1. Thanks! It was a nice surprise!
      Very interesting science behind the Blood Moon. Thanks for sharing!
      Have fun clicking on links and “mingling” with the guests! And don’f forget to dance!


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