On Top of the World! A Photo Essay

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone can bring about personal growth and build confidence.

Peak 6

It can be scary. You may become hesitant and cautious.

Peak 6 1

There’s a point in the process when there’s no turning back.

to the top

 The last few steps are the hardest. That’s what separates the winners from the losers.

Almost there

Reaching your goal feels just like this!

Reaching your goals feels like this

But the fun is just beginning.

The Top of Peak 6

You have to continue to choose your path.

your path

It may not be what you expected.

Downhill all the way

It can be thrilling to look back at your accomplishment.

Looking back

It gives you the incentive to start all over again.

Whales tail my fave

Do you feel like you’re on an uphill climb or are you racing down the mountain?

I am on my way to the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference. I’m sure I’ll have my moments!

Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top

58 thoughts on “On Top of the World! A Photo Essay

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  1. Great photos – I have been learning this year. Every day is different summer uphill and some are downhill with wild abandon! Teaching seventh graders taught me a lot, about them but more importantly about me. I think the biggest lesson I learned this year was that if you are not uncomfortable you are not learning. I mean, I already knew it but the point was driven home this year with the new curriculum and just wonderful kids. Next year I will be on a wild ride of my own-eighth grade science! Have a wonderful time at the conference.

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    1. That is so great Clay! It is good to push yourself. 8th graders next year will be a challenge! I do think we learn more about ourselves through being out of our comfort zones.
      I signed up for a two page critique of my book. When I realized I’d have to read it in front of a few people, I wanted to withdraw. Then I thought, when I get published, I will be going to book signings and doing the same thing only I hope there are more than a few people in attendance!!!!
      Thanks Clay!


  2. Your pictures tell the story perfectly, Susie.
    I’m afraid things have been more of an uphill climb for me for some time. I occasionally get a little bunny hill run down. I keep hoping it will lead to some more down hill runs but each time I end up climbing. I’m hoping I will have the ride of a lifetime racing down hill soon.

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    1. You have to climb a looooooong way up hill in order to have a nice long trail to ski down!
      I hope you’re racing downhill soon! I have felt that way about my book. I felt like I was constantly trudging uphill. I finally finished it and sent it to a professional editor. Whew! I know there will be work ahead, but I’m another step closer!


    1. Thanks Peas!
      The hike was a challenge. The last 20 steps were the steepest and icy, but I made it! I thought I held people up, but no one was behind me! Wow… Trying to decide where to “drop in” to ski back down was the fun part. There were a lot of cornices up there!


  3. Sometimes racing down is as exhilarating as the uphill part. Both can be pretty tiring, but you can always sit down and catch your breath either time. And then you get to repeat!
    (Aside: my favorite chant while flying downhill on a really too difficult a path “I have noooo ideeeeea what I am doooooiiiingggggg.” Amazing how fast that clears people out of your way and makes it so much easier. Race you back up!)


    1. Hahaha! I have heard skiers and boarders scream all the way down. In the Colorado mountains, that’s a really long time. 🙂

      Considering that I couldn’t wipe down a countertop only months before, it did feel good to carry my own skis to the top! My heart was pounding!
      Thanks Phil!


  4. Having vertigo I sit here and my knees are shaking. You climbed up that portion. Do you know I attempted to climb 15 stairs to the top of a small hill and had to let people by. I admire you.. of course I always have..:)

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    1. Thanks Linda! It really got my heart pounding. We sleep at 10,500 ft when we are up in Breck so I consider myself in some sort of shape, but man, that was HARD work! The payoff was TREMENDOUS! Just like in life!


    1. Hey Renee!
      That’s the truth. It is a Wild Ride!
      We all go through those moments of stopping and wondering if it’s worth all the time and effort in making the climb. I have never been one to turn back after starting a journey, so somehow or other I’ll get there!


  5. Although I admire those of you who can ski double black diamonds, as an occasional skier, I find blues challenging enough for me. And as a septuagenarian, I can’t imagine climbing that slope, especially in ski boots and carrying skis. You rock!


    1. It’s fantastic that you are see a huge payoff in riding your new spin bike. I got a regular stationary bike for my birthday so I can read my iPad while pedaling. I missed it over this last weekend, but the conference was such a whirlwind, I think I burned a lot of stress calories!
      The way I look at it, no one can ski downhill without an uphill climb. One foot after another….
      Thanks V!


  6. Funny, I watched a film yesterday called Chalet Girl and it really made me want to try skiing. These pictures make me want to even more, I can imagine that rush you must feel when you’re coming down!


    1. It is a rush! I love the fast pace, the wind at my face and the thrill of flying downhill. I have found myself on ledges, wondering how the heck I was going to get down. The cool thing about skiing? It forces you commit to facing your fear and builds confidence along the way.
      Go for it!


  7. Right now – I’m definitely climbing. I thought I’d reached the top once, but it was only a small peak that gave me a glimpse of the higher mountain beyond it. So, of course, I had to keep climbing.

    Love the photos but I love that you’re out there on the mountain again more.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  8. Very inspirational thoughts this morning. Thank you for that.
    Good luck at the conference Susie. I read in the comments that you’re getting a two-page critique. Is that from an agent, editor, or both? I know that you’ll read with confidence! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.


  9. We are at a stage in life when everything is about downsizing. As much freedom as that brings, it’s still a little free-wheeling at times to realize that we are letting go of so many things that once felt important. Even if that isn’t really true any more…it’s just a lot of change. But I think I’m safer with this course than going down an icy hill on skis. LOL! I hope your writers conference is exceptional!


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