On Top of the World! A Photo Essay

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone can bring about personal growth and build confidence.

Peak 6

It can be scary. You may become hesitant and cautious.

Peak 6 1

There’s a point in the process when there’s no turning back.

to the top

 The last few steps are the hardest. That’s what separates the winners from the losers.

Almost there

Reaching your goal feels just like this!

Reaching your goals feels like this

But the fun is just beginning.

The Top of Peak 6

You have to continue to choose your path.

your path

It may not be what you expected.

Downhill all the way

It can be thrilling to look back at your accomplishment.

Looking back

It gives you the incentive to start all over again.

Whales tail my fave

Do you feel like you’re on an uphill climb or are you racing down the mountain?

I am on my way to the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference. I’m sure I’ll have my moments!

Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top

58 thoughts on “On Top of the World! A Photo Essay

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  1. Very inspirational thoughts this morning. Thank you for that.
    Good luck at the conference Susie. I read in the comments that you’re getting a two-page critique. Is that from an agent, editor, or both? I know that you’ll read with confidence! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.


  2. We are at a stage in life when everything is about downsizing. As much freedom as that brings, it’s still a little free-wheeling at times to realize that we are letting go of so many things that once felt important. Even if that isn’t really true any more…it’s just a lot of change. But I think I’m safer with this course than going down an icy hill on skis. LOL! I hope your writers conference is exceptional!


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