Pre-Podcast Jitters Pay Off


I met Neville DeAngelou through blogging. He has a podcast on Blog Talk Radio called The Journey. In 2012, he read parts of my blog post about the ten little secrets to a happy marriage. I was thrilled. He has one of the most beautiful voices perfectly suited for radio. Back on April 15th, 2013, he emailed me with a request to come on his show. I responded with a nervous giggle, but never followed up with him. The very next day, I was pulled into the vortex that is breast cancer.

Flash forward one year. I’m back and living the Wild Life! Neville and I reconnected. He asked me to THREE shows for the Author’s Round Table Series. Sheesh! I had to catch my breath as my nerves set in. I agreed and chose Thursday, May 1st, to be recorded through Skype. I’d never Skyped. He wanted me to talk about my Boob Reports, secrets to a happy marriage, and give some blogging tips for a third show. *gulp*

blog talk radio

My daughter Courtney became violently ill on Tuesday afternoon. I picked her up from her apartment and drove her to Urgent Care. She convulsed her innard skinnards so hard, she tore her esophagus. Youch!

Dr. McDreamy, (with dimples no less) prescribed anti-nausea pills and a powerful antacid. Courtney came back to the house to recover. It was great timing for me since she helped me with Skype. I planned to postpone the interview if I developed any suspicious symptoms like puking my guts out. Her stomach upset must have been caused by contaminated food or I was extremely lucky.

The big day arrived and I hadn’t even looked at my old blog posts. I figured I had until 10:00 to review, assuming my husband Danny could drive Courtney home. When I peeked downstairs, Danny had already left for an early meeting with his Mastermind group. I call them “Masters in Their Own Minds.”  Dang! I’d lose an hour.

At 8:00, I drove my recovered daughter to Boulder. When we arrived at her apartment, she discovered she’d left her purse at my house. Oopsy! We both had commitments, but I assured her I could practice in the car and she could get ready while I drove back home. I rehearsed what I could remember and rambled on for the 45 minute loop. I discovered the problem wouldn’t be that I would run out of something to say, but Neville may have to cut me off!

I returned home with twenty minutes to spare. I decided to take a shower. Crazy, right? I dressed and threw on some makeup just in case we video-Skyped. At 9:55, I spread peanut butter on raisin bread and gulped down a glass of water. At exactly 10:00, I heard a funny little sound that meant Skype Time!!!

Holy geez! I sat down and accidentally hit the “voice” instead of the “video” button. Neville welcomed me and said he prefers to record without video to get a stronger signal. That was a relief since I worried a plump raisin could be attached to one of my front teeth. I admitted to my fear of babbling on and on without taking a breath. He laughed and assured me he loves that kind of interview. The most insane thing happened. Neville put me at ease.

THREE HOURS LATER, we said our goodbyes after recording two shows! In my defense, the second topic about happy marriage secrets had to be re-recorded since the computer failed to save it. Good thing too! I looked up my old blog post while Neville struggled. I think it was funnier the second time around. We are working with some dates to record the third one.

Looking back, I was strangely comfortable. I didn’t blank out or lose my train of thought. Later that night, I recounted my experience with Danny and then it hit me.

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed, “I sang!”

The first podcast airs tonight. Will I listen in? Pshh! No way. It’s too weird to hear my own voice. I’ll keep you posted about the airing of the second show. In that one, I have a foggy recollection of singing…

Click HERE to listen to my first podcast.


Have you ever been interviewed? Would you be nervous?

93 thoughts on “Pre-Podcast Jitters Pay Off

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  1. Congrats on the podcast! Excellent. I’ve been down that interview track myself in New Zealand, on radio and TV – all attached to book writing or the supposition that I have obscure historical trivia in memory. (‘You’re a historian, you must know…’ ‘No, that’s what Google’s for’.)


    1. How cool are you??? That is wonderful that you’ve been able to promote through that huge media outlet.
      I think I would be undone by TV. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity to find out!
      Thanks so much Matt!


    1. Merry May Kathy! Did you have a Wild Freshly Pressage Ride? Wouldn’t it be great to get views like that every day??? Maybe you do!
      Thanks so much! It was a fun experience. I have one more to tape. At least I know I won’t get nervous and blank out. Or black out!!! I felt like I was having a very one-sided conversation with a friend! That’s exactly what it was. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Susie. You are fantastic. One St. Lucian listener said of you today, ‘Most refreshing.’ We’re inspired. I hope you listened to it. You are needed out there. Cheers. Thanks much.


  3. Congrats Susie!! Woohoo! indeed a wild-wild ride darling! think if someone asked me about a “happy marriage secret” and I’ve been with Mr. Bond for 7 years.. i’d answer “not being married!” ; )

    love you xoxo


    1. Hello friend! How was your birthday???
      Thanks so much! It was a fun experience and for some strange reason, I never got nervous. I am headed your way to find out all about your celebration!


      1. it was great! Very Dirty Thirty ! ) will be writing about it later. Good for you, I ALWAYS get nervous .. it’s a certain rush.. a bit of that is very productive actually, a lot – distracting.. like with everything i guess )



          1. Would love for you to come visit me here!! We really should go out! It’s an incredible city and I feel the most alive in NYC…


  4. Woo hoo! You surgeon of the mind, you! It’s been an amazing year. Glad you are flourishing and joking around. Congratulations on your first podcast!


    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your support through my Wild Ride!
      It has been amazing. I honestly feel like I’ve benefited in all kinds of ways from breast cancer. 🙂


  5. How exciting, Susie! Congratulations on the podcast!!! Each one will get easier. Pretty soon you’ll be a pro. 😉

    And your daughter, she’s doing better? That was so scary.


      1. So glad to hear it, regarding Courtney.
        I know you said it was easy. You’re a natural. Pretty soon you’ll start your own, like August. Then we won’t be able to shut you up. LOL!

        Awesome about coming our way. Keep us posted.


  6. I love how your thoughts immediately leaped to blogging – under the circumstances, I’m not sure that would be my first thought. Maybe second 😉 You have a great, conversational voice Susie (and sound just as I imagine you!).


    1. How sweet of you to listen! Thanks for taking the time!
      It is weird how I thought of blogging right away. At that time I was on a roll and I didn’t want breast cancer to biff it. 🙂
      Thanks Alarna! 🙂


  7. Oh, how fun! And scary. I actually had an email this morning asking about doing a skype interview. I haven’t replied because I’m utterly terrified. I need to take a cue from you!


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