I had the pleasure of meeting blogger friend, Ted Strutz in Boulder last week! He traveled to Colorado with his daughter, Krista. Click over to his place to check out his photo essay!




Not quite what I was expecting.

Well, actually that’s not true; I knew she would be beautiful (I’ve seen her photo), I knew she would be fit (she skis, plays competitive tennis… and dances, as we all know), I knew she would be interesting (I’ve read her stories and know she is writing a novel), and I knew she was tough (she’s a survivor). So I was surprised she was so tiny… well petite or svelte might sound better.

I flew into Denver with my daughter Krista so she could visit with her best friend, an actor who was starring in the musical Animal Crackers at the Denver Center Theater Company.

IMG_3204 Actors!

An accomplished actor and veteran song & dance man, Michael Fitzpatrick was playing multiple roles, as were the rest of the cast of this madcap zany musical, which first appeared on Broadway in 1928…

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31 thoughts on “MEETING THE WILD CHILD!

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  1. Watch out, Susie…Ted just divulged a tiny bit of information about you that could start me stalking. Although I’m 6’1, my “criteria” for women is 5’0-5’6. Sounds like you fall in that range. I too thought you were perhaps 5’7-5’9. (I sure pissed off a former girlfriend every time she said she was 5’0 and I corrected her with “no, you’re 4’11 and 7/8.”)
    What a wonderful day you two had. I have met a few bloggers, tweeters and clients in person and it’s always a joy. Most of them were the height I imagined.


    1. I am ten feet tall and bullet proof! Actually, I’m average at 5’4″ tall. It is always fun to meet bloggers in real life. I will be meeting a few more tomorrow night!


    1. That is very true! Some people are more honest in their posts than others. I am one of those, “What you see, is what you get,” people. I just lay it out there!!!


  2. What a great meet up! And I just “met” another blog that’s new to me. And… he’s in my neck of the woods. (My husband works on the ferry boats that service the island Ted is on). How cool is that?


    1. There is that moment when you wonder, and then you just go with the flow!. I met more blogging friends last week in Los Angeles! It was a blast!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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