Stepping into New Orleans – A photo essay

I travel to visit relatives a few times a year, to the mountains most weekends, and in my dreams every night. Exploring new lands, people, dining experiences and cultures is one of my favorite pastimes. I just returned from California where I enjoyed the seafood, sourdough bread, shopping, and friendly beautiful people. Now I’m in the great state of Louisiana. It’s another Wild Ride!


Danny and me in NOLA

Danny and me and a booty bomber.

After landing in the French Quarter of New Orleans, my husband Danny and I headed down to the Oyster Festival, located on the soft shoulder of the Mississippi River. This event provided my first brush with NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) culture. The women dressed in appropriate attire for 80+ degree weather. Many wore skirts and dresses, but what really stood out was on their feet.

fancy boots

Girls in boots.

Boots 1

Families rocked the boots.

boot family


boot family 2


boot family 3


men in boots

Men in boots.

cowboy boots

Love the cowboy boots!

color coordinated boots

Color coordinated boots.

I loved them and soon understood why so many opted for the colorful rubber slip-ons. Mud. The mighty Mississippi has its way of making itself known. New Orleans is built eight feet BELOW sea level! The few skyscrapers in town are built on steel i-beams driven into bedrock 75 feet below the surface while many homes and structures in the French Quarter sink.

The muddy Mississippi

The infamous New Orleans’ levies were never anchored into bedrock. Floating over 75 feet of mud and silt, they held back the river until Katrina blasted into town nine years ago. The wimpy levies burst and the muddy river  flooded 80% of the town. When it rains, the grassy areas puddle and ooze.

shake your booty

 With or without boots, the people of New Orleans love to dance!


shake that money maker

I need to buy those rubber boots!

need to buy boots


Susie in boots

Much better!

 Where will you rock out this summer?

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  1. Looks who’s having a fab time!
    But it doesn’t look like those “boots are made for walking.”
    Early Sunday Nancy Sinatra reference.
    I think I better go make a coffee.


    1. Actually, they are really comfortable! The rubber really gives. I wore them back to Colorado yesterday. My mistake was not wearing socks and they are a little rough inside. Youch!
      Thanks for “stomping” by!


  2. summer is here and I am at my spot – northern Michigan and the lake…I am leaving later today (grudgingly) for one last day of school (meetings – uggghhhh) and packing the room (even bigger uggghhhh) I’ll need the boots for the meetings….summer is always a blast and it goes far to quickly… love the return of the wild rider on bike header – it’s appropriate for the season.


    1. Thanks Clay! I handed out a few business cards with the header recently and thought it would be recognizable. 🙂
      Sounds like you’re on your way to a fun summer! Pull on those boots!


  3. They have oysters in New Orleans? I thought they were inland a bit.. What do I know… Cowboy boots… Cool… Well not cool but fashionable.


  4. I dig your new boot style, Susie! Go dancing now, girl!

    Did Dan treat himself to some new foot style, too?

    I have to laugh at the guy in flip-flops holding up his color-coordinated wife’s blue boot. Classic guy-don’t-care.

    I will be going to a bunch of free outdoor fests in Syracuse this year. I know I will be going to see Trombone Shorty and B.B. King at our Jazz Fest. Karen and I have great bought tickets to see Train at the NY State Fair at the end of August, too.


    1. That sounds like a great line-up. What a blast!!!! It is so much fun to get outside and enjoy music during the summer.
      Danny passed on the boots, but I love mine. Thanks! It was very fun!


      1. I’m now doing great. Thanks for asking. It was a very tough 4 months post treatment but other than a couple of minor lingering side effects everything is back to normal. I get my first semi-annual follow up at the end of the month so it will be interesting to see what the blood work shows.

        You are looking fantastic BTW.


        1. Thanks so much! 🙂
          I am so relieved to hear you survived it! I think the trick with all this nasty cancer is catching it early.
          I’ve been thinking about you. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. What a terrific photo essay! I had no idea about the mud, so I got a great lesson today. Those were some fun photos of fun people. Looks like you had fun too.


  6. Boots-yah! Of course! Makes sense in a city next to the Big Muddy. So much more practical that the stilts women tend toward these days, although those probably get you above sea level too. Sounds like a wonderful trip


    1. Thanks JB!
      That’s right! Every inch helps!
      When going to festivals, people come prepared especially since it rains pretty often. I wore my boots yesterday when we moved Courtney to Denver. It poured and I enjoyed splashing in all the puddles!


  7. Ohmygosh those boots are killer, Susie! Love it! What fun. I’ve been to New Orleans, but I didn’t see any of the fun boots. Makes a lot of sense, and I love all the fashion people bring into it.

    I did get caught in several downpours while in NOLA, so those boots would have come in handy!


    1. It does rain in NOLA country! The boots may be something new. We saw them at the festival, but not so much around town. They came in handy yesterday when it rained for a couple of hours while we moved Courtney! 🙂 Luckily, we only had to be outside to run to a restaurant.


    1. It’s been sinking for centuries! The Duke of Orleans wanted to post his flag at the mouth of the Mississippi to control the waterway to Canada. It was the perfect place for a military outpost. The problem? It was all a swamp!!! What was stupid was not anchoring the levies like the buildings they were protecting. It was pretty cool to stand at the park along the river and take a shot at the water and then the city down below!


    1. Thanks Kassandra! We are finally back in Colorado where I can catch up! I love where we stayed, but the internet was tooooo sloooooooooowwwww……
      I love the boot idea. I would think with all the rain we’ve gotten and how saturated the ground is, boots would be the perfect footwear for an outdoor concert!
      Have a rockin’ good time!


  8. I had no idea that rubber boots were de rigeur in Nawlins! That’s really interesting, Susie, and makes perfect sense now that you mention it. I love the new ones you are rockin’! I think you know where I am … I said hello to Antibes for you on Saturday! Happy summer!


    1. Have you left Antibes already? I LOVED that vacation!
      They are de rigeur at concerts at the park, that’s for sure. 🙂 It rains pretty often and it does get muddy!


    1. Thanks so much!
      You can order them online where you’ll find a wide variety of prices, but the ones in New Orleans were between $29-65. Mine were $48. They are surprisingly comfortable!


    1. Thanks so much John!
      I loved all of it, but Bourbon street was crazy!!!
      It has survived. I thought I would see the effects of the devastation, but I couldn’t tell there had been a flood. They are a hardy people… 🙂


  9. I should have been there with mypink butterfly boots. I love those green and blue ones! Thanls for letting us live vicariously through your travels!


    1. Thanks Catherine! 🙂
      Bring them when you visit! They will come in handy when you hit any of the parks. It can be muddy! The town itself is all paved and something to behold. Their history and architecture is remarkable!


    1. I know! What an idiot! I have a pair of gardening boots and never wear socks, so I didn’t think about it! Duh! I wore them yesterday when we moved Courtney. It rained all afternoon and they came in handy when splashing through puddles in Denver!
      Thanks Linda!


  10. How adorable are you??? The hat and the boots are just the perfect accessories for the Wild Child. How was it dancing in them boots? I LOVED my trip to New Orleans years back. Lots of good food and fun. I remember eating at Emiril’s Restaurant and House of Blues among the many others.

    As you know, our trips this summer will consist of a week at the beach and then traveling from one college to the other to drop off them offspring. 🙂


    1. Thanks Maria! The boots are super comfortable. I did make the mistake of not wearing socks with them the first time and they gave me blisters. Silly me! But I wore them yesterday when it rained and we were moving our “offspring” into her new apartment!
      Sounds like a big summer! 🙂
      I’m all caught up with The Bachelorette! The fourth episode was soooo sad….. Are you watching tonight?


    1. I saw those in one of the stores! Loved that print! I wore mine in Denver yesterday when it rained and got some looks. They are so comfortable! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


  11. The booty bomb was priceless! I LOVE all the different boots. We don’t get those great designs here on the east coast (boo!) I really L O V E your new kicks. They Rock and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Wear them well.


    1. Thanks Lisa! It wasn’t the best picture of me, but I had to include the BOOTY BOMBER!!!
      We don’t usually get a lot of rain, but this spring has been crazy! It rained all yesterday afternoon so I rocked them in Denver. I did notice some double takes! Love it… 🙂


    1. Oh I bet you do have great memories! I love their history and how the NOLA people embody it in their culture. They really have their own style. We had so much fun immersing ourselves in it! The boots make sense with all the mud at the parks! You can’t see, but those are Fleur de Lis on my boots. The NOLA symbol!
      Thanks Coleen!


  12. I lived for ten years in Louisiana and spent a lot of time in NOLA myself. They are lovely people and know how to let loose and party. It looks like you had a great time. I can’t wait to go back.


    1. It was a lot of fun! The food was amazing and I loved how we were surrounded by history. It was a big change from Boulder where we are all about fitness! Luckily, we walked everywhere and I didn’t gain any weight!
      I bet it hasn’t changed a bit since you where there!
      Thanks for stopping by and following the Wild Ride!


  13. Love your boots. I live in an island paradise and I’ll be rocking out barefoot right where I live this summer. In winter when I dawn my Helly Hansen boots I’ll think of you and this post.


  14. We lived there for a while. Always a reason to party! Always something to do. Always more pictures than you can possibly take.
    (Boots are a good idea) Street performers, coffee, antiques, food, and music! How can it get better…oh, bugs and humidity you get used too….well, the humidity anyway! Enjoyed your trip!


  15. Love The Big Easy! Been a long time since I have been there and hope to go this fall when the weather is cooler and its not as crowded. I better get me some rubber booties!

    Looks like you all had a blast!


    1. It was so much fun and I actually lost weight since we walked all day and night!!!
      Although there was a better photo taken of me, I chose the booty bomber! That was too hilarious not to share!


  16. Oh your boots are just great! You fit right in! I have been to New Orleans a few times pre-Katrina and just fell in love with the city. I hope I can visit again some day. I’ll be sure to bring some colorful boots. 🙂 Great adventure, Susie!


  17. Dude looks like you and Danny had an awesome time! And I’m so glad you found some awesome boots to match the Wilde Rider. Those are awesome … you wear them well my friend! Rock them in Colorado.


  18. Good for you Susie! I love your Wild Rides and live vicariously through them since I am unable to travel like I used to. One place I have never visited is New Orleans. And everyone who visits just raves about it. So glad you and hubby enjoyed it. I hope you picked up a pair of those boots. Those are classic. I have a feeling they’d be put to good use in some of your ventures in Colorado. 🙂


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