Wordless Wednesday

While staying in the French Quarter, my husband, Danny, and I rented bikes and rode to New Orleans City Park. He was in, “I’m relaxing and don’t care where I go,” mode. I was directionally challenged and led him around in circles.

We found this amazing field of wildflowers and

field and flowers NOLA

art in the park.

yellow dog sculpture

invisible man sculpture

spider sculpture

LOVE sculpture

horse sculpture

A happy accident!

Have you been out exploring this summer?

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  1. Very fun, Susie. Love the wildflower shot in particular. Great composition. We went to Badlands National Park and Devil’s Tower over the 4th weekend. Had a great time and really enjoyed exploring the Black Hills!


  2. Summer is the time of year when it’s perfect to get out and explore. Even though I’ve been driving all over the Midwest, I have had opportunities to see and explore my own backyard, in the neighborhood and area around me. This week I am taking a class to help me teach eighth-grade science. It’s at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. I’ve been taking pictures and listening and learning and trying to figure out everything they’re talking about. It’s going to be a great day great post.


  3. Sign me up for the directionally challenged club. What a nice surprise though! Mr. B and I went exploring and were gifted with the most amazing eye candy. A bridge of flowers. Check out the pics on my post, breathtaking! Hope you are enjoying your summer. 💜💙


    1. I will check it out! It sounds fantastic!
      I am so pathetic when it comes to directions. Many years ago, my daughter and I visited Cali. No matter where I thought I was going, I ended up in beautiful downtown Burbank. No lie!!!! 🙂


  4. BIkes are great in NOLA! NOthing better than art in a park either – we’ve some new ones in Houston, but it’s gonna be fall before I get outside the car to get a better look at them…yes, I’m a wilting wimp in the summer’s heat and humidity. (Watch out for that lightning up there! and if it’s cool, have pity and don’t tell me…)


    1. Biking was a great way to get around. We also loved the trolley!
      I have heard about Houston’s heat. Not sure I will ever visit during the summer.
      We’re experiencing afternoon storms and are in the midst of monsoon season. I love it!


  5. We are being responsible homeowners, so no I haven’t been out exploring this summer. In my world, you can’t have both. Bums me out, but in the meantime I’ll live vicariously through you.


    1. I am slammed too right now, but try to take a few hours on the weekends. We had a few trips planned in advance and have three to go. Two are close family member weddings and one is a birthday. Should be fun!


    1. Thanks Nia! I didn’t coin it, but I should have a very loooong time ago. I traveled with a friend to Illinois from Wisconsin and could not get the hang of reading the map. Oopsy!


  6. Yes, we’ve been road tripping and exploring! We went up to Vermont for the first time and saw stuff like the World’s Tallest filing cabinet. It’s worth the stop and the laugh btw! Love your wild flower photo, Susie. 🙂


  7. Lovely images, Susie. Glad that riding in circles with Danny had great sites to see. I’m still steaming over going on a rock bottom blind date with Debbie Downer instead of catching the Kara Walker Sugar Baby exhibit on its last day of display. I blew that one big time.


    1. They were really big sculptures too! I couldn’t believe we almost missed them.
      I agree about happy accidents. I just watched a movie about that very topic.
      Thanks Lisa!


    1. Summer is fleeting!
      I sat at my desk all day. I have been sucked into the vortex of “final edits” of my book. I LOVE it, but have to remember how much I’ll miss playing in my garden in a few months!
      Thanks for stopping by!


  8. I just learned from True Detective that Time is a Flat Circle. So it seems to me, going around in circles was just what the day was all about. At least there was a pretty view 🙂


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