Use Me and Abuse Me Blog Party – Summer Vacation Edition


Hello Wild Riders! It’s time for another virtual blog party where you can Use Me and Abuse Me. Bring a link from ONE of your blog posts and paste it in my comment section. Then the party begins! Click on a few links and mingle. Say hello to the guests. There are always new faces in the crowd.

Feel free to leave a hook with your link, so the guests know what your post is about. Click on a few and tell them, “Susie sent me.” They should click back to your place. You could “pick up” a few new subscribers.

Don’t leave a link and run home. Make sure to stay a while and meet my friends.

The bar is open and the buffet is loaded down. Everything is virtual, so go ahead and INDULGE!

DJ Kelly Smash

DJ Kelly Smash is IN THE HOUSE! Stand up and DANCE!

96 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Blog Party – Summer Vacation Edition

    • I think we all are guilty of this and yet I don’t think I’d have any friends if I was completely honest!! Fun post!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Click on a few links and meet my new friends!


  1. Susie! I love what you did with the place! Especially after that incident in the bathroom – sorry about that. I’ll behave myself this time.

    Again you are way cool for doing this. Hope you don’t mind, but I might be throwing my own blog party soon. Hope you drop by for a cocktail.

    As for my post, I have a recent one about sucking face in public, and those love lines that features beautiful people you think you’re talking to at 2am. Oh, my eyes! Yes – I want to vomit!

    I’ll be sure to mingle with your other guests too. Hope I don’t lose my pants this time.


  2. I love use me and abuse me, but I’m a little late to the party. I hope there’s still some beer left.

    Here’s a post I put up a couple of weeks ago about misheard song lyrics. The video at the end is especially funny. Stop by and take a peek. And welcome new followers should you decide to stick with me.

    Now I’m off to mingle.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    • Of course the beer is still flowing!!! These parties always run a few days. 🙂
      Loved your post! I sing the wrong lyrics all the time, loudly!!!
      Have fun and don’t forget to dance!


  3. My dearest Susie, you look fabulous in your beach white and of course the hat. Although I have to stay away from the sun AND most devastating, alcohol, while I am on my antibiotics – I wanted to come party with you and your friends. There are no instructions limiting my dancing so I’m game.

    I may have already brought this post to a previous party, I don’t remember – now that I’m 50. I’m sharing the one about what souvenir to bring back for your husband after traveling without him. Of course, it’s always about the sexy cha-chis. 🙂


    • Very cool post. Food for thought!!
      Thanks for stopping by the Wild Ride! Have fun clicking on links and meeting the guests. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should head over to your place!


  4. It’s another wild and crazy par-tay at Susie’s house! Woot, woot, woot! You can’t see this, but I am wearing my official party lampshade on my head, and dancing on my desk AS I type this. Really.


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