Silhouette – Weekly Photo Challenge

sunset in Aruba

Sunset in Aruba


Original – Santa Barbara Pier

sbpier 3


All images were photographed directly into the sunset resulting in a dramatic contrast of light and dark.

Which is your favorite?

 This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette.

64 thoughts on “Silhouette – Weekly Photo Challenge

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    1. I tried the black and white, but it lost its luster and warmth. I didn’t like it as well as the sepia. I can get lost in the time it takes to edit photos! It is so much fun to play with effects!
      Thanks Phil!

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      1. Photo editing can certainly quietly absorb your time.
        There’s something between BW and sepia I can get sometimes – fades most colors, but gives a slight warming cast….so many tricks to play with, so little time!
        Hope the end of the summer is going well and daughter settled in. (any fall tree signs there yet? Dog’s already bulking up with heavier warm undercoat…and leaving it all over the floor. TInges of yellow and red on a couple of trees – and it’s not drought. We may be in for early fall/winter?


        1. It could be an early winter. I believe it will be wet. We were in the mountains last weekend and did not see one yellow aspen. It is still early!
          I’ll try the in-between tone, thanks!


  1. LIke #2 because I think that the colors are very interesting and are an important part to the whole picture vision. To me it is far more interesting than the B/W version.


  2. I really like the second one — the original on the pier. That sky is amazing. The one in Aruba is pretty awesome, too. I always enjoy seeing other photo challenges. (If you like photo challenges, I run a monthly one on my blog — we are always looking for others to join us!)


  3. The middle one is my favorite because I love the color of the sky. Colors fascinate me. I’m always trying to find clever new words to describe color.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. It really is cinematic! I set up the photo and had a random stranger take it of Danny and me. We were in our favorite place, Santa Barbara, for our 25th wedding anniversary!
      Thanks Guat! It will happen to you, you gorgeous, fun-loving girl!


    1. Isn’t that the truth! I have lived in Colorado for almost 27 years and still haven’t tired of the mountains. I wonder how many times I look at them a day even without the sunset! 🙂


  4. Hi Susie: So sorry we’ve been ghosts as of late. We’ve been locked away in our writing room for the past two months trying to finish our book. But we’re almost done which means we can give up these crazy hours & get back to blogging. Good thing as we miss our blogging buds, like you!!! Now, as for the post. Those pics are utterly spectacular!!! It’s so clear & the colors…burst as you take them in!!! Sharing these now so all can enjoy!! 😉 xoxo ❤


    1. Thanks so much for sharing! It is great to see you again. I missed you too! 🙂

      I know what you mean about finishing your book. I have been locked away all summer, but still managed a few simple posts. Now I’m toying with the first paragraph. GAH!

      Now that the kids are back in school, I will post more frequently too!


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