Wild West Weekend Photo

Wild West Meets Downtown LA 1

I took this photograph from the balcony in the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles with my Sony Nex 3N. This is not a place where I would have expected to see a scene from an old Western. Apparently, the guy in the middle insisted on wearing his hat, so his girlfriends wore theirs.

Do you wear hats?

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  1. I wear knit hats in winter when it’s cold and baseball caps when it rains. I am not an indoors statement-type cowboy hat-wearer. Maybe that’s the difference between being a New Yorker versus a Los Angeleno.


    1. LA seems to be all about statements. I love wearing hats and it occurred to me after wearing my straw fedora all summer, I need a new chapeau! Am I about statements? Maybe, but mostly I’m about protecting myself from the intense Colorado sun!


  2. My wild thought is Wild West! Only there should be cards and a sixgun on the table! 🙂
    My headgear is a disreputable bush hat, crashers for riding horses, helmets for mountain biking, and a peaked cap for Community Policing patrols.

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      1. Community Orientated Policing members – or COPS – assist the police on occasion and do volunteer patrols on foot, by car or on bikes. The main idea is a visible presence to act as a deterrent, but occasionally a more hands-on approach becomes necessary!

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  3. I used to wear a ball cap everywhere. But now, if I do I look like Bozo the clown so I just forgo the chapeau… for now… I had a fabulous hat i wore in high school a suede leather cap – it was cool or so I thought 🙂 nice phot it looks like they are having fun! have a wonderful weekend.


  4. That is a stunning photo! Very cool, and thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t call myself a hat person, but I have practical reasons for wearing them in high summer and mid-winter. Both to do with not quite having the same amount of hair I did as when I was in my 30s…


    1. Thanks Coleen! You’ll have to pick one up sometime! I have a straw cowboy hat, but not a traditional felt hat. I would like to buy a felt fedora! I have some old ones as you can imagine. I am a hat person…


  5. That is an awesome shot, Susie! And as luck would have it, you had your camera ready. Thanks for sharing it with your readers. 🙂


  6. Totally funky! I love that sepia thing you did too. I only wear a beanie when it gets cold. My six yr old has two funky hats. I’m going to have to watch her lol.


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