Want More Followers? Use Me and Abuse Me – Colorful Colorado Edition


Hello Wild Riders! If you would like more blog followers, here’s your chance.

Every writer loves to watch their blog grow. But it’s tough when bloggers we have followed for a while take a break or stop posting. Comments and views dwindle. Although new readers follow our blogs every day, we need to bring them back. How do we do that? COMMUNITY. We build it through reaching out and connecting with them. We get to know them through reading their blogs, leaving comments, and following them on social media.

Here’s your chance to build your own community. Use Me and Abuse Me while virtually partying down with my friends in the comment section!

Bring a link from ONE of your blog posts and promote it briefly in my comment section. Click on a few of my friend’s links and check out their digs. Hang out for a while. Get acquainted. Leave a comment and tell them, “Susie sent me.” They should click back to your place. Then come back to the party and click on a few more. The more you click, the more fun you’ll have!

  • Do not leave a link to one of your friend’s posts. They won’t come back to party with us. It’s no fun to knock on a door and wait…and wait…and wait…….It ruins the atmosphere.
  • Do not leave your link and run without clicking on a few. This is a major party foul.
  • Leave ONE link. Two will send you into my spam filter and that is always so embarrassing for both of us.

So have a blast meeting my friends. They are the best in the blogosphere!

My son, DJ Kelly Smash, AKA Kelly Lindau – is in the house and he’ll be dropping the bass. He’s used to ragers on my blog, so come back anytime. This party usually lasts for days.

The bar is stocked and the barista can make any coffee drink imaginable. She’s amazing! The buffet is filled with pastries and delectable treats flown in from around the world. Sit back relax and click to meet my friends. Oh yeah and don’t forget to DANCE!  

PLEASE SHARE! Let’s make this party the biggest ever! 

178 thoughts on “Want More Followers? Use Me and Abuse Me – Colorful Colorado Edition

Add yours

    1. Hey Janine! It’s great to meet another survivor! It was a year last April that I was diagnosed. It takes a while to heal. My last surgery was a year ago last August. I’m cranking now!! You will be too! The human body is amazing.
      Have fun clicking on links and meeting my friends!

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    1. I’m sorry to hear about your reader. Sounds like a signing in glitch.
      Loved your post. They were like letters. 🙂
      Don’t worry! Everything has been replenished. This has become one of my biggest ragers ever!!! Have fun meeting my new friends!


      1. Hi Susie,
        Thank you. You might want to read my latest post since I am having a contest with discounts and giveaways on my services. Is the party still on? If so, I may come back again and mingle some more!

        Such a fun idea 🙂


  1. Hi Susie-
    Thanks for hosting again and I love your fall photos. Life has been busy with gearing up for “back to school” both for my kid and myself (teaching), so I welcome the opportunity to reconnect with you and other bloggers. Here’s a piece I wrote back in July –it’s short and sweet, like our Maine summers:

    I look forward to sipping my coffee and doing some reading!

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  2. Hope it’s not, but better late than never. I once thought about writing a book titled “Late to the Party”-haven’t yet, but maybe one day. Your blog is an inspiration for me today as I am out here trolling for new ideas and new friends. I like that your blog isn’t too narrowly focused and is more organic, the way we all are. I was worried mine was too random and not based on one single topic or with one purpose.

    Here’s one of my blog posts – http://soulsetinmotion.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/why-we-should-challenge-ourselves/

    Just one last thing, I have the same cowboy rain boots I saw you wearing in one pic, different pattern, but same style and I love wearing them. You look good in them too.

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    1. When describing my blog, I would say it is about my adventures. That includes travel, family, and crazy things that happen to me along the way. A slice of a Wild Rider’s life!
      Loved your site! Your post is very inspirational and true. It is harder to try new things as we get older. I am always up for craziness, but I prioritize now.
      Thanks for coming to the party! it’s never too late to Use Me and Abuse Me! Click away!


    1. Our culture is so weird about death. Like it’s taboo to talk about. Loved the article Catherine!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun clicking on links and meeting my friends!


    1. You’re never too late! Just click on links and tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place!
      Loved your article. There are many ways an individual can experience a spiritual life!

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    1. Loved your article! Becoming a writer is all encompassing!
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! It’s never too late to Use Me and Abuse Me! I’ve been unplugged for a couple days while traveling in Telluride. 🙂


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