To Hell You Ride – A Photo Essay that Ends in Whoa!

Telluride 2

Danny and I took a trip to Telluride, Colorado last weekend.

Telluride 1

It had been warm in Southern Colorado and the fall color hadn’t hit its peak.

Telluride 3

A light dusting of snow on the mountains made a nice contrasting backdrop.

Telluride 4

There were breathtaking views everywhere we looked.

Telluride 8

And then this happened!

Telluride 6

And that!

Telluride 7

Pretty spectacular. It inspired my new quote:

“Roadblocks can be hurdled, but detours take you on a new road to solving a problem and can provide an amazing view.”

Happy October to you! What’s your favorite season?


100 thoughts on “To Hell You Ride – A Photo Essay that Ends in Whoa!

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    1. Hey M2M! Great to “see” you!
      You should plan a trip. I learned that color is dependent on how warm it’s been. We’ll have temps in the 70s here in Boulder all week, so we’re not even close to peak!


  1. Holy crap. All these shots are amazing. Totally love the outdoors! I really liked the one with the small winding river. And then you hit me with the rainbows duuuuuuuude how amazing and what a great quote. Glad you got to share that with Danny … A good couple moment.


    1. Hey Guat! It is so totally great to see you!
      Thanks so much! It was a point and shoot kind of weekend. These pics were taken on a rainy day. I’ll post a photo essay with our sunny bike hike above Bridal Veil waterfall soon… 🙂
      Those rainbows were amazing!


      1. Duuuuuude I don’t even know what to tell you, I’ve been lagging on my reading. I feel like I’m losing hours during the day. Feel like I need another 4 hours just to break even here. In any case I’m glad I got a chance to stop by those pic were pretty cool, can’t wait to see the sunny ones.

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    1. Thanks TB and T!
      I love them too. It always brings a sense of wonder just like the first time! I have more of them to blog. We took a bike and a hike up a few thousand feet to Bridal Veil Waterfall.


  2. Amazing shots . . Tell U What . . .

    I’m of an age where I no longer recognize roadblocks or hurdles. I see challenges, and I ain’t afraid of what they might have in store for me. You, m’dear, know all about facing down the challenges. You’re Rocky (Balboa) plus a mountain high’s worth of beautiful goodness.


    1. Hey friend! Great to see you! Thanks so much for your kind words.
      I’m all about hurdling when it comes to cancer and it’s all behind me now. In trying to find an agent for my book, I’m all about taking whatever road and doing whatever it takes to get to my goal.
      How’s the fall color back East?


  3. Susie, this is stunning! I love rainbows. Usually, they seem to appear for me when I’m having a moment of uncertainty about something, and it always seems reassuring that I’m on the right path. Like I’m jumping through hoops the universe places in my way! This was a great re-entry to the blogosphere for me 🙂

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