Bike Hike to Bridal Veil Falls – Photo Essay with Altitude

trail to Bridal Veil

Danny and I fell in love at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival twenty-seven years ago. We hadn’t been back. It takes seven hours to drive to this very special Colorado locale. It was worth every hour.

Trail 2

We biked from town into the box canyon. We planned to bike and then hike to the top of Bridal Veil Falls. I stopped every few hundred yards to take photographs.

Telluride trail to waterfallWe rode to the parking lot at the bottom of the mountain.

Danny bikingBiking on the road would get steep.

Telluride stream

Run off from the mine turned the water a luminescent green. Do you see the vegetation on the right side of the valley? It was re-established with plantings after mining.

Telluride trail 3

We searched for a path to take us to the bottom of the falls. We could 4-wheel it, but we would have missed the adventure!

Bridal Veil

Can you see the waterfall in the distance? We hiked above it.

in search of tagsWe found a trail and bushwhacked while searching for orange or blue trail markers.

box canyon

We continued to hike up the canyon.

bush whacking

The mountains rose up on all sides.

canyon 2A dramatic look through the canyon back toward town.

Bridal Veil 2

Our goal. Danny suggested shimmying on the cable, Bear Grylls-style. Next time!


We were getting closer and yet we still had a trek ahead of us.

to the fallsOur trail ran into the road. We started counting switchbacks. We would hike a few more hairpin turns before arriving at the top of the falls.

VW vanThe obligatory Colorado VW van photo.

almost there

Above the falls!

canyonWe stuck to the road on the way back down. It was ever so much faster.

Danny and I anniversary Telluride

We’ve been on an amazing journey and it all started here in Telluride.

biking TellurideWe found our bikes at the bottom of the valley.

danny and meOur twenty-seventh wedding anniversary is October 10th! I hope it doesn’t take another twenty-seven years to come back. Telluride is an amazing place.

Come for the Ride. Stay for adventure, I always say.

Are you a hiker or a biker?

All photographs were taken with a Sony Nex-3N DSLR 


93 thoughts on “Bike Hike to Bridal Veil Falls – Photo Essay with Altitude

Add yours

    1. It was a 4 hour hike up more than 1500 feet. I hadn’t remembered how gorgeous it was! I’d only been twice. Once in winter and when Danny asked me to join his Wammer Jammer group for the festival. My eyes must have been on him the whole weekend!!!!
      Thanks for stopping by SB!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was an adventure. I’m glad we ditched our bikes and walked. Every time a truck drove past on the way down, we choked on dust! I loved the sound of leaves crackling and popping under my bike tires.
      To be honest, I had laryngitis and couldn’t smell a thing!


  1. Happy Anniversary! It’s wonderful that you have a shared interest like that. A bit like when we used to hike in Lake District.


      1. It’s not as beautiful with fall colours as Colorado but it’s nice in its own way. It’s just south of Scotland on the west.


    1. When the sun came out, it lit up the aspens and they glowed! It was like a beautiful dream. It’s probably at its peak right now.
      Doesn’t Maryland have a lot of disiduous trees? I love fiery maples and rusty oaks. We only have them if they are watered by a sprinkler system. 🙂


      1. Western Maryland is where our mountains are and yes, it’s beautiful. I live between D.C. and Baltimore in a suburb so I don’t get to see anything near as pretty as you.
        The hubby and I are hoping to maybe travel to Maine next fall. I hear that’s where its at!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous, Susie. It’s been way too long since we’ve visited Telluride. And it is soooo beautiful in the fall. Great shots and glad you had such a great time. Also a good place to meet your soulmate!


    1. Great to “see” you Cathy!
      We couldn’t believe we hadn’t been either. It hasn’t changed much. I expected all the celebrities who had moved there over the years had made an impact. It is a magical place! I had forgotten how gorgeous it is!


  3. Happy Anniversary 🙂 Beautiful Captures – love the changing of the colors. I love to bike and hopefully get back to mountain hiking (jars my back too much right now – need to get stronger). Happy Day!


    1. You would love it Jess. It is so different from Wisconsin. What we don’t have in a variety of colorful desiduous trees, we make up for in the blues and purples of the mountains. Thanks so much for stopping by to virtually hike with me. 🙂


  4. Gorgeous! 🙂 … Love the fall colours.

    I’m fairly certain there’s a waterfall called ‘Bridal Veil Falls’ in every mountain range in every country on the planet. We discovered at least three on our recent trip around the bottom half of our Province. Whatever happened to ‘Older Woman’s Long White Hair’ falls? Or ‘White Smoke Falls’? Or ‘Emegherd! Falls’?


  5. Oh my gosh – so worth the energy. Happy anniversary.

    I have a picture of that falls. That whole area is simply breath-taking, especially in autumn.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  6. Wow, what gorgeous scenery, Susie, and kudos to the photographer. If I ever visit Telluride, I’d spend most of my time indoors — attending their legendary film festival.

    I was wondering the same thing as Jackie. Do you know the story behind that house by the falls? If not, could you make one up for us?

    Happy anniversary!


    1. It’s owned by the mine. I don’t believe it is still working since they restored most of the scars on the canyon, but who knows? It was all chained off with Private Property signs. I would get the heebie jeebies thinking it would fall off the falls!
      Okay so I got the skinny on that building. It is owned by the mine, but it’s a hydropower plant. It generated electricity for the miners and now supplies power to 25% of Telluride’s residents. Cool!
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! The thrill of being that close to such an incredible view would make a hiker out of me, I think. I don’t seriously hike, but I am a bit of an explorer. I think if I had a hiking partner I’d be a little more adventurous. The interest is there. I hope you and Danny have many more years of adventuring together. Happy Anniversary!


    1. Thanks so much! I bet you would hike in Colorado too. It’s the only way to see some of its extraordinary views. Truthfully, I had laryngitis, but there was no way I was going to nap. I paid for it the following week, but it was worth it! A four hour bike and hike.


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