It Was A-Maizing!

corn maze

My obsession with mazes began as a child. I remember trying to find my way through them on paper and having a difficult time. I’ve always been directionally challenged.


When I discovered a great corn maze was located down the road from our house, my husband, Danny, and I had to go.

They should call them, Maize Mazes, don’t you think?


The first photo was taken at the entrance. We cut through that corn field to the maze where tall stalks of corn swallowed any ambient light. Without the moon to guide us, it was pitch black. Picking up our feet was a necessity. For as many people who lined up for tickets, we met very few inside this vast corn crop.

We wove and wended our way by taking many wrong turns and hitting a lot of dead ends.


It was super creepy and very Children of the Corn-like. Stephen King wrote the short story on which the movie was based. No surprise there. What was surprising? It was published in Penthouse.


 Yes. I am still getting my creepy on

Would you be brave enough to walk through a corn maze or haunted house?

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  1. Duuuuuuude just as you were describing the scene I totally thought Children of The Corn. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude that movie freaked me out! Totally. With that said I would only walk through corn in the daylight … Otherwise I’ve have Stephen King movie flashbacks.


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