It Was A-Maizing!

corn maze

My obsession with mazes began as a child. I remember trying to find my way through them on paper and having a difficult time. I’ve always been directionally challenged.


When I discovered a great corn maze was located down the road from our house, my husband, Danny, and I had to go.

They should call them, Maize Mazes, don’t you think?


The first photo was taken at the entrance. We cut through that corn field to the maze where tall stalks of corn swallowed any ambient light. Without the moon to guide us, it was pitch black. Picking up our feet was a necessity. For as many people who lined up for tickets, we met very few inside this vast corn crop.

We wove and wended our way by taking many wrong turns and hitting a lot of dead ends.


It was super creepy and very Children of the Corn-like. Stephen King wrote the short story on which the movie was based. No surprise there. What was surprising? It was published in Penthouse.


 Yes. I am still getting my creepy on

Would you be brave enough to walk through a corn maze or haunted house?

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      1. YES! Over The Top holidays, I’m with you, Susie! I feel reverent at Christmas while listening to hymns and helping the needy, but bring on the tinsel and lights and blatant commercialized splendor, too! And with those hymns, a mighty organ, full choir and trumpets!


    1. It was spookier than I though it would be. I thought there would be some lights. LOVED it! After walking through all that corn, I gotta believe a lot of creepy crawlies scoot through there after hours.

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  1. I’m directionally challenged as well Susie so I wouldn’t want to do it alone, let alone at night time! I love that photo of you and your husband’s shadow of him taking the picture of you. ❤
    Diana xo


  2. I’ve never done a corn maze or a haunted house. I don’t like spooks and I’d be tempted to plow through the plants to find my way out. (Although maybe that would make it worse!)

    As for paper mazes, I take them from the exit and find my way, tracing with a finger when I have more than one option. (An adult taught me that cheat when I was about fourteen. Hoohoo!)


  3. Alas, I’ve lost my nerve for haunted houses. When I was a kid, I went to a haunted house with my friend, and we were all set to be scared out of my sneakers. Her dad came along, and what I didn’t know was that Jerry knew many of the monsters in the haunted house, so he stood around and talked shop with the mummies and vampires. They forgot about scaring us. Oh, well. 🙂 Have you seen the October issue of “Food Network Magazine”? On page 165, there’s a cool article about themed mazes (Elvis heads, ice cream sundaes). Really cool!


    1. I will check it out!
      That would have sucked as s a kid and would have ruined everything. I heard there was a great haunted house at Boulder High, but I’m not sure if we’ll make it. Next year!


  4. I’ve walked through maize mazes – we have them in NZ. Last one I did was actually called the ‘Amazing Maze’. A lot of fun & a great laugh. Love the post title, incidentally! Just the right amount of -er – corn… 🙂


  5. I love mazes on paper but I’ve never tried walking one in real life. I did read somewhere if you keep one hand on the wall on one side at all times, you will eventually come to the center. Or come out. Whichever way you’re trying to get.


  6. The only mazes I’ve been through are the ones for kids with stacks of hay used for the walls. It was all very sweet and there was usually a cup of hot cider waiting at the finish line. 🙂

    I’m not sure I would have made it out of this maize maze. *shudder* How long did it take you to find your way to the end?


    1. I’m not sure. Not too long. 45 minutes? We ended up going out the way we came in so that may have been considered cheating! I our defense it was 8 PM and we got hungry for dinner!!!


  7. I love haunted houses and mazes like that. I once had to crawl through a hay maze. That was actually quite a bit of fun (and dark). I’m kind of bummed that I can’t afford Halloween Horror Nights this year, but c’est la vie.


  8. Mazes are big in New England and we visit at least a couple each fall. Am hoping that we will get in our visit to the Davis Farm Mega-Maze in Sterling, Massachusetts — it bills itself as the country’s largest and is packed with twists, turns, and fun games,slides, and bridges. But snow may be on the horizon for this coming Friday. A fall snowstorm closed the maze in 2011 and we may get a repeat this year.


  9. We used to run the maze in Williamsburg all the time – but they closed it before dark unless special occasion. Nothing like sticky sidewalls. Did you ever go thru the one in Grand Lake (or other places) where they rearranged the wooden barriers every night? It was cheating to go up on the observation deck before attempting it.
    Nothing like feeling like a rat( even a fading one….), but it is Halloweeeeeeen!


  10. Hi Susie! Just popping in to say hi! I remember that you love everything Halloween! We have a maze near us as well. Haven’t been to it in years! I did go into a haunted house a few years ago with my son and I held on to the back of his sweatshirt for dear life!!! I didn’t like him going ahead of me and too fast and wanted him to wait for me so I grabbed his sweatshirt and stretched the hell out of it in the process. LOL. 🙂


    1. Hey Maria!!!
      Great to see you! Yep. Halloween is my favorite! I want to go through the haunted house and zombie maze, next year. I’ll be sure to tell Danny not to wear a hoody so I don’t wreck it. 🙂


  11. I use to play in the corn as a kid growing up on a farm. The one person you do not want in the corn with you was my brother – he could scare the crud out of you! Happy Week – Happy Haunting 🙂


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