Happy Haunted Blog Party

crypts 1

Happy Halloween! It’s time to Use Me and Abuse Me by digging up ONE link from your own blog and burying it in my comment section. Click on a few of them and maybe they’ll stalk you back at your haunt.

Make sure to bring a link to a particular story. Otherwise, they may arrive and not know where to look. You don’t want them to go INTO THE BASEMENT! or INTO THE ATTIC! I doubt they would take a shower, but DON’T GO IN THERE!

BEWARE! Only bring ONE link or you’ll end up in the Chamber of Spam. The vile smell of rot alone could make you ill. You don’t want your headstone to read, “I told you I was sick.”

IF YOU LEAVE A LINK, CLICK ON A FEW! No one likes a witch (or warlock), who fills her cape with goodies and then flies away on her broom.

Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your crypt.

I made some witch’s brew, (my Aunt Helga’s favorite recipe), and the eye of newt stew is bubbling. Help yourself to the deep-fried crow’s feet. The warty toad dip is especially tasty.

on my grave

The crypt keeper 5

 Tell your Facebook and Twitter friends. The more, the SCARIER!

106 thoughts on “Happy Haunted Blog Party

Add yours

    1. You are so clever! Frank is fine!!!! Loved this one.
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! There are a lot of new faces here in the crowd! Have fun introducing yourself and don’t forget to DANCE!


    1. That is a CRAZY story! You had me all the way to the end.
      Thanks so much for coming to the party! Have fun clicking on links. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your crypt!


  1. Don’t pay any attention to that “Regular” Guy from NYC behind the curtain…I left the door opened behind me and he followed me in, sorry. Don’t worry, he’ll be arrested and carted away soon as always.
    I hope it was OK to bring my parrot, Mr. Mustard, he doesn’t like being left on the boat. I’ve been bumping into a lot of folks on the dance floor, what with my eye patch on and all, and I apologize for all the noise and the nasty marks my peg leg is making on your hardwoods.
    Nice gig as usual my friend. – Captain Nowhere Man.
    Here’s a post about everyone’s favorite insurance sales-gecko…



    1. That is hilarious! You have a keen eye. I wouldn’t have noticed that.
      I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment.
      Thanks for bringing this to the party. I hope you had fun clicking on links and meeting my friends. It’s never too late to Use Me and Abuse Me!


    1. This was a great Halloween post! Thanks for bringing this to the party, It’s never too late to click on links and meet my friends. Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to yours!


    1. That is the craziest story I’ve ever heard! I would have had a heart attack and dropped dead on the floor!!!!
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my new friends!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kinda late to this party – been offline a couple of days! Very cool Halloween moment! The link I’d like to share is to a post I wrote about a ‘Spinal Tap’ type holiday in Sydney:


    Also – the scariest thing I thought of for Halloween was a plan to give broccoli to trick-or-treaters as a MUCH healthier and better alternative to candy. My wife didn’t think it was likely to be well received…


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