80’s Halloween – Throwback Thursday

80s Halloween 2

I had to share a photo of one of my favorite ghoulish costumes. I was going for ghostly bride and my sister, Patty, was the Grim Reaper. The funny thing about costumes, you forget you’re wearing tons of makeup!

It’s not to late to Use Me and Abuse Me at my Haunted Halloween Blog Party. See what it’s all about and leave a link HERE!

What was your favorite Halloween costume?

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  1. You’ve been hellbent on Halloween since way back, Susie. Dovima, Axel and I never got into it, other than inhaling a few pieces of chocolate. Compared to you and Patty we’re The Dullard Trio.


    1. I have always been into it. Sometime, I will find the photo of our old house where I really went nuts and carved a ton of pumpkins to make a snake.
      Sheesh! And you’re in NYC!! I would rock the town in some kind of outfit.


  2. You guys look great! I have never had much luck coming up with epic Halloween costumes. It’s gotten so bad I deliberately alienated any and all possible friends and live like a hermit so I won’t be invited to any parties where I would have to dress up.

    Mission accomplished again this year.


    1. I think there are less parties as we get older. I haven’t been to a Halloween party for a couple of years.
      Maybe next year, I’ll have one!
      I have a room full of costumes! Not the storebought kind but great clothes from the 70’s on!


  3. My fave costume was K-Mart Lady, a made-up superhero who wore red long underwear (top and bottom) with a teal-colored cape and undies, worn over the long underwear, along with tall teal socks and weird-looking white gym shoes. I taped the K-Mart logo to the cape and headed out for the night. I was the only one in the bar with that outfit on, and it caused quite a few head turns. 🙂 I ran into my boyfriend, who laughed and wouldn’t be seen with me – needless to say, that relationship didn’t last much longer since he displayed such a lack of appreciation for my imagination. 😉


  4. The last time I went trick or treating (80s!) my BFF and I dressed up as a two headed housewife. I don’t know what gave us the idea, but we put on a big housecoat and wore curlers in our hair. 🙂
    Happy Halloween, Susie!


      1. We had like 2 groups of giggling little girls from the grandparents’ Halloween party around the corner – that was about it. We had 8 last year. Our neighborhood is at that in between stage: high school/college kids at parties or tiny babies and toddlers. It is more fun with mobs of squeals and costumes. Hope November is starting off well!


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