Get Ready Before It’s Too Late!


“Red sky at morning gives sailors first warning.” This photo was taken today!

A blustery Rocky Mountain wind pummeled our house all night and is still thrashing our trees causing their remaining leaves to tumble like autumnal rain. A change in the weather is coming.

Meteorologists have been predicting this storm like salivating dogs staring through the window of a butcher shop, or better yet, like snowbirds drooling over brochures of Mexican cruises. It was in the 70’s yesterday and we’ll plunge to a high of 15 by Wednesday. I have one more day to pick apples, close vents in unused rooms, and get acclimated to winter temps before our first significant snowfall arrives.

Five fast and easy ways to get acclimated before the arctic mass descends from the north.

  1. Wear a t-shirt and shorts and take a walk outside even if the temperatures don’t rise above 40 degrees.
  2. Stand in front of your freezer with the door open while wearing your bathing suit. Count to hundred. (Ten sets)
  3. Fill your bathtub with cold water then throw in a bag of ice. Now take the plunge. (Count to 50)
  4. While wet and naked, open the windows in your bedroom and air dry.
  5. Eat a pint of ice cream in two minutes.

If all of these ideas fail, I’ll bring my long underwear to bed with me so I can insulate myself before climbing out from under my six comforters on Wednesday morning.

Are you ready for winter?

Update: Meteorologists predicted a high of 63 degrees today. I just looked up from writing another 2000 words for NaNoWriMo and it’s snowing! I’ll throw on a t-shirt and take that walk…

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    1. I haven’t seen big totals, but it there’s a lot of black ice. Be careful on the overpasses. They heat up and then turn to ice. It is supposed to get worse before it gets better! Enjoy your visit!


  1. I sat on my screen porch last night (with a blanket over my legs,) enjoying a glass of wine, oblivious to what tomorrow might bring. Today I put on a fall coat and drove halfway out of the garage when I noticed it was raining. I pulled back in and put the raincoat that I keep in the car OVER the fall coat, got back in and drove to work. As I went down the road the outside thermometer kept dropping and the radio guy said it was getting down to 20 tonight and rain would switch to snow.

    So on the trip home tonight I will be wearing high heels, a black rain jacket unbuttoned over a beige, corduroy jacket, a red pashmina that I found in the back seat wrapped around my head, no gloves because I can’t find any in the car. Since I only have to walk 1/2 block to my car, I am safe from frostbite and will only be suffering from Extreme Fashion Dorkiness.

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    1. I can relate to Extreme Fashion Dorkiness and have been a victim many times. I will layer up in whatever I can find to stay warm. When I’m already out in my car that can mean purple fleece gloves and a short black jacket which sounds grand, but I usually wear one of those long cardigan sweaters. I’ll wear whatever hat I find in the back of my car. I don’t care if it matches.
      The fashion police can suck it, right Peg?
      Stay warm!


    1. They’re definitely not playing baseball in this cold wet snowstorm.
      I’m upstairs in my office and can hear a car’s engine revving in little bits. I wonder if Danny is stuck in the driveway???
      I better go check!
      Stay warm! Thanks Paul!


  2. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon, Susie, 37deg and that’s as warm as they forecast it to be here for the next 5-7 days. Snow to start tonight and flurries to continue thru Sunday. I’m ready for ’em this time though. Got new winter boots, a bigger snowblower, a new shovel, and a warm pair of gloves. Much as I hate snow, bring it on ! I’m ready !!! I know you love it and look forward to the ski season out there. Me, come January I will be enjoying walks on the beach at sunset in Florida…, for a month !!! Hope all is well with you. 🙂


  3. Am I ready for winter??? well if it was like year where it didn’t snow (here it didn’t) then yes I am and bring it on :D. If it was like the three years before that then nooooooo I am not…


  4. What a fabulous foto! And this line is Fabulous… Meteorologists have been predicting this storm like salivating dogs staring through the window of a butcher shop. I’ll opt for #5 myself.


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