Get Ready Before It’s Too Late!


“Red sky at morning gives sailors first warning.” This photo was taken today!

A blustery Rocky Mountain wind pummeled our house all night and is still thrashing our trees causing their remaining leaves to tumble like autumnal rain. A change in the weather is coming.

Meteorologists have been predicting this storm like salivating dogs staring through the window of a butcher shop, or better yet, like snowbirds drooling over brochures of Mexican cruises. It was in the 70’s yesterday and we’ll plunge to a high of 15 by Wednesday. I have one more day to pick apples, close vents in unused rooms, and get acclimated to winter temps before our first significant snowfall arrives.

Five fast and easy ways to get acclimated before the arctic mass descends from the north.

  1. Wear a t-shirt and shorts and take a walk outside even if the temperatures don’t rise above 40 degrees.
  2. Stand in front of your freezer with the door open while wearing your bathing suit. Count to hundred. (Ten sets)
  3. Fill your bathtub with cold water then throw in a bag of ice. Now take the plunge. (Count to 50)
  4. While wet and naked, open the windows in your bedroom and air dry.
  5. Eat a pint of ice cream in two minutes.

If all of these ideas fail, I’ll bring my long underwear to bed with me so I can insulate myself before climbing out from under my six comforters on Wednesday morning.

Are you ready for winter?

Update: Meteorologists predicted a high of 63 degrees today. I just looked up from writing another 2000 words for NaNoWriMo and it’s snowing! I’ll throw on a t-shirt and take that walk…

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  1. Sixth and least masochistic way to acclimate: do nothing, just wait for Wednesday’s onslaught of frigid to roll in. But, on the bright side, your beloved ski season is fast approaching, Susie.


    1. Of course the meteorologists are off by one day. It’s snowing!!! Time to take Roxy for a walk. You’re right about ski season, V! I had my first ski dream last week. This is just what the mountains needed: Natural snow after a warm dry fall.


  2. I love the winter and can’t wait. While it’s snowing all over the world in NY we are expected to have 60 degrees today and a promising threat of colder weather by the weekend. I hope we get snow I want to wear my new boots. 😀


  3. It’s headed our way, Susie! Weather man predicted 12 – 16″ of snow in northern Wisconsin. We’re too far south to worry about that, and I’m still secretly hoping it misses our area entirely. I’ll need to get acclimated soon, but not sure if I want to stand naked in front of the bedroom window! 😉 I prefer to burrow under the covers and come out sometime next spring.


    1. There are a few of you who flew into today that would prefer to be snowbirds and live in warm climates.
      I don’t think we are supposed to get any real accumulation. I would be super stoked to get a foot! That is a lot for a November snowstorm, even in Wisconsin!


    1. I always think of that when I ski and take a break. Oftentimes I don’t shed any gear at all and freeze when I go back outside. I’m not acclimated at all. It’s snowing already, so I better get outside and start!
      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. You’re right about the weather forecasters. Been watching the CO temps – and it’s on the way here, too – much too early for us. Actually got the Uggs and flannel sheets ready. One last airing out the house with windows open – the dog has been delighted with the breeze.
    (Your sunsets are as great as ours have been!)
    Bundle up and get that firewood


    1. Sounds like you are prepared!
      That was a sunrise today! Red sky at morning gives sailors first warning!
      I have the gas fireplace burning.
      It’s already snowing. That will make the last of the apple picking a real adventure!


          1. Almost in Galveston. Hope this isn’t going to be another year of wrapping up small palm trees. Will lug 2-3 tropicals up by house, but usually don’t toss sheets over them until January.
            Got all the dog bedding out in the sun and wind for an airing.
            Might be a good year to locate a ski area place that has room for dogs. Need snow…but not here…no one can drive in ice here.


    1. Find your long undies and pile up the comforters! I’m trying to motivate to take a walk before the sun sets. Ready? Set, Go! Let’s try that again… Ready????? Set? Okay! Okay. It’s my last chance. Daylight’s waning…


    1. Shoveling is the best workout, but not fun if you have a reeeeallly long driveway like we do. Danny usually jumps on it in the morning. Last year I used my surgeries as excuses. Not this year! I love the snow too. Good luck staying warm and finding a shoveling buddy! 🙂


  5. Weather widget says 57, but I don’t know if I believe it. Regardless, I went outside and stood for a bit…it’s supposed to get colder later in the week and this may be the last day we see like this ’til March or April!


    1. I got rid of my Apple weather widget. It was always waaaay off! I downloaded (uploaded?) The Weather Channel. It’s a lot more accurate. Around here, it’s common to get 50-60 degree days sporadically through winter, but not always. I have a feeling that Polar Vortex is brewing again! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. I’m just going to jump right to number 5 on your list (the ice-cream one) and keep repeating that one for as long as necessary, you know, because Susie said. I long for snow, we didn’t have ANY in my part of England last year and I love it, LOVE IT, but then that’s because it’s an occasional treat I guess. I hate the cold, but not as much as I love the snow.


    1. I am a snow girl too! It’s been snowing most of the day! Not much, but enough to cover the grass which is very fun. Roxy is looking at me with eyes that are saying, “I thought you said something about a walk?”
      Watch out for that brain freeze!

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    1. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten snow with this front. I heard in the comments, Wisconsin is supposed to get over a foot! We probably have less than an inch, but it’s lovely snow!!!!


  7. I heard the weather report – you guys are in for a pounding it sounds like. God bless the Rocky Mountains and that arctic air from Alaska.

    I’m not sure I’d take an ice bath and then air dry, but hey, whatever works you for.

    Happy winter!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I have not heard the weather yet today. We really need snow and cold weather in the mountains so that pounding is music to my ears!!!
      You’re not going to try the ice bath air dry method? Better pull out the long undies! I bet it’s getting colder at your altitude too. 🙂
      Happy winter to you too, Patricia!!!


  8. Or you could acclimate yourself by wearing nothing but two tiny flowerpots, placed strategically around your chest to keep it warm? You don’t want them to freeze! Ah..the plants if left outside.. Stay warm susie!


    1. Hahaha! I could! It’s snowing here. I took a walk late yesterday, but I got sucked into the vortex that is NaNoWriMo and now the sun has set. I’ll have to strap on those pots tomorrow. It promises to be even COLDER!


  9. Sigh….I just love that you live in my favorite part of the country.
    The arctic blast hit us last night, too. Went into the gym at 4:00 (70 degrees) came out at 5:30 to 48 degrees and horrible smell. We heard on the news that the feed/cattle lots in Nebraska and South Dakota sent their smells up into the front and deposited in KS.
    Stay warm, Susie! The great thing about living in the Rockies is that it’ll probably be 63 degrees again soon 🙂


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