Heads Up! Wild Turkeys Abound

Wild Turkey partyAre there any Wild Turkeys out there? I’m wild and out there. Another Use Me and Abuse Me Blog Hop is this Wednesday, November 19th. Make a note of it on your calendar and come back to the Wild Ride. It will be a feast for your wild turkey eyes!

On Wednesday morning, leave a link to ONE of your blog posts in my comment section. Add a short hook and then the fun will begin. Mingle with the other guests and check out their blogs and they’ll click back to yours. Pick up new subscribers!

The Wild Party will start at 6:00 AM Mountain Time. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Do you look forward to Thanksgiving?


13 thoughts on “Heads Up! Wild Turkeys Abound

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  1. Woo! These monthly bloghops sure are work! (I suppose I don’t have to participate every month, but I enjoy the momentary attention my blog gets!)


      1. At some point, I’m going to write about how I think lines add character to a man…and finish that post about Phantom…but I think now I’m going to take the month off due to NaNo. (I should make a list of “posts to hop with” to make life easier for later months!)

        NaNo: I thought I was 87 words away from the halfway point yesterday…and then I realized the Mondays had gotten to my math skills and it was more like 987. *sigh* (24,277 as of bedtime this morning. 😛 )


  2. This must be da place….., da wild hop with music by the Funky Turkeys. Hi Susie ! Where is everybody? Thought you’d have a gazillion visitors by now. Guess the snow scared ’em all off. Wimps !!! Brought a bottle o’ wine but it’s mostly slush now. These 11deg temps are nasty. Had to drink half of it just to have some anti-freeze in me blood now. Here’s my doing for the day. It’s an old one, but appropriate for what we’re getting for weather.
    Have a great day !!! (Been skiing yet?)


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