Shopping Made Easy! DIY

Have you ever lost your grocery list? I have. Last year it must have dropped out of my cart in the produce section and then someone tossed it out. I searched everywhere. It was a total nightmare to shop without a list for Thanksgiving dinner. Did I forget anything? Ya think? I went home and made another list.

Today I wrote my grocery list and thought to myself, “I need to attach this sucker to my body somehow. Hey! What I really need is one of those clips for little kids’ mittens.” Since I don’t have any little kids, I thought of the next best thing.

tools for wristlet

I took my grocery list written on an index card and taped the top center. Then I punched a hole in the middle of the tape. You can’t see the tape because it’s “magic.”


I found a rubber band from our morning newspaper and looped it through the hole. Then I slipped it onto my wrist. There was no way I’d lose my grocery list this year!

wristlet 2

When I went to the store, I moved the rubber-band to the space between my thumb and forefinger so I could palm it and have two free hands. Man! It worked super slick. I cruised through the store and could pick items up with my hand as well as push the cart.

wristlet 3

My grocery list even made it back home again! I had to share.

Move over Popeil Pocket Fisherman.

popeil pocket fisherman


Next year’s hot item will be the Susie’s Wild List Wristlet. It will come in all colors to coordinate with your outfit and include adjustable elastic.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Reblogged this on mrskonpoint and commented:
    Now here’s an idea, a wrist band shopping list…ladies we all know it’s difficult to push your cart while holding your electronic list and trying to cross of what you have taken. Let’s just go back to the ice age when we do our grocery shopping. Writing a list keeping it on your wrist is a practical way of keeping check of exactly what you need with out loosing it or looking silly with the iPad pushing a cart. REMEMBER to alway write out you list keeping the layout of the grocery shop in mind.

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  2. Are you a mind reader? Had to shop twice because the first shopping trip I forgot my grocery list. Little did I know, all it would take was a rubber band, hole punch, “magic” tape. Probably a functioning brain too. I’m ready for next year though! Thanks. Happy holidays.


  3. We keep a running list on family office and art gallery (fridge) and I take a picture with my phone before I head out. (Of course, that presumes I remember to bring the phone…)


  4. When you’re ready for the”New and Approved” line…make the list on an envelope so you can keep coupons inside the envelope.
    (from one of my former lives…”The Grocery” King”)
    Happy T-Day!
    – Jim H.


  5. A friend of mine once suggested an app for lists that allows crossing things off with a swipe and syncs with other phones.

    Which was a great idea…until I pointed out that my dad had a dumbphone. πŸ˜›


  6. Clever! Now and then, I put my list on my phone using an app for notes. But most often, I have it on a small piece of paper that gets shuffled from pocket to pocket, and occasionally lost.


  7. Sharon and I make the list together. I’ve recently started printing it, because my handwriting is too hard to read without putting on my reading glasses. I line up the items in the order we find them in the store so we don’t have to keep scanning up and down the list. Then I clip it to a ball point pen and put it in the little shelf in the grocery basket. Works for us.


    1. That’s so cute that you work together on the list! I liked having my hands free while having my “cheat sheet” in the palm of my hand. I can see where the pen would keep the card from falling through, but it would have gotten buried in my cart today!
      Happy Thanksgiving, David! Send my best to Sharon!

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  8. So clever Susie!
    Yesterday I was in the grocery store with a guy who must have lost his list. He was on the phone with his wife the entire time. “So was that 1 bag of cranberries or 2?” “Wait, white potatoes or sweet potatoes?” If I run into him again, I’ll suggest your handy rubber band method. πŸ™‚
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. This should win some kind of smart invention competition! I ALWAYS lose my damn list. Most of the time, in fact, it never makes it into the bag to begin with. Your solution works better than pinning it to the forehead! Anyway, happy shopping and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Susie. xo


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