Wild Convergence On The Mountain

converge 5

There was a whole lot of converging going on at Breckenridge Ski Resort. I took several photos of my wild Colorado adventure as it emerged.

converge 1

As a rule, I avoid converging with other skiers, especially when the bottom of the run is congested.

converge 2

Black Friday Weekend shopping at the outlet centers became a divergent force which drew many from the slopes. The lift lines were short and we merged while conversing.

converge 4

On the verge of sunset, skiers and boarders had the urge for one more run.

converge 7

My energy surged, but the lifts closed, so I submerged.

hot tubbing

How are things converging for you? Did you splurge this weekend?

DP Photo Challenge – Converge

38 thoughts on “Wild Convergence On The Mountain

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    1. Thanks Cathy!
      It was fantastic yesterday. No one was on the mountain. I wanted to take a photo of converging at the chairlift from up on the mountain, but there weren’t enough people in line.
      Most of the mountain is open, Cathy! I hope the snow keeps coming…

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  1. Nothing like a Lindau post to get thoughts turning to the slopes. Looks like Breckinridge has a nice base. Especially at the base where the hot tub is. Love these blue sky photos.


    1. Thanks so much and for virtually skiing with me!
      It does have a great base for this time of year and much of the mountain is open already. I’m looking forward to a great season!


  2. “Convergence
    A contraction of a vector field; the opposite of divergence. Convergence in a horizontal wind field indicates that more air is entering a given area than is leaving at that level. To compensate for the resulting “excess,” vertical motion may result: upward forcing if convergence is at low levels, or downward forcing (subsidence) if convergence is at high levels. Upward forcing from low-level convergence increases the potential for thunderstorm development (when other factors, such as instability, are favorable).”
    In weather terms it could mean a really WILD time ! As for the pictures, you can have the snow. I’ll take the hot tub !!! 🙂


    1. I had a hard time getting out from under my covers today. I’m still not acclimated! It was balmy on the mountain before this crazy front came in and dropped 30 degrees in an hour!
      I would like to say that you would love it, but I don’t think it’s your thing… 🙂


    1. Oh wow! That sounds pretty blustery! We skied on the first day of summer here, but it was 50 degrees on the mountain.
      Isn’t our winter solstice the same as your summer solstice? December 21st?


  3. That sky is so beautifully blue! It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything but gray. Cleveland is dismal right around now, and I’ve been to Seattle twice in the past four weeks. Gray, gray, gray. :/


  4. You take the best photos, Susie. LOVE that one in the hot tub with the mountain on the horizon.

    My daughter just got back from a week in Denmark and Iceland and had a blast standing up to her neck in the hot sulfur spring pool, snow all around, while the waitress waded through the water to bring them drinks.


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