A Butt-Kicking Adventure

energetic skier 1

After five months of ski dreams, Jonesing over videos, and reading about new mountain developments, it’s ski season. I wondered if I’d get my butt kicked by the mountain. I always plan to exercise every day, but sometimes life, NaNoWriMo, Thanksgiving, or a thousand other excuses get in the way.

The first run usually feels awkward, but not this year.

skiing breck

I chose to ski blue runs (intermediate), which are perfect for pre-season skiing. I don’t have rock skis (a wrecked pair I don’t care about), and discovered thin snow cover on a steeper run later in the day. I hate the sound of skis grinding over exposed terrain. Rocks can be dangerous, sneaky, and cruel. Sometimes they turn into snow snakes which trip skiers and send us tumbling down the mountain. *shiver*

After a few runs, I hit a wall, figuratively. It would have been hard to hit a wall literally. I guess I could have plowed into the Vista Haus Restaurant at the top of the mountain after skiing down from the lift.

My muscles cried, “Please Susie! You have to give us a rest. We’re not used to this! FOR GOD’S SAKE, STOP!”

After all the screaming and whining, I gave in to them. I drove back home and passed out.

sleeping couch potato 1

Another Wild Adventure! *snore*

Do you like playing in the snow?

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  1. I love playing in the snow, but I’m not a skier, I went skiing on a school trip when I was 13 and hurt my knee – not badly, but enough to put me off when I wasn’t liking it anyway! I liked the gentle nursery slopes, any more than that though was too much for me! Give me sledging over skiing and I’m there 🙂

    Anyone who didn’t know about the WordPress snow feature would think you were very clever bringing that in to accompany this post.


    1. Skiing can be very hard on the knees. I am hoping to try snowboarding again this year. I want to practice in the driveway. Talk about nursery slopes!

      I love it when the flakes start flying on the Wild Ride! Snowflakes, that is. I’m always flying around someplace….:)


    1. I’m uncoordinated too! If I can’t see my body part, I have no idea what it’s doing. I’d like to try snowboarding again. It’s supposed to be super easy compared to skiing. Four times and your golden. I have two more days to go…
      Take lessons with your son!

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  2. I discovered the snow feature on mine the other day. Hee hee…too much fun!

    I joined the ski club when I was a junior in high school and ended up being bored out of my gourd. Of course, my BIGGEST problem was when getting to the end of the hill and stopping. I think I’d cruise to a stop, but I couldn’t do it any sooner than the foot of the hill, so anyone who was standing there talking (which happened frequently) would either have to move or I’d have to dump over to avoid crashing into them. Since they were so busy talking, they never heard me yelling, “GET OUT OF THE WAY! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!”, so I got tired of falling REALLY quick! I wouldn’t recommend chatting at the bottom of a hill anyway, but if you did, how about NOT DOING IT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BUNNY HILL WHERE NOT MANY OF US CAN STOP YET?! (Oh and did I mention that my school only paid for one lesson? Yeah, that probably didn’t help, either.)

    Okay, rant over. 😛


    1. I can so relate! Ha!
      My second season out skiing, I must have been 12 years-old, I took the rope tow to the top of the hill and zoomed down. I couldn’t remember how to stop. If it weren’t for the hill in front of the warming house, I would have rammed into it! My first skis were waaaaay too long for me and hard to control. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.. 🙂

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    1. Skiing is not for the feint of heart! I love speed, so it’s right up my alley. Maybe it should be down my alley….
      I would love to go sledding this year. It’s been a while!
      Thanks for stopping by Carrie!

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  3. It’ll be a long time before we’re ready to hit the slopes here in Cali, but it has been snowing over the summit. Today it’s supposed to warm up though so the rain’ll probably wash away any accumulation so far. Oh well, such is the ski season in the Sierras.

    Looks like you had fun though. And a good nap.

    And I’m wondering, were you going to do some roping later? I saw your gear by the front door.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I’ve been practicing on Roxy. She doesn’t like roping very much.. 🙂
      We’ve had a few big storms, but could use another. The temps have been up and down. I hope you get some California snow soon! Some seasons start late…


  4. I was on a black diamond run at Heavenly three years ago and when I finished I realized that one fall could end it all. This was the first time I felt a loss of ability and confidence and body weakness. Decided to retire right there. Too many bone issues to risk another run. I quit on top and don’t need to go back. Loved your post.

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    1. Oh. Thanks John! I felt like that after road biking a while back. I was afraid someone would look at their cell phone and plow into me. I’m back to riding, but it took a while.
      I’ve been in some pretty intense situations on the mountain. So far, I’ve lived to tell the tale… 🙂

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  5. I love skiing, but living so far from the slopes, my ski trips have been very sporadic. I was 32 my first time and skied so little I didn’t learn to parallel until 15 years later. It’s been a good 10 years since my last time, and with my age and my shoulder, I doubt I’ll try it again. I still dream of Crested Butte, though.


    1. Hey David!
      Skiing is very difficult to master. I want to try snowboarding again. It only is supposed to take four days and I have two already, although they were 15 years ago!!!
      Thanks for stopping by and the Tweetage!

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  6. As you know, Susie, I went skiing once almost 17 years ago and hated it. Never again. As for playing in the snow, I don’t do that, either. I just trudge through it, silently grousing, longing for spring. That said, I do not begrudge you or anyone else who enjoys skiing or snow playing. As long as no one gets killed, I’m okay with people enjoying the slopes and slush. It’s just not my thing.


      1. Too risky. The mystery ingredients in the syrups might activate my less than silent GERD. My gastroenterologist advised me years ago to steer clear of anything containing citric acid. Check out food labels; it’s almost everywhere.


  7. Loved this ski trip with you, Susie and your doggie is just the cutest! Ditto on Cassandra’s comment of this brightening our gloomy, rainy day in the East. But it beats the snow. You have inspired me, though–I do a little cross-country skiing, usually at a nearby nature center. It feels wonderful to be working up some steam on a sunny winter day. As soon as there’s enough white stuff, I’m going! 🙂


  8. I tried a few years ago and absolutely hated it. I felt totally out of my comfort zone and I just couldnt get it. I think you have to learn as a kid!


    1. There isn’t as far to fall. I started in 7th grade so I was almost full height by then. It might be just as hard, but we don’t remember. I want to try snowboarding this year. I’ve gone twice and heard four times is a charm!
      Great to “see” you Laura!

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  9. Now that’s what I call a perfect Fall/Winnn-ter experience. Had to laugh – if you live here, you must have a sacrificial pair of rock skies….”I finally go to the slopes and am not about to let a lack of snow ruining my ski trip…trip.”
    Fly for me Susie! (and it’s OK if you keep the tired muscles) ….”I don’t care if most ski accidents happen when out of shape Texans hit the slopes for too long…not going to let exhaustion steal any ski time now that I finally got here…” (Knock on wood)
    Go for the snowboarding. I want to try, too…do they have instructor for the oldsters. (darn the little kids so close to the ground that bounce….every year, it’s worse….)
    (Dog can use the treadmill…no booties/doggie parka needed there)


    1. I love the snow!
      Rock skis are a lousy pair we don’t care about. An extra pair. I don’t have any, so I have to repair them when they get gouged. 🙂 Thanks so much Jackie! I’m catching up this weekend! I haope you have a fabulous weekend too!


  10. Trust Susie to educate me about skiing without really trying. I had no idea about the snaky rock part. There are times I enjoy the snow. Most of the time it fascinates me and I like to watch it … through the window with a fire roaring beside me and a hot toddy in my hand. 😉


    1. I love that too! The super warm weather is killing me. I hope the forecasters are wrong again and we get a big dump of snow. I brought home our ice skates from the mountains and want to use them on the pond! I would need to walk on water to skate on it now…

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