The Unusually Wild Gift Guide

gift giver 2 1

I’ve been surfing the net for the wildest gifts online and would like to share a few unusual finds with you. Some are wilder than others, but they are all meant for someone who has everything or a sense of humor.

The Power Nap Head Pillow can be found at Bedding In

the power nap head pillow 1

Because naptime…


 The Shower Squid can be found at Uncommon Goods.

shower squids

 With the Body Sleeping Bag by Selk Bag, you never have to get out of bed.

body sleeping bag

The Human Bowling Ball will soon replace traditional football. Maybe not, but it sure looks like fun! Yep. That’s a human inside.

human bowling ball

 You may already own the Bearded Beenie.

bearded beenie

And no baby’s wardrobe would be complete without the Burly Beard.

baby bearded beenie

 How have we lived without the Spinning Fork?

spinning fork

I love the Nightlight Orbs! They would be fun to juggle in the dark except toes.

nightlight orbs

The Oreo Dipping Spoon.

oreo spoon

Here it is in action! Well, it’s not a video. Use your imagination.

oreo spoon in action

The Tailgaters’ Hammocks because swinging around while eating and drinking is more fun than just sitting around.

tailgaters hammocks

The Long Reach Lotion Applicator. Her back looks pretty moisturized, don’t you think?

the long reach lotion applicator

The Faces Mugs have some pretty sweet storage.

faces mugs

Which is your favorite? 

80 thoughts on “The Unusually Wild Gift Guide

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  1. Oh, these are great! The oreo dipping spoon is the winner for me. Not that I eat many oreos but I would if I had this gift! Maybe I’ll print this and leave it around the house as a HINT and someone will get it for me. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Right? They all made me laugh for one reason or another. Put the tailgate hammocks on your list. If you find the nap pillow under your tree, you’ll be thankful the next time you fly!!!


  2. Hadn’t seen the tailgater slings – must rush to show my fan-frenzied neighbor who has the giant smoker on a trailer for game day! He’ll love it.
    Leave it to Suzy to locate those last minute gift ideas!
    (Have you seen the new Snugglies? Patterned like tuxedo and fancy dress…and one with a cowl collar and belt….and there are more…soon on you late night tv commercials?)


  3. These are spectacular! So many fun ones. I did get a beard beanie as a gift once. I wore it to the Oktoberfest parade when my husband and I dressed like matching lumberjacks and I got lots of compliments on my beard! So many in fact that my husband got jealous and shouted back “Mine’s real” to someone on one of the parade floats. LOL

    The shower squid or tailgating hammocks amuse me the most. I’ve already been human bowling. Don’t know if I could take that now, but I had a blast in college with that one! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the tweetage Jess!
      I can just “see” you sporting the beard. I did that once with stache sunglasses. I think we are two of kind! The best kind! 🙂
      I would love to go human bowling. I want to order the squids for a guest bathroom! Ha!


  4. I love, love, love the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog! I saw that power nap head pillow in it and I think it would make me claustrophobic. I actually really like the tailgater’s hammocks. Those night orbs look pretty cool too. My son would love those, as he sleeps with a light on at night. Hammacher Schlemmer has a life-sized robot for sale for a mere $345,000.00.


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