Boulder Twinkle – A Photo Essay

City lights 2

Just add snow!

Pearl street mall

Boulder Christmas lights




Pearl Street


Pearl Street Christmas lights


Pearl Street Mall


pearl street december


city lightsThis time of year, it’s easy to see the world  with the wonder of children.

Do you enjoy Christmas lights? Do you hang them?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Twinkle – Weekly Photo Challenge

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47 thoughts on “Boulder Twinkle – A Photo Essay

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  1. I got a little carried away this year, and decided to supplement the usual bush and door trim lights with a couple of tree trunks worth of light wrapping. It turns out if you add enough lights to the end of a string of them, the first section will overheat and die, plunging the whole thing into darkness. Who knew?


  2. My part of the world doesn’t celebrate Christmas. But folks do get into a holiday mood. Christmas light and decoration is catching up and it is all so beautiful to watch


      1. For the first fifteen years of my life i lived all over the place then moved back to Kuwait where i’m originally from before heading to the States for university (texas) now back in Kuwait 🙂


        1. Very cool!! Thanks for stopping by! I met some students from Kuwait skiing one day. They were hilarious and gave one of them such a hard time about how bad a skier he was. I had a blast that afternoon.


  3. Very nice glimpse of the tasteful display of decorations in your part of the country, Susie!

    Considering that I live in a studio apartment in Manhattan that’s not much bigger than a nose wart, no, I do not hang lights. But, my building has a new first floor tenant who asked for, and was granted, permission to hang lights. My Irish Catholic landlady was all for it as visions of Santa, reindeer and snowflakes danced in her head.

    Now we’re decorated big-time for Hanukkah! That’s a first in the 32 years I’ve resided here. Naturally, I love it. Bring on the dreidels! It’s Christmastime for the Jews where I live!


    1. That is hilarious! We stopped at Best Buy to say hi to our son on Thanksgiving night. I was amazed at all the foreign people buying all the deals. It was like a UN meeting. They were out celebrating all the discounts!
      Happy Dreideling Hanukkah!!


    1. Thanks Coleen! I tried leaving a comment on your post. I’m too much of a fritz!
      That sounds wonderful. There’s a botanical garden in Denver I should check out.
      Happy Holidays to you!


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