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constructing Christmas

I’ve been busy drawing, cutting, pasting and folding this year’s Christmas card. I think I’ve listened to almost every corny holiday movie between the Lifetime and Hallmark channel.

Every year has its challenges. In the past, I sent out my cards after more than sixty hours of work and they boomeranged back for more postage! Last year I had to add extra postage for weight. This year I thought I had it handled, but the post office was closed, so I couldn’t check the weight. I was about to throw them in the mailbox, then I decided to take them home just in case.

homemade Christmas cards

Some of my older cards. The newer ones are popups.

Good thing! I found a major quality control problem. This Santa’s elf has been overworked and hasn’t ever made a cent. There are four illustrations in this card and after I stuffed all the envelopes and glued them shut, I noticed one of the extra cards had duplicated illustrations. Danny and I were on the left and the right. What was I thinking? Another had Kelly and Courtney on both sides.  GAH!!!! I had to open every card and check each one. Six cards were screwed up! Thank God I caught the error. They would have been super weird.

I’m blaming all of it on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels.

I would love to send you one of my homemade cards. Want to win one? Leave a comment and my husband, Danny, will pick names from a hat. On Friday, I’ll announce the winners and will link up their blogs.

Merry Merry! 

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Do you send holiday cards?

My Christmas Cards unveiled HERE! 

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  1. I always used to send out Christmas cards, but I’d hardly get any in return, so that discouraged me. So this year, I decided to not send out any cards. Not sure if that was the right move, but it did save me some work.

    Happy Holidays! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It all started when I was first married 26 years ago. It has evolved from a simple illustration to a pop up card! I … just… can’t…. stop… myself!!!!
      I’m so glad you entered!


    1. The thought occurred to me that I had pasted the innard skinnards upside down. I didn’t find any like that, but having duplicated drawings would have been awful!
      For some reason, this tradition has really stuck. Thanks for entering!

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    1. Ha! I was bummed at first since they take so long to make, but I use glue stick. It usually takes a few days to get it to really adhere to the point of tearing. I just pulled them apart and reglued them! 🙂
      Thanks for entering!


  2. Going to pieces again this year, I see. Those are gorgeous, but could the eggnog/ warm rum punch mandated in winter mountains (with snowy views outside the windows) be partly responsible? (Noooo! Don’t blame the Christmas music and movies – they’ll say those are obviously hazardous and ban them for our own safety…no, you cannot have sharp scissors….)


  3. That’s all amazing. I love sending out (and receiving) christmas cards but mine are letters… or something like it. But if my name comes out of the hat I’ll send you one back! 🙂


  4. First time in years I’ve made or sent cards….this year….YES! I think you’ve inspired me…no…you have inspired me. Happy Holiday wishes to you and yours, Susie…and the rest of your Lindau crew.


  5. I’m lucky if I remember to get cards on time to mail them, or remember everyone I want to get a card for. And, here you are making them by hand….lol Great stuff Susie! 🙂


  6. I’ll be honest- I haven’t done Christmas cards in years (honestly, can’t remember the last time we sent them out) but I have respect for the folks who still send them. And even more mad props for the folks who make their own cards, rather than just purchase a box or two. You’re cool. I’d love to be on your Christmas card list.


    1. Maybe you will be! Danny will draw names tomorrow! It is a tremendous amount of work. I gave up my annual Christmas party, but the card tradition is alive and well!
      Thanks so much for entering!


    1. My Christmas cards have become New Year’s cards! I did my best, but they were too time-consuming. The year they bounced back, I know some didn’t get them until after. Tis the season!


  7. Even your mess looks like a beautiful project!~ Please put me in your hat, Susie, and happy holidays to everyone at your house too.


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