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constructing Christmas

I’ve been busy drawing, cutting, pasting and folding this year’s Christmas card. I think I’ve listened to almost every corny holiday movie between the Lifetime and Hallmark channel.

Every year has its challenges. In the past, I sent out my cards after more than sixty hours of work and they boomeranged back for more postage! Last year I had to add extra postage for weight. This year I thought I had it handled, but the post office was closed, so I couldn’t check the weight. I was about to throw them in the mailbox, then I decided to take them home just in case.

homemade Christmas cards

Some of my older cards. The newer ones are popups.

Good thing! I found a major quality control problem. This Santa’s elf has been overworked and hasn’t ever made a cent. There are four illustrations in this card and after I stuffed all the envelopes and glued them shut, I noticed one of the extra cards had duplicated illustrations. Danny and I were on the left and the right. What was I thinking? Another had Kelly and Courtney on both sides.  GAH!!!! I had to open every card and check each one. Six cards were screwed up! Thank God I caught the error. They would have been super weird.

I’m blaming all of it on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels.

I would love to send you one of my homemade cards. Want to win one? Leave a comment and my husband, Danny, will pick names from a hat. On Friday, I’ll announce the winners and will link up their blogs.

Merry Merry! 

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Do you send holiday cards?

My Christmas Cards unveiled HERE! 

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  1. I am very impressed. I’ve gone the other direction in recent years, to no cards at all. I used to have a large list and write notes in each one. But I just can’t find the time anymore!


    1. Thank you so much Cassandra!! 🙂
      I picked up a writing project less than a week ago and have been working constantly. I told Danny last night, “It’s tough not being normal.” I think I may blog about it sometime. I am waaaaaay outside normal range. The good news is both will be done this morning! I think this is the earliest I’ve had my cards done. Woohoo!


  2. God Bless your determination and drive, Susie! I am one of the lucky ones that has received a creation of yours and they truly are works of art and sweat and joy.

    I do send cards but they are simple photo cards of my kiddos. Every once in a while if I am NOT feeling like a most rotund Christmas peanut butter ball, I send out a family pic. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Maria!
      I thought I simplified them this year and they still took a week! 🙂
      I think it’s so great to have those family portraits. My family has always been off the hook.I’ll have to set up the self-timer this Christmas!


  3. Amazing cards, Susie. But it sounds like quite the project. I use Picaboo and print some of my photos. This year was a tropical theme from some of our dive trips. including Bonaire and Belize.


    1. NICE!!! I bet they’re beautiful.
      It is a humongous project. Not as bad as last year’s. I would have been done sooner had I let the OCD in me come out and check all of the cards. I guess that’s a good thing and a bad thing. 🙂
      Thanks so much Cathy!


    1. Christmas elves UNITE!! I think I’ll blog about how abnormal I really am. It would be so much easier if I didn’t live my life in hyperdrive, but then I wouldn’t be me!
      Thanks so much Jessica!
      Merry Christmas!


  4. Those are amazing cards. I’m impressed that you have the energy and take the time make cards. I just don’t send out cards. I just can’t get organized enough this time of year to do it.


  5. As someone who once got to have and hold one of your craft museum-worthy cards, I know what a labor they are for you to produce. It’s an impressive effort. As for me, I bought a box of 12 on small business Saturday but I have yet to send one. At this snail slow rate, I’m thinking I’ll get around to sending them for July 4th.


    1. You always make me laugh. Thanks so much! Last year’s card didn’t come off the way I planned, but I LOVED dancing on 2013’s grave! You know me and dancing.
      I didn’t realize this was a HUGE mailing day. I sat in two lines at the post office! I’m sure your friends and family will appreciate your cards whenever they get them. 🙂


  6. Wow – you go all out! That’s amazing – most years (this year included) I don’t even manage to get out the Christmas cards I bought with the specific purpose of mailing out. Kudos to you!

    Happy Holidays!


  7. I enjoy sending Holiday cards with a brief personal message. I don’t enjoy cards I receive that have a novelette enclosed detailing every bit of useless, boring information about the whole Famn Damily.
    Sorry if I identified anyone out there, but it’s probably my biggest pet peeve.
    What are everyone’s thoughts?
    I know I’m ugly, but am I insensitive too?
    Let me know… -Jim H.


    1. Hahaha! I’m with you on that, if the cards truly only brag about GPA etc. A while back, I wanted to write a fake one for my family with insane accolades. I thought it would be hysterical, but I risked insulting everyone who wrote brag letters.
      Mine is a brag illustration!
      Thanks for entering, Jim!


    1. Oh, thank you, Anneli! You are so nice to say that and made my day!
      I work pretty hard on them. I was bracing myself for all the work a few weeks ago. My dad who’s an artist and hanging in there at 88 years-old. said, “Everyone always looks forward to your cards.” That was all I needed. That’s when I started illustrating my blog posts!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Your cards do indeed look special! Wow. On my blog, I have The Great Christmas Card Exchange going. This is my second year, kind of. It’s a great way to stay in touch with other bloggers on Christmas. I love your idea of handmade cards, but fear I’m just too lazy to do it. 😉


  9. Sure… blame a hapless TV Channel. It wouldn’t be, perhaps, that you have to be the most active multi-tasker in the United States, nay, The World! Hope your present for the DJ is under control this year.


    1. Right? I couldn’t believe I did that! I’m putting Danny in charge of quality control next year. 🙂 I went to breakfast with the DJ and he finally gave me his list. Good thing he lives in town!
      Merry Christmas Ted! Thanks for entering!


    1. Thanks Guat! I finished that writing project just moments ago too. Whew! What a week! I’m so glad they’re both done. It’s always a challenge, but somehow I always make more work for myself! Sheesh!d
      I’m glad you entered!


      1. Word! I wouldn’t have minded to get a Xmas card that you thought was craft-challenged … two Susie pop-up drawings in one card…double the awesome 🙂 Have a good week.


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