Twinkle, Illustration, and Elves

oh christmas tree

I’m ready for the next project on my long list. It’s my absolute favorite. Can you guess?

Nope. I’m not wrapping presents. I always leave that chore until the last minute. I’m not hanging the stockings. NOTE TO SELF: I need to buy sticky tack. I’m not writing my letter to Santa. I’m playing with my new Apple computer right now! I don’t need another thing. I’m not stringing popcorn or making ornaments or running out to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping. I’m done. I’m not running to the grocery store. Not my favorite thing at all although I will take my new fangled warmer jammer list next time.


2006 Christmas card.

I finished my Christmas cards. I’m not volunteering, I went to the Denver Santa Claus Shop today and worked with the other elves.

Denver Santa Shop Elves

Can you guess?

You’ll soon find out!

Leave a comment on my “Leave a Comment and Win!” post. You could be the lucky winner of one of my homemade Christmas cards and you’ll score BONUS blog linkage!  Winners will be announced on Friday.

Merry! Merry!

When you receive amazing news, do you smile and keep it to yourself or do you spread the word?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle

43 thoughts on “Twinkle, Illustration, and Elves

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  1. If you tell me its baking Christmas cookies I might hafta drive out there to get some! and thank God I am to the only procrastinator in wrapping the gifts. On amazing news, I am a big apostle for spreading good news if it seems appropriate. I have a blog and I am not afraid to use it! I always smile though..


    1. Ha! You’ll soon find out….
      My problem with gifts is my daughter’s birthday is right after Christmas. I have to choose which gifts are for which event. I’ve never shorted either of my kids, but probably over-compensate!
      Smiling is good. When does sharing become bragging? When sharing has ulterior motives like self-promotion, then maybe. I don’t think I’m guilty of that. I just bubble up with excitement and need to share or I’ll burst!


  2. I’m always very cautious about sharing good news because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it. I’m very superstitious. I try to wait as long as possible to make sure the good news is actually real before I share it..


    1. ^this. I’m a big jinx believer because I’ve had it happen too many times. I’ll try to keep it to myself until I know for sure it’s a done deal and nothing bad will happen if I spill the beans.


      1. I totally understand that. In my case, I wouldn’t be talking about the future, but some may jump to that conclusion. On the other hand, if I use The Secret, I shouldn’t be afraid, but act as if it will work out anyway, right? For the moment, I’m smiling…..


    1. Fantastic! I miss having them. For years, I had a Holiday Open House. It evolved into a tennis luncheon, but for the last three years, I haven’t had anyone over even though my house is decorated to the nines. Maybe next year!
      I like your theory about good news! Merry Merry!

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  3. Nothing could be better than helping in Santa shop! (Such stylish happy elves pictured)
    You know one of the things I like best about this time of year? All the little lights reflected in windows. Images of lands so enchanted and magical we can only gaze in wonder. Great tree picture – bet it looks as good outside the windows, too


  4. Love the tree picture! I love lots of twinkly lights, something about those that makes you smile. I keep the good news to myself, till I know for sure it’s true. Then I share big time! 🙂


  5. What ?????? In this day and age, you WRAP gifts ??? You mean you don’t just stuff them into a bag with some colored tissue on the top…….., like everyone else does ??? As for elves…., don’t they wear some kind of funky green suits and little pointed hats ? Didn’t see any of them in your pictures. No popcorn, tinsel, ornaments.., or groceries !!! You’re just not going to be any fun this Christmas at all !!! Bah ! Humbug !!! 🙂


    1. I’m already done with all of those things except grocery shopping. I am the QUEEN of Christmas! Hahaha!
      Nope. We’re getting snow in Boulder tonight, but only a trace. I want it to dump!


  6. I’m sure you were a great addition to the staff of elves making Christmas merry for others.
    I’m drumming up donations for The San Juan Family Resource Center, who helps families in need.

    Let me know more about your new Mac. As I recall, your computer looked like some industrial strength laptop the CIA would be using in the Middle East. Looking forward to seeing the card.


  7. Came late to the party but figured it would be skiing or dancing or both but either way you always do it in style…like that awesome tree! Now that puts me in the Christmas spirit!


    1. I am totally into Christmas. You wouldn’t believe my house! It is decorated to the nines and I didn’t even entertain this year. I am so over shopping, but have to go out today again.. GAH!


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