The Nutcracker Sweet – A Video

A few days ago, I mentioned a few of my Christmas traditions, but excluded my favorite. There were many guesses. Some readers were right. BAKING. We used to watch my daughter, Courtney, dance in the Nutcracker. I had an idea. I could combine the two!

gingerbread dancers 1

I saw an adaptation of the traditional gingerbread man on The Rachael Ray Show and had an BRILLIANT idea. I had to bake them and make a movie. It seemed like the logical thing to do after creating 80+ handmade Christmas cards, right?

With a little bit of help from my daughter, Courtney, the “show” was a success!  It’s been years since she performed in a ballet. *chuckle*

Tune in to see what I’m talking about. It’s a totally sweet production! You can hear me cracking up while making the video.

Happy Holidays from the Wild Rider!

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37 thoughts on “The Nutcracker Sweet – A Video

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    1. Thanks Divya! My 23-year-old daughter really enjoyed making it with me!
      No need to link your blog. 🙂 Readers can click on your name now! Isn’t that cool?

      Merry Christmas to you!


  1. I’m speechless…..hahahahaha! I am just imagining the conversation with your daughter “Courtney we are going to make legless gingerbread men and then you are going to use your fingers as legs and recreate the Nutcracker” … “ok mom”
    Brilliant !!


    1. Ha! She was recuperating from a bad cold, so she was home last weekend. She has much more dexterous fingers than I have and really added to the “performance!”
      Happy Holidays, Lisa!


        1. Although you may need some additional hands for the battle between Nutcracker Prince and that mice army….This could get out of control really quickly as you have far too much time to work on next year’s performance. Your handmade cards probably started out with just a few….and Suzy isn’t known for taking short cuts. I’ll worry if I see audition notices appearing.

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