Twelve Warning Signs The Holidays Have Taken Over

The holidays are never perfect. It’s a hectic time of year and somehow they always take over my life.

Although I dream of a wonderful holiday where everything has been carefully planned and executed. Stockings hang near a roaring fire. Wrapped presents are piled high around a decorated tree. Family and friends gather round the piano and sing while the heavenly aroma of a gourmet dinner cooks in the oven. That never happens.

I’ve compiled a list of warning signs for you!

You know the holidays are taking over your life when:

Every surface in your house is sticky.

It would be easier to move than to clean.

You’d love to repaint a few rooms to coordinate with your holiday decor.

The only edible food in your refrigerator is cookie dough.

While holiday shopping, you buy underwear since it takes less time than throwing a load in the washer.

You’ve worn the numbers off your charge card from pulling it out of your wallet.

Your kitchen resembles  a craft room.

constructing Christmas

The post office workers know you by name.

post office

Your idea of a Silent Night means rolling out 6 dozen cookies while Christmas movies play in the background.

After downing a cup of coffee each hour to keep you going, you stay up late and write blog posts.

You develop dreaded Ear Worm and the song Welcome Christmas sticks in your head.

You have most of the lines of Elf memorized.

I hope your holidays are spent in a very enjoyable and relaxing way.

Are you relaxed or freaking out about the holidays?

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