Twelve Warning Signs The Holidays Have Taken Over

The holidays are never perfect. It’s a hectic time of year and somehow they always take over my life.

Although I dream of a wonderful holiday where everything has been carefully planned and executed. Stockings hang near a roaring fire. Wrapped presents are piled high around a decorated tree. Family and friends gather round the piano and sing while the heavenly aroma of a gourmet dinner cooks in the oven. That never happens.

I’ve compiled a list of warning signs for you!

You know the holidays are taking over your life when:

Every surface in your house is sticky.

It would be easier to move than to clean.

You’d love to repaint a few rooms to coordinate with your holiday decor.

The only edible food in your refrigerator is cookie dough.

While holiday shopping, you buy underwear since it takes less time than throwing a load in the washer.

You’ve worn the numbers off your charge card from pulling it out of your wallet.

Your kitchen resembles  a craft room.

constructing Christmas

The post office workers know you by name.

post office

Your idea of a Silent Night means rolling out 6 dozen cookies while Christmas movies play in the background.

After downing a cup of coffee each hour to keep you going, you stay up late and write blog posts.

You develop dreaded Ear Worm and the song Welcome Christmas sticks in your head.

You have most of the lines of Elf memorized.

I hope your holidays are spent in a very enjoyable and relaxing way.

Are you relaxed or freaking out about the holidays?

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64 thoughts on “Twelve Warning Signs The Holidays Have Taken Over

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  1. I can identify! My countertops are so sticky that when I set my tea mug down and tried to pick it up, it momentarily got “stuck” and sloshed tea over the side. Did I wipe it up? Nah, why bother? 🙂 I’ll wait until after Christmas! Merry Christmas, Susie, and thanks for a year of laughs!


    1. Oh my God. It is one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies. “It’s SANTA!” and the elevator scene are hilarious. I think I’ve seen it three times this month!
      Happy Holidays to you Darla! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Perfect list, Susie! Just yesterday I took out a $10 bill from my wallet and it was sticky!! EW! I’m hoping it was sticky from frosting or sugar. 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family, Susie! xoxo


    1. You are so not alone. I cranked this year and might just make it… Now I have to fight the crowd at the grocery store. Wish me luck. 🙂
      Happy holidays BC! Thanks for stopping by the Wild Ride!


        1. Nope, but almost was hit by a car flying out of a parking spot. I think the driver had a heart attack since I looked back and the car was stopped halfway out. I just returned home from the last of my Christmas shopping and made it home alive. WHEW!


  3. I’m all about the movie-in-the-background while baking cookies! I made over five different kinds of treats last week and there was a Christmas movie playing during every batch. Now that the baking is over, my nights are revolving around yelling at the cat to get out of the tree and then punishing him when he knocks the little one over. I may or may not have sent Baxter to his room while telling him to “think about what you just did” so I could enjoy my bottle of wine in peace. When he was finally let out, he curled up on my lap like the adorable little feline I know him to be and fell fast asleep. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Susie!


    1. It sounds like a funny moment. I can see you with your arm outstretched while pointing to the room. I’ve had a few of those moments with Roxy after she goes on a barking rant at the squirrel.
      Merry Christmas to you Jessica!


    1. You are cool like that! I am almost there. I have one more present to buy, clean the house, and prepare dinner and I’ll be done. As soon as I can pry myself away from my computer.
      Merry Christmas Emily!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I SHOULD be freaking out (since I’ve done minimal decorating and have NO Christmas presents bought and it’s Christmas Eve Eve) but for some reason, I just don’t care this year. Has anyone seen my Christmas spirit laying around? I seem to have misplaced it somewhere. I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually. Probably in February.


    1. Also, it’s not underwear I buy when I’m out and about. It’s socks. My kingdom for a clean pair of socks. I wouldn’t even care if they matched at this point.


      1. My daughter hasn’t matched hers since middle school so I jumped on the bandwagon a while back especially with gym socks. As long as they are the same kind, I don’t care if the emblem is a different color.


  5. My goodness – that is indeed letting Christmas take over, although I do like the idea of painting the walls to coordinate. Would make decorating easier.

    I hope things have settled down for you and you can breathe and enjoy the family and the holidays (and the ski slopes).

    Merry Christmas!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  6. Happy Boxing Day! My gift to myself was staying off social media for three days! Enjoy your Christmas recovery period … I’m sure your day was full of love and laughter. Now on we go!


    1. Hey Pat! Merry Christmas and Boxing day! I’ll never understand why Boxing day is two days after Christmas. Why not yesterday? Are the stores closed on the 26th?
      I am taking the day to catch up with work. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! Go…go…go…


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