Offended by the Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad?

While watching Good Morning America, I learned Super Bowl commercials are being leaked. One in particular has upset some people. I watched the commercial promoting Carl’s Jr.’s latest all-natural beef campaign and wondered what all the fuss was about. carl's jr

A woman strolls through a farmer’s market while men stare. She has bare shoulders and walks by strategically placed vegetables like an Austin Powers’ spoof. While passing by a table full of ice, she appears naked. When the camera pans around the table we see she is strutting through the crowd wearing a bikini top and shorts.

My first reaction? “Ha! She looks all-natural to me, alright.” As a woman with bionic or totally fake boobs after a double boobectomy, I appreciated boobs. I can’t understand why some people find this ad so offensive. They would like to see it pulled.

In the 60’s and again in the 70’s and 80’s, women abandoned bras. Now we live in a conservative time when nipples are covered by padded bras. This commercial didn’t reveal nipples, just a lot of skin and monster cleavage.

I would guess if this aired in July when we’re used to seeing skin, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. I think that’s the essence of the problem, being used to it. Imagine what the Victorians would think. Is that where we’re headed?

This is a commercial, not a new fashion trend. Cheerleaders wear pretty skimpy outfits. My daughter is getting ready to tryout for a pro team and I support her.

In my opinion, Carl’s Jr. could have taken all-natural to whole new level of controversy. Picture a pep band marching onto the the football field followed by a line up of naturally voluptuous cheerleaders who proceed to do a kick line. Yep. That probably would have been pulled, but it would have gotten a smile from me!

NOTE TO CARL’S JR.: Feel free to use my idea…

And just to clarify for new readers. I am a very happily married heterosexual woman, but I really appreciate boobs after losing mine. 

It will be interesting to see if the commercial airs. Personally, I’ll be disappointed if they don’t run it. It’s a great ad campaign since I remember they’re serving all-natural beef! As someone who survived cancer, I’m glad to see a fast-food restaurant with a healthy choice containing no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

Here’s the commercial:

What do you think?

128 thoughts on “Offended by the Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad?

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    1. I am so over it too. I feel like everyone misses the point of feminism. It’s not that we need to be over-protected or treated with kid gloves, we want to be treated like equals. This attitude sets us back instead of propelling us forward.


  1. Love it. As with the Cindy Crawford ad. People need to get over themselves indeed. Although, it would be nice if there were more eye candy in the shape of of a man.


  2. I can see both sides – the entire point of a commercial is to get your attention and for most of the male population, it works. If you are offended don’t eat there but don’t FORCE and IMPOSE your opinion on me – it’s sort of the way our country goes. If it offends the minority, then it must be bad and banned. Four Legs Good – Two Legs Bad – animal farm. Now, there isn’t a Carl’s Jr. anywhere near where I live, I personally like the Chick-fil-A commercials with the cows….. talk about some big ones, those produce almost 16 gallons a day!


  3. Carl’s is genius. They paid a bizzilion dollars to promote their establishment to a large audience of men by using ONE thing that will get their attention … a woman. As if this is something new….people need to lighten up.


    1. Right? It is nothing new. So old a cave man probable did it. Now that was a clean and effective ad campaign. It only offended cave men!
      I found the First Bank commercials more offensive. They are directly at the naiveté of the Amish. I don’t think it’s fair that they’ll never be able to watch the ad to defend themselves!

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  4. Personally, I’m offended by all these people being offended by everything and demanding bans, blocklists and triggers warnings. Video games and scientists are sexist, white teenage girls with braided hair are racist, the Vagina Monologues are exclusionary to non-cis people. The crazies are taking over!


    1. It has become a worldwide pastime. I would think being angry all the time would cause early death. I am so over being politically correct. We just need to be respectful, relax and enjoy!


  5. As a parent with small kids, nekkid, or nearly-nekkid, anybody isn’t appreciated. Using sex to sell stuff is tiresome. Am I offended? Meh. But do I think they’re brilliant? No. Pretty lady with lots of skin in an ad is nothing new. I did enjoy your perspective, though. Made me smile.


    1. Good point! I might have a different opinion if I had kids ogling the television. Mine are 23 and 25. I don’t think I would ever turn the TV on if they were little kids today. So much is off-color or just plain gross.

      Being from Wisconsin, I loved the pun.
      Thanks for stopping by and getting into the discussion!


  6. Hi Susie,
    What offended me most is that chick didn’t even offer me a hamburger. I mean, after all, I had to watch this “leaked” commercial and didn’t get so much as a smile. How ya doin’ gal? We’ll be leaving Florida in two more days, going back the windy, frigid hinterlands of the midwest. Be good to yourself ! 🙂


    1. Hey Paul!
      It does seem rude for her to eat in front of everyone…
      I’m hanging in! 3 weeks after surgery and am feeling a lot stronger, thanks! Glad you got to escape! Safe travels. 🙂


  7. First: Now I want a burger
    Second: I only wished I looked like that
    Third:Commercial often seem to appeal to the men over the women.
    Fourth: Sex sells I guess.


  8. You get ’em girl! Personally, seeing as how I do not possess said boobs . . I have a deep and abiding appreciation for them.

    And I don’t care what they say….that’s a great commercial. Umm, what was it for again?

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    Yeah, I’ll admit I liked this commercial. I like all of Carls Jr’s sexy commercials. Heck, I’m a straight guy who loves women. I own up to it.

    This country has a strange hangup about nudity and should lighten up.

    Also, this commercial is a total ripoff of Austin Powers when he did it, and no one complained then!


  10. I enjoyed the slack-jawed, glassy eyed looks in the men’s faces as she walked by more then her walking by. I think it was LOL funny. IF we judge commercials for grabbing attention and getting people to talk, this one should win awards.


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