New Expressions for 2015 – In Response to Esquire

Do you get bored with expressions? I do. I avoid, “Awesome,” like an f-bomb. Okay. That’s not true. I occasionally f-bomb. Last year, Stacey Woods, a writer for Esquire’s Culture Blog, listed twenty-seven sayings or slang that had to go. This year she’s not messing around. She listed fifty of them!

I chose a few and came up with substitutions. I’m sure they will be the latest new expressions for 2015!

“Rockin’ out” is out.

This dog is ampin’ it with his jazz hands!

TrueGif (11)

Being “over it,” is over.

Have you logged deflategate yet?

Harry Potter meme (1)

You may Only Live Once, but we’re tired of its randomness.

 I am all about DWIDI. Don’t Wish It, DO IT!!!

This guy kinda overdid it…

TrueGif (10)

“Actually” is unnecessary.

Fact. I really love new expressions.

caffeine girl

All forms of “crazy” are no longer a thing.

There is no one more contorted than me.

TrueGif (8)

I would like to replace “cool.”

A combination of momentous and monumental is monumentous.


Stacey threw out “dropping,” and maybe she has a point. The Broncos would be in the Super Bowl if they threw down instead.

throwin it down

Here’s one from last year. TV commentators are still using the old and tired adjective, “sick.” Maybe you could throw down hideous once in a while!

snowboard meme

Taylor Swift applied to trademark, “Sick beat.” She must not have gotten the memo. “Hideous beat” sounds a lot better. By the way, mine are free to use!

Which ones do you like?

109 thoughts on “New Expressions for 2015 – In Response to Esquire

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  1. Oh, that poor gymnast! Ouch! Sick was so overused by my kids for a while but thank God they’ve logged it! 🙂 Thanks for educating me on the new “in” words. I would hate to be so…yesterday!I


    1. Right? I remember when all of a sudden, I stopped hearing awesome. I really overused that word! I figure as creative writers we should be able to come up with new ones! 🙂
      Thanks for being so monumentous!


  2. As always, you are monumentous! Canadians will have trouble losing “actually”. It is in our blood. I will give it a go though, just for you. I will have to add the word “true” to “fact”. Is that OK? True fact, we Canadians really like the word “actually”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I may start using ‘Monumentous’… It’s a bitch to spell though… (is Bitch still in?) My all time favorite is Ab Fab… which of course describes you, Susie. Is it getting time for me to come to Boulder yet?


    1. Bitch will always be “in.” Use Ab Fab in a sentence….
      The new plan is to write the three book series before selling it. I’ve been set back a month after knee surgery, but started today!


  4. I rely on my 17 year old to school me on new hip lingo -if he’ll share. i overuse ‘awesome’ and have begun the switch to ‘amazing’ but old habits die hard, I may be too old a dog for a new trick! Maybe I should just try momentous…. have a wonderful week. PS we have your snow!


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