New Expressions for 2015 – In Response to Esquire

Do you get bored with expressions? I do. I avoid, “Awesome,” like an f-bomb. Okay. That’s not true. I occasionally f-bomb. Last year, Stacey Woods, a writer for Esquire’s Culture Blog, listed twenty-seven sayings or slang that had to go. This year she’s not messing around. She listed fifty of them!

I chose a few and came up with substitutions. I’m sure they will be the latest new expressions for 2015!

“Rockin’ out” is out.

This dog is ampin’ it with his jazz hands!

TrueGif (11)

Being “over it,” is over.

Have you logged deflategate yet?

Harry Potter meme (1)

You may Only Live Once, but we’re tired of its randomness.

 I am all about DWIDI. Don’t Wish It, DO IT!!!

This guy kinda overdid it…

TrueGif (10)

“Actually” is unnecessary.

Fact. I really love new expressions.

caffeine girl

All forms of “crazy” are no longer a thing.

There is no one more contorted than me.

TrueGif (8)

I would like to replace “cool.”

A combination of momentous and monumental is monumentous.


Stacey threw out “dropping,” and maybe she has a point. The Broncos would be in the Super Bowl if they threw down instead.

throwin it down

Here’s one from last year. TV commentators are still using the old and tired adjective, “sick.” Maybe you could throw down hideous once in a while!

snowboard meme

Taylor Swift applied to trademark, “Sick beat.” She must not have gotten the memo. “Hideous beat” sounds a lot better. By the way, mine are free to use!

Which ones do you like?

109 thoughts on “New Expressions for 2015 – In Response to Esquire

Add yours

  1. Since I LOVE the dog so much I can’t stop watching it and laughing, I am going to make up my own expression: Get your Jazz Hands on! Let’s get our Jazz Hands on! To be used when referring to anything.

    Now let me go watch that dog again!


  2. Taking notes and crossing stuff out.
    Phew! Thank goodness you provided this list, Susie…I DO get so tired of hearing (and even using) the standard lines.
    My favorite was ‘monumentus’ and ‘hideous’
    It would be rad to use both of them in the same sentence.
    Happy Friday!!

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    1. MICHELLE, there you are!!! Sorry I’ve been living under a rock for so long and haven’t visited for a while. Nothing personal because if anyone is monumentously hideous it’s you. Love Red

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! The first time I heard sick, I could not figure out what they were talking about. I thought either the snowboarder was literally sick or he had a terrible run. Think, Michael Jackson’s bad.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I LOVE your banner! I think it’s perfect. I usually can’t find a theme I like 100% but this one is great because like you said, it’s clean and the fonts are easy to read. (I’m getting more farsighted by the second lately…)

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    1. Thanks Cathy! Anything is better than some of these tired expressions. Thanks for being so hideously monumentous! Ha! I’ve written that misspelled word so many times, my iPad thinks it’s a thing! Oh yeah. That’s an expression my daughter uses more often in the negative. “That is not a thing.”


  3. Since you gave us permission, I intend on using “monumentous” in a sentence at least once today! That’s a great one. The expressions that I’ve grown tired of are “like,” as in “I’m, like, so bored of this word,” and “gift.” Yes, I know it’s the new hot phrase, but to me, “gift” is still a noun, not a verb. Stay hideous, Susie!


  4. Awesome. Been trying not to say that word for at least two years and it keeps flying out of my mouth. At least the Broncos are honestly dropping and not hanging onto soft balls. Will your spam detector deep six me for saying so?


  5. I love “monumentous.” Great word. And I could definitely hear myself saying, “I logged it.” On the other hand, that one has a bit of a scatological sound to it. Hmm, maybe I better skip that one. 😉

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    1. I think they’re meant as tongue-in-cheek suggestions. But I gotta say some really irritate me. After reading Stacey’s list of slang to leave behind, I enjoy coming up with substitutions. It’s fun!!!


  6. It seems to me that monumentous is the winner here, Susie. It sounds like the son of ginormous.The expression I’d love kicked to the curb is “no problem”, especially when it’s used to replace thank you. A year from now, I expect that Stacey Woods will add “kicked to the curb” to her list. I bet she’s about as much fun as swimming in cement swim fins.


    1. It’s been her job two years running and I love coming up with substitutions. Glad you found one to call your own! Throw it down this weekend and see if anyone gets amped up about it!


  7. Hilarious. Ampin’ it is definitely going to go mainstream.
    But “cool” will stay here – it goes with the vintage red mustang. People just can’t help sayin’ “coooooool” as you cruise by…it’s a Pavlov thing.
    (Whoa! Denver’s got coach Kubiack back and Wade. Wade’s good. Broncos now rearing to go next year.)


    1. Stacey didn’t suggest getting rid of cool, but I like monumentus!

      That dog is really ampin’ it. My PT mentioned the word ampin’ in regards to my thigh. I couldn’t believe it. And then I realized she was literally going to use shock therapy. Yep. I got amped alright. Nearly jumped out of my skin!


      1. That’s the weirdness – since is is actually in usage, there a big chance distortion for other uses….everything seems to be so amped these days. (Brilliance leaking out of you can’t stop it! It’s amped!)
        But I guess you may be monumentus discouraged about not being up wrestling with a snowboard…maybe next year?


  8. Okay I aim to stop using awesome and cool, I’m not sure I could drop darn it it’s my kid friendly go to swear word when I break something 😉


  9. Sorry can’t give up “cool”, its way too f-ing much of a totally awesome word and stands the test of time. And you didn’t mention Dude which is still one of my faves! Hey how about faves?!? That word is killer!


    1. These were replacements for the ones Stacey threw out. I still use faves, cool and dude. But you gotta let go of AWESOME!!! It’s not so awesome anymore… Did you love the jazzy dog?


  10. Here’s the saying that makes me crazy: “Have a good one!” Whatever happened to wishing somebody a nice day??


    1. I probably riled you up more than once! That’s a very midwestern expression and one of my faves. 🙂
      The kid who is in the video and shared his gif said it was his first meet! Ha!
      Thanks for stopping by, Renee. You should throw a few down this weekend!

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  11. So can we still use “sick” to describe having the flu or ebola, or are we going to relegate hospitals and clinics to caring for the hideous? If hideous becomes the new sick, then how are we to refer to those among us who are incredibly ugly? Bostonians will agree, this entire thing is wicked confusing.


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