How To Be Lucky

It’s true. I’m very lucky and always have been. To me, luck means succeeding by chance.

83rd_Academy_Awards_posterAs the Academy Awards approach, I often think about the luck involved in being nominated. It’s like a Power Ball Lottery every year. Oftentimes, cameras focus on veteran actors who’ve prepared their acceptance speeches and then lose to an up-and-comer. It must be hard to get that close to winning and not take home the prize and I know all about prizes.

When The Secret came out in 2006, I bought several copies to pass along to my family. The book is based on the law of attraction. This concept has been around for centuries. The more positivity you put out there, the more you receive. The author of the book takes it one step further. She believes if you put out specific intentions, imagine them happening, and then live your life like they already happened, it will become reality.


I finished the book while flying to Costa Rica. My family would be staying at an all-inclusive resort, so I decided to test out the theory. I put the thought, I will meet an actor during this trip, into the universe to see if it would work.

After two days of traveling, we checked into the predominantly spanish-speaking resort. My husband, Danny, took the kids to the beach while I settled into a lounge chair, poolside.

A few minutes later, a man listening to his iPod walked by and then stopped and stared at my mesh pool bag.

“Are you reading The Secret?” he asked.

“I just finished it.”

“Here.” He took out his ear buds and handed me his iPod. “I’m listening to it right now. My girlfriend and I are going to get something to eat. I’ll stop back in a little while.”

I listened to the soothing voice of the author, Rhonda Byrne. Soon he returned and introduced himself.

“Here’s my card. I’m an actor in Vancouver.” I would have fallen over if I hadn’t been laying down. He went on to say that he had recently starred in a History Channel series.

After the trip, I sent out positive energy and won makeup, perfume, and all kinds of door prizes. I bought tickets when attending a luncheon and told the lady who invited me that I didn’t need to win two prizes. I gave her one of them. She couldn’t believe it when we both won. It didn’t surprise me. I won a trip for two to heli-ski in Canada, and then last summer, I won a frame pack.

The weird thing is, when I was nominated for a Boulder Writer’s Workshop, Ink Award, for Best Blogger, I didn’t use The Secret at all. I was super stoked, but prepared myself and my family for losing. I was relatively new to the group and only knew a couple of people.

Danny insisted on going to the award ceremony. I brought my cane, an ice pack, and sat with my leg up on a chair. I told him, “Don’t look at me when they announce the winner. It’s not going to be me and I don’t want to draw any attention.”

It came time for door prizes and I thought, “Well at least I’ve got this in the bag.” When I didn’t win any of the ten given away, I sunk down in my seat. What happened to my mojo?

As the announcement for Best Blogger approached, it occurred to me this was a pretty big deal and I blew it! I had been so negative. That’s so not like me.

There were seven others competing in my category. If I had used The Secret, I would have taken my leg off the chair and grabbed my cane to prepare for accepting the award. I figured it was too late. Instead, I crossed my arms and sat back.

Ink Award Best BloggerWhen they announced my name, I almost knocked over both chairs! I couldn’t believe it. How did that happen? I used the power of negativity and still won. I guess there’s more to it than the law of attraction.

All those years of watching the Academy Awards rushed back to me. When the actor stood at the podium, Oscar in hand and said they didn’t expect to win, so they didn’t prepare a speech, I figured they were using their award-winning acting abilities. Now I believe them!

Have you ever felt lucky?

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  1. How wonderful! Congratulations, Susie. I think talent and hard work has more to do with winning an award like this, but I’ll buy luck as the reason for winning trips and stuff. 😉


    1. Thanks so much, friend! I’m so grateful that they took the time to stop by my Wild Ride. These days, it’s so easy to just click on the the familiar name. And I wasn’t familiar to most.
      Positivity rules!


  2. Susie, Huge congratulations on winning Best Blogger from Boulder Writers’ Workshop! Well deserved! I’ve been reading your posts and love your fresh take on so many subjects, with such great writing, warmth, humor and insight.


  3. I totally agree. Luck is the design you work up inside the every day of doing your thing. I’ve never counted on luck, but I’m always happy to meet it. And the feeling, it’s mutual. Good going, Colorado.


  4. LOL… The entry made me smile, then it made me laugh out loud. I haven’t won any blogging awards or cash prizes or holidays, which would be such a good thing to be lucky at. But still, I am lucky in some way.

    Here’s the story: My friends were waiting for me in the car from across the road and I was so in such a hurry to get to them, I forgot to look left, then look right, then look left again, before crossing the road. I didn’t realise that I almost got into an accident until I got to the car and my friends inside started yelling at me.

    “Can you please watch the road before you cross it! You almost got hit by a car!”

    Phew! Lucky me. =P

    PS: Found you through Austin’s Blog Pitch Party.


  5. Excellent post that resonated with me and my own beliefs. Positive thoughts create positive vibrations, or energy, which then give rise to the physical manifestation of that materialistic reality as we know it. These positive vibrations come from positive belief systems. To this extent, one can control one’s own destiny.

    Quoting directly from ” The Wisdom of Yogananda, Volume 5″,
    ” The only limitation on man is imposed by himself, through his thoughts. It is a well known psychological fact that “Thoughts are things.” The statement in Proverbs, ” As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” is a truth which has revolutionized and transformed the lives of thousands”

    Thank you for sharing.😊


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