“Share the Love!” A New Idea for Valentine’s Day

Cupids and heart Valentine

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, the most divisive holiday of all. Some love it while others hate it. No news there.

But I had a thought.

What if we transform the couple’s celebration of exclusive, romantic love, to a day of inclusivity? Okay. I’m not talking about threesomes, but what if we twist the term, refocus the lens, and define it differently?


We could celebrate a day of sharing the love by sending out positive vibes to everyone we meet. There are a bazillion ways we could do that.

  • Pay it forward. On Valentine’s Day, put yourself out there to help someone who’s struggling.
  • Pay it backward. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.
  • Go out of your way to use manners. Hold the door. Offer your seat. Say “Please,” and “Thank you.”
  • Make a few sincere compliments and someone might feel good about themselves.
  • Smile. I promise it won’t kill you and you’ll be surprised at the reaction, no matter where you live.
  • When driving, slow down. Use your blinkers. Let others into your lane. Why not go all out and actually stop at a stop sign.
  • Share the love with friends and family. Think outside the box. Plan an activity or have a get-together.
  • Share the love with yourself. Indulge in a treat or take some personal time doing something you love. Something that says, “I am so good at what I do and I appreciate myself.”

Instead of the FOMO (fear of missing out), on Valentine’s Day, you will feel like you did your part to share the love. Maybe you’ll will even have a story to tell when everything goes back to normal on the 15th. Who knows?

If everyone would share the love on February 14th, Valentine’s Day could become the best holiday of all!

Do you have any other ideas for “Sharing the Love?”

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88 thoughts on ““Share the Love!” A New Idea for Valentine’s Day

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  1. I love this Susie. We aren’t doing anything for Valentines Day because to me you should show love all year round, but mainly because we are getting married the day after! I find the whole Valentines thing too exclusive so love the whole include everyone vibe. 🙂


      Your blog isn’t showing up in my reader. I will refollow.
      This blog post just popped into my head when trying to come up with something simple to “claim my blog” on Bloglovin’! I really hope it changes the way people think about Valentine’s Day. It would would be so cool if it caught on and everyone celebrated!

      Congrats again! I’ll stop over and catch up with Laughter is Catching!


  2. I love this idea for Valentine’s Day. I’m not a fan of the holiday–so commercialized and in my opinion, a bit sappy. But your version of it is kindness and goodwill. What a perfect idea!


    1. I’m married and even I can see how wrong this holiday is.

      Spread the word and the love!! I hope my post gets shared to all the people who would be depressed this Valentine’s Day.


  3. I like the way you think, Susie. There has always been too much pressure put on the day and it has definitely become a cash grab for many. It is quite often the simple things that cost nothing (like the ones you mention) that can really make the difference in someone’s day. One of my favourite Valentine’s Days was when we all dressed up like gangsters and gun molls and attended a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre themed party. We all had fun, including those who were without partners and there was no romantic pressure at all.


  4. Great idea for a day that’s about nothing but expectations. For the past few years my family has gone to a nursing home to play bingo with the residents on Valentine’s Day. It’s called “B my Valentine.” I know it’s corny and what not, but they love it and it moves the focus of the day into an area where more love is badly needed. 🙂


    1. Right??? I had wanted to throw down a post today and this popped into my head! So crazy.
      I hope it catches on. Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m tired of the couple’s focus even though I’ve been happily married for 27 years. It’s depressing for everyone else.
      Spread the word to “Share the Love!”


  5. Very cool idea!! I love it! I hadn’t even thought about Valentine’s Day this year, other than to be annoyed that all the associated crap was taking up so much space at the grocery store. I’m in, and I’ll help spread your message. It’s a winner!


  6. Great ideas! On my second blog, the food one, I kept thinking I should do a recipe for Valentine on there, and I was thinking of chocolates and suchlike, and then I thought, no, everyone does that, so I did a recipe for heart shaped dog biscuits instead! So I propose some animal loving for Valentine’s Day! Wait…no, that sounds wrong. I suggest making a batch of homemade pet treats and then taking them to neighbours who have pets as gifts, then you’re spreading goodwill around the neighbourhood, and beyond our own species! 🙂


  7. Nice idea! You’re right — V-Day doesn’t have to be the exclusive province of romantic love. Spread those positive vibes all around, and hey, it doesn’t take a lot of effort. I like it!

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  8. Love this! I’ll add to hug your kid or bestie for no apparent reason. At the end of January, I had several coupons for a local restaurant that were going to expire on the 31st. I overheard the woman at the next table talking about these coupons that come on the back of the grocery store receipts, which reminded me to use mine. I realized I had 4 that would be no good in two days time, so I casually offered her one (she never caught onto my eavesdropping). I gave one more away and left one outside the restaurant in an obvious place for someone to find. So fun!


  9. This is a lovely idea in theory, maybe for the rest of the country, Susie, but not for New York City where everyone is a self-preservationist and therefore, wary of everyone else and for good reason. I could foresee sending the wrong message to some sap or sap-ette who’ll then hound me like a stalker. No thanks. This fake holiday (who gets it off and isn’t mail delivered?) is just for the greeting card and candy industries. I’m sure that restaurants rake it in, too. I prefer Ground Hog’s Day instead.

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    1. Exactly. We really don’t have a day set aside for going out of our way for others. Maybe it would become a habit! I wanted to shout out my window at the cars that wouldn’t let me into their lane, today. “Share the Love! Share the Love!” That would’ve gotten some looks!


  10. I hope it catches on like wildfire too! I love doing a periodic pay it backward. 🙂 It’s so fun to receive.

    Happy Valentine’s day to you, and I hope your knee is feeling much better!


    1. Thanks Jenny! That’s great that you are paying it forward and putting out that positive energy. It would be cool to get this new idea to catch on and a miracle. I appreciate your share on Facebook!

      Happy Valentine’s day to you!
      You know all about rehab after your hip. It’s slow going, but I’ll get there, thanks.

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  11. I actually do all of those suggested things every day! The compliment one is a little dicey, as people can feel like it borders on sexual harassment, so I generally restrict my compliments to nail polish color choices and socks.


  12. Your wheels are always turning Susie! I live my life like according to your list, but this is a special occasion. Valentine’s Day is also my anniversary, so it’s extra special already, so maybe we’ll give our waiter/waitress an extra big tip Saturday Night to spread the love.


    1. Thanks August!
      We would all love to live in a kinder world. Many people are consistent at putting out positivity, but it would be cool if everyone stepped it up for one day! I would love to get the message out there. I’m just a little voice in the white noise of the Internet. Indeed a megaphone! 🙂

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  13. What a terrific idea to share the love Susie! But it would be my hope to share it every day with different acts of kindness because in today’s world, one day isn’t quite enough. I mean, look how fast each day passes by. And each of us deserves love and affection each and every day. When it comes to love, we can never receive or give enough of it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! (Hope you’re feeling better Susie!) 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Karen!
      My hope is the endorfin rush of doing simple acts of kindness might become addictive I have such a small voice, but hope somehow, it catches on!

      I am feeling better, thanks. It’s not the strides I thought I’d be taking by now, but I’ll take the baby steps. 🙂

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  14. And then let’s make every day Valentine’s Day!
    There’s a famous motivational guru who suggests sending love in the direction of those you encounter. Not in a creepy way or a “Hey, Sailor” way. I had gotten into that habit and then fell out of it. This week I was sitting at a traffic light and a woman crossed the street in front of me and I couldn’t figure out her story. She may have been a street person who had somehow obtained a stylish new handbag or maybe that was entirely wrong. I found myself trying to figure this out and then I stopped my own thinking and remembered to send love in her direction. I felt better and I hope she, know matter who she is or what her story, had a beautiful day. And I hope you do, too.


    1. Thanks so much, Karen! I hope you have a fabulous day too. I wish I could have gotten the word out about Sharing the Love. I try to do that every day too, but I think everyone gets caught up in their daily lives.
      That is so wonderful that you put out good vibes to that lady. I do that whenever I see someone struggling. I think it works!


      1. We have a very strict security policy and I can’t read blogs at work, there’s limited wireless on the train, and my home computer is in its final days, so my reading/commenting time is limited to whatever might be on my screen when I have a minute to check in by phone. Trying to catch up now.


  15. One year I asked my husband to forgo the overpriced florist bouquet and instead arranged to have flowers delivered anonymously to a recently-widowed woman from church. That was truly the best Valentine’s Day memory I have. I hope it made her day…it sure made mine!

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  16. I’ve always been curious about threesomes, but that’s as far as I’ve gone with that. 🙂 I’m paying it backwards by coming here a little late. ‘Been enjoying my trip and soaking up mucho sun. What a great list that we should do always and not just on VD. Everyday might be too much but perhaps once a week. I hope you had a fabulous VD with your amor. 🙂


    1. Thanks! It’s good to hear you’re enjoying your trip while warming up your aching bones. 🙂
      We had a great day of Sharing the Love! We celebrated with the kids and my sister and then went out for dinner. I am exhausted, but happy today! I have always shared the love daily, but writing the post is making me super aware of others. 🙂

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