A Mind-Blowing Experience!

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Last week, my son, Kelly, called after he received a phone message relaying the results of his back x-rays. He broke his L-5 and pelvis snowboarding six years ago and he had experienced a flare-up.The doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories and recommended not lifting anything over twenty-five pounds.The radiologist said they found a deformity and he should make a follow-up appointment.

What could that mean? Between my parents’ health and my own, I had a lot on my mind. My son’s health compounded my worry. I prayed for a sign of hope.

On Sunday, I drove my husband, Danny, to ski at Breckenridge Ski Resort. On our way, four adults and several children stood at the bus stop. Unlike the weekend before when I shuttled skiers and boarders to the mountain, I knew the bus was probably on schedule. I decided to offer anyway.

I pulled over and asked, “Would anyone like a ride to the mountain?”

Two ladies nodded. They threw their skis in back of my car and jumped inside. They were from New York City. One mentioned she was a massage therapist who had relocated to Boulder. As I pulled into the Peak 9 parking lot, I asked, “You said you were a massage therapist?”

“Yes. I specialize in managing pain without drugs.”

I explained my son’s condition.

“It could be several different things,” she said as her bright blue eyes met mine. “If everyone had their body CAT-scanned, radiologists would find a bone abnormality somewhere. My guess is his L-5 isn’t even causing the pain.”

I relaxed for the first time all weekend. “That is such a relief. Thank you.” She handed me her card. I slipped it inside my purse and told her my son would be in touch.

As I drove out of the lot I said to Danny, “How amazing was that?”

“I would never have picked them up. You have a very unique relationship with the universe.”

I drove into the Peak 7 drop off and parked. Danny pulled his skis out of the back of the car while I fished the business card from my purse.

“Oh, my God. You won’t believe this,” I said while reading the card.


“The massage therapist’s name was Hope.” My mind was officially blown.Eyes wide open

Life is extraordinary, if we pay attention.

My son and I had doctor appointments today. Kelly was told not to worry about the deformity and I was told my recovery was within normal range. Hope was right!

Do you believe in signs? Have you ever been blown away?

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  1. Divine Intervention Rocks Susie! Glad all is well with Kelly. Hope is correct about everyone having some abnormality on X-ray, I see it all the time. I think of falls I took as a kid every time I feel an ache or pain. This memories make me smile.


    1. Thanks so much Lisa!

      I did not know that about our bodies, but many have said that in comments. It’s good to know!
      Most of all, I’m so relieved that neither of us need surgery. I am done with surgery…

      My doctor said no running until at least mid-April, but I could ski today if I wanted. Then he added, “You probably won’t want to until the stiffness and tendon pain goes away.” One of these days I’m going to wake up and feel great. That’s the day I’ll slap on the boards and hit the mountain. Don’t worry. Greenies and blueies are the only runs in my future. The T-bar and Whale’s Tale may have to wait until next year.


  2. I usually don’t believe in signs, and I’m very skeptical. But there is enough of the dreamer and believer in me that every once in a great while I let the possibility percolate in me. I’m with your hubby: You have a very unique relationship with the universe.


      1. And I have the business card to prove it. Thanks Peg! I haven’t been that happy and relieved for a long time. I had worried about possible surgery. Yikes!
        You should ask for a sign sometime. It could be about anything. I promise that you’ll be saying, “Okay. Okay. I get it! Enough already!”
        Thanks Peg!


  3. Oooh. YES. I experience synchronicity and coincidences all the time – especially when I’m paying attention! SO happy there’s nothing more serious to worry about. Karma is a fine, fine lady sometimes.


    1. Karma can be kind as long as we keep putting out the positivity. Get negative and POW!
      It was incredible. I had gone through partial knee replacement 8 weeks before and was worried about the swelling and possible allergy to parts. I slept so well that night. Hope really did bring hope and she was right!
      Great to “see” you Jules!

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  4. Signs became evident to me a couple months ago when a friend came into my life that I never saw coming. She is much younger, but she has an old soul, and she lives the same day to day as I do. Our chance meeting has made a very trying winter bearable. Signs, yes, they are a very real thing. Great post, Colorado.


    1. Thanks Cayman!
      It sounds like she thawed out your winter chill. 🙂 I find some people come and go in our life so we can learn something. We just need to pay attention.


  5. It seems pretty definite that there is an interconnectedness of everything beyond the levels of rational scientific explanation. And blow the scientific types, who in the face of continued occurrences like this still bleat about there being no proof.


  6. I love your husband’s comment that you have a special relationship with the universe. I believe that! But I also think that we all do in some way if we are just alert to see it. I am so glad to hear good reports about your health and your son’s circumstance. I can easily understand how stressful the waiting was, but this is an amazing story. I think we are all here to give hope to someone! I have been blown away many times by little reminders of grace and gratitude. I’m just happy reading this, Susie. It’s an encouragement to me, too!


  7. That’s an amazing experience. I have been blown away by the universe many times. Whenever I’m feeling deflated, I remind myself of the power of positive thinking, and I feel better. Have you ever read or watched The Secret (I think that’s the title)? There’s a lot to be said for putting out positive energy to the universe, which returns the favor in some form. I’m happy for your good news.


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