A Day in Dublin, Ireland!

Highlights from a trip to Dublin Ireland.

Every year on the 17th of March, the Leprechauns scatter their gold coins throughout my house and I boil corned beef and cabbage while listening to Irish music. This year, I’m taking a trip back in time to our trip to Dublin.

Danny and I traveled with my dad and mom and our two kids, Kelly and Courtney, in 2001. We stayed in a friend’s apartment a mile away from Dublin’s downtown.

Dublin apartment 2

While walking downtown, the Lord Mayor arrived in style at the Kerrygold Horse Show.

Downtown Dublin 4

We walked through an arched passageway

Downtown Dublin 7

and were welcomed by a harmonica player.

Man playing Irish flute in Dublin Ireland

Classical musicians played traditional Irish music.

Downtown Dublin 3

We enjoyed the combo that played super cool electric violin and bass.

Downtown Dublin 2

Ya gotta love an old-fashioned telephone booth.


We took a tour of Dublin Castle and saw a fancy-like ballroom,

Hall in Dublin Castle

a majestic hallway,

Dublin Castle 6

paintings on the walls and ceilings,

Dublin Castle 7

a stylin’ conference room,

Dublin Castle 8

and the throne, of course.

Dublin Castle 5

After a long day, there was one more tour we had to experience – The Guinness Brewery!

Guinness Tour

Erin Go Braugh!

Here are a few of my own Irish blessings. I like makin’ them up.

May you straighten out life’s learning curve, but leave a few kinks in it for luck.

May your name always be followed with a smile and not a curse.

May you laugh at yourself with others or if not at yourself than at others, and hope they can laugh at themselves with you.

May your door be open to your friends and closed to your enemies, but keep a window open just in case.

May someone catch you when you fall, pick you up when you are down, and kick you in the butt when you wallow in life’s muck.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Are you celebrating this year? Have you ever been to Ireland?

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