A Fresh Flashback!

We probably won’t take a vacation until May, so I’ve been drooling over my vacation photos. These are a few I took in California last year. I miss the fresh sea air, the farm-to-table restaurants and the blending of architecture, art, and landscape found at the Getty Museum. I hope to visit again soon.

My daughter, Courtney, gazes at the ocean in Santa Monica.

fresh in Cali

A view of Huntington Beach.fresh cali 2

 A cool drink of water after a hot day.

cool drink

Courtney and my husband, Danny, on a path outside the Getty.the getty

Doesn’t Venus look fresh?

Venus reclining on sea monster

 Which is your favorite? Where would you like to go?

This is a response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge, Fresh.

76 thoughts on “A Fresh Flashback!

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  1. These are just gorgeous! Great idea to re-visit this trip. What a beauty and wonder the Pacific Ocean is. If I could go anywhere right this moment, it would be to California. I think to Monterrey. The beach, cliffs, and Big Sur State Park sound heavenly. 🙂


    1. I just noticed our lilacs are going to bloom. It’s waaaaaay too early! Yikes! We could get two feet of snow next week. It has been a warm winter. I’m looking forward to summer and a nice relaxing vacation!
      Thanks Phil!


  2. Venus has California boobs. Figures.

    I want to go barefoot in the surf. That all looks beautiful. This may sound terrible, but I also can’t help but think that surf would feel better after a nice, long, 4 or 5 hour bicycle ride along the coast.


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