Trash-Talking and March Madness – I’m In!

While perusing my WordPress reader, I noticed a new post by super blogger and author, Nathan Bransford. It was titled, “7th Annual Blog Bracket Challenge!!

I could not figure out what kind of bracket challenge could warrant two exclamation points so I clicked to find out. He was creating a group for the ESPN [college basketball] Tournament Challenge for March Madness. Joining would mean choosing the winners out of 64 teams. All I knew was CU was out and my alma mater, UW-Madison, was ranked pretty high.

I left a comment:

“It sounds like another social media time suck, so I’M IN!”

old basketball photo

Even though it was free to enter, ESPN will award the first place winner a $20,000 Best Buy gift card and a trip to the 2015 Maui Invitational. Another winner will be chosen from the top 1%. Nathan is offering a query letter review or something else agreed upon to the first place winner of his group. There was plenty of incentive, so I checked it out.

After creating a profile, I found Nathan’s group. I knew I wouldn’t have a chance in hell of winning since I would be guessing while competing against 39 others, but I’m always up for meeting new people and liked the idea of trying something new. I was drawn into The MadnessΒ for the first time.

After clicking on a few picks, I discovered I could click on the team and it gave a description of their offense and defense and predictions for the first round. This worked for some of them, but others had about the same amount of wins and losses, so I guessed. I bet I spent all of five minutes on this before bed Wednesday night. The brackets were locked on Thursday.

I pretty much freaked out when I checked on Friday and most of mine WON! How did that happen? I missed Iowa St. and Baylor, but so did the majority. Ole Miss lost and then Villanova on Saturday, but I am still in first place for my group. I’m in the 99.2%, 87,755 place with 380 points. Whoa! That means I’M IN THE TOP 1%!

This is my attempt at a predicted bracket and the outcomes so far.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 1.25.58 PM

Here’s the other half. Of course I picked Wisconsin to win it all. Go Big Red!

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 1.26.07 PM

There is a list of celebrities on ESPN’s tournament page. I was tied with Jimmy Kimmel, so I tweeted him. I don’t let just anyone rub my belly…

Now I’m beating Kimmel by 10 points! I better smack talk him before the games are played today.

Will Farrell is in the 4,000,000’s somewhere and is in 61.6%. There are a load of people competing.

I had to brag it up on Twitter. You know me, I exaggerated and forgot to say that I was in first place “for my group.”

ESPN tweeted me:

I was pretty stoked when they favorited my tweet.

ESPN does live updates, so every time I refresh, check out Bransford’s group, or the front page, another game could be complete and the final score will change my standing. I could finish in first place or I could go down in flames. There’s a long way to go. Β Either way, I found out this can be a lot of fun even though it is another major time suck.

I can’t wait until Fantasy Football!

Did you know anything about brackets? Are you playing? Would you like to play next year?

59 thoughts on “Trash-Talking and March Madness – I’m In!

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  1. It sounds like a time-suck and therefore instantly appealing. However, I know nothing about NCAA basketball – so much so that I don’t even know if my alma mater was in the 64, so I’ll pass.


    1. I didn’t know ANYTHING!!! It’s pretty fun since all you have to do is click away. I used the old ACT method for guessing and didn’t change my answers after impulsively choosing.


  2. I picked mine at the very last minute, based on my Theory of Blue. UAB’s uniforms looked blue on my computer monitor, so as of Thursday afternoon, I was in great shape and I realized this could finally make March Madness interesting for me. And then I forgot about it. Pretty sure odds are that the team in blue will win, though. Good luck!


    1. Thank you! I’m still in the top1%, but I have no idea how or why.
      That’s a great way to choose! Ha! I just clicked away and got VERY lucky. Have you checked your bracket?


  3. I so admire your energy and enthusiasm, Susie. With everything you have gone through you are still/always laughing and, yes, wild! I admire and respect you so much (despite the fact that I have no idea what you are talking about in this post haha!) Even though I no longer read, comment, or even follow various blogs, posts, whatevers, every time I see your name I get a big smile. Thank you!


    1. Thanks Diana! I thought I’d be blown out yesterday, but I’m still hanging in the top. It is crazy. According to my husband, I picked some teams that should never have gone through. Ignorance is bliss! Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck to you!
      There’s still time for a lot of movement. Every win gets you a ton of points from here on in. I could easily sink and you could rise, but I’ll join you in a cheer. GO BIG RED!
      I don’t think I’ll ever be able be this lucky again, but I’m enjoying the ride. After all the teams that have gone down in flames, I’m STILL in the top 1%. CRAZY!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jackie!
      Wouldn’t that be something???? I’m still in the top 1%, but I have no idea how! This next round will be intense.
      It’s been a new time suck that’s for sure. My husband was laughing last night as I watched two games. I never watch college basketball unless CU is in the tournament. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t tuned into the women. Go Baylor! This whole thing is pretty crazy. I don’t know how I got so lucky!
      Thanks for stopping by, David! Maybe next year, I’ll put together a team!


  4. Usually I’m mathematically eliminated from finishing in the money by half time of the first game, and this year is no different. It’s only money – now back to my regularly scheduled programming.


    1. I didn’t spend a dime. Danny says that I should have considering how well I’m doing, hind sight and all. I always have beginner’s luck with games and usually go home with the door prize, pissing everyone else off. I hope I’m lucky again! I could use Nathan’s freebie, but it’s a very tight race. The next round will either put me way ahead, or cream me… πŸ™‚


  5. Susie, I have two words for this ~ ONLY YOU! You had me cracking up through the entire post! I can’t imagine anyone else making it to the top 1% with no idea what they were doing. Let me know when Jimmy Kimmel invites you on his show. He should! I hope your picks hang in there!


    1. No invitations yet. My phone lines are open Kimmel!!!
      This has been a Wild Ride, that’s for sure. I even made Danny watch two games simultaneously on Sunday night! Ha!
      Today is a big day. I could either stay in the 1% or flame out. We’ll see….
      Thanks Pat!


  6. Sitting here chuckling because my idea of a bracket is something you screw into the wall to hold something. And yet how very exciting that you’re totally kicking butt and taking names. Good luck!


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