Hiking Chautauqua – Slip Sliding Away

I never noticed how many u’s there are in Chautauqua. Huh.

Oh. Sorry. Hey! How are yah!

Danny and I hiked in a Boulder park where the foothills meet the Flatirons. No they aren’t in an aisle in Target. The Flatirons are flat (yep), rock formations like the underside of an iron. The snow melted in the strong Colorado sunshine and I hoped I wouldn’t go slip sliding away.

This was my first real hike in Boulder since surgery and I avoided the mud and slippery slush covered trail, big time, skipping over to the grass when I could. My technique was far from the nimble mountain goat and more like someone afraid of stepping on a land mine.

Susie the goofball

I clowned around while other hikers gave me the hairy eyeball. I have no shame, you know and I thought one of the pictures would make a great new profile picture.

Goofball IIINormally I would have wanted to hike up to the Flatirons, but looping a lower trail was enough for me.

Goofball IV

Why is it whenever someone tells you not to fall, that’s all you think about? They should say, “I’m sure with your uncoordinated body, you’ll spend a lot of time on the ground.” That would reeeeeeally keep me from falling. Bring it on ground! I’ll show you who can keep upright! Yeah!

See all that slipperiness? Do I get more sympathy from a dramatic black and white photo?Β 

Dramatic mountain

Boulder foothills

Hiking in snow is no big deal, but on a 70 degree day in March, mistakes were made. I wore my trail running shoes. I really needed boots.

photo bomber

IMG_3027The sunlit trail was easier to navigate. I suddenly remembered what my surgeon said. “You can hike, but stay away from anything steep.” Oopsy.


We made it back down in one piece, sort of. Right after this photo was taken, Danny fell! I would have taken a picture, but I was busy trying not to laugh while slipping around on the snowmelt.

must get selfie stick

It feels good to be back!

When was your last hike?

Do you like exercising outdoors or do you prefer the gym?

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72 thoughts on “Hiking Chautauqua – Slip Sliding Away

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  1. Looks like a great time! Hubby and I walk together every morning – nothing like the fresh air to get us going. We enjoy trail hiking, too – your scenery is absolutely beautiful!


  2. Susie, wow …… wonderful to see that the wild side of you are still kicking!!!! So happy to see that you’re doing well and that you have got your life back. Wonderful motivating post and most of all wild happy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve missed you, Viveka! I’m so glad to see you too!
      It’s been almost two years of setbacks, but I’m getting really close to the other side. My knee had been a problem since I dislocated it 30 years ago. Now I’m even more bionic!!! There will be many wild adventures to come. πŸ™‚


      1. Yes, I know …. have problems to sit down for a longer period – nerves around my rectum has been damage from the radio therapy- so I have a very “sorry” ass most of the day, so visiting blogs don’t happen so often as before. So glad that you are on the right path. Our bodies and souls will never be the same, for the better and the worst, but we have to jump back at the wheel of life and I can you are in it. I’m travelling to Hong Kong and Japan, with my side effects and Tena Pads. *smile Just lovely to be in contact with you again. Keep that wild side shining through, Susie.


        1. That sounds like a pain in the ass, literally. Shooting pains in the butt have got to be horrid. I hope there is a chance for healing and recovery.
          You’re right about the wheel of life. I feel like I’ve been in the back seat for two years. All of a sudden, my mojo is back. FINALLY!
          I’m glad to hear you are traveling. There is nothing like a change of scenery to inspire and encourage us. Go Tena Pads! Ha! πŸ™‚


          1. The great thing is that I bought a bike and the ass doesn’t give me any problems when being on the bike, I was really worried about that.
            There is no healing – the damage is done and damage nerves will never recover. As you rightly call it – a pain in ass I have to live with.
            I did my first trip 6 weeks after I finished my treatment …. a bit like you, didn’t you go on an European round tour??? Best medicine – and to get away from it all.
            No use forcing the mojo ….. just take it as it come when it comes.


            1. I did go to Europe 6 weeks after surgery. You remember!
              I’m glad you can live with your condition and can bike! I would think that would be the worst, since my butt is never comfortable on a bike seat.
              As far as the reappearance of my mojo, I just needed to see some improvement. It took 11 weeks, but I can finally walk downstairs without hopping. πŸ™‚

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              1. Knees is a problem .. I got pain in my right about a year ago .. when I was in Istanbul, they found out that I have some bone growths in it. It comes with age and also I hit my knee hard when I fell at work in 2008. But they have given me some exercise to do and it works. So I know painful and annoying it’s with a bad knee.
                The thing is, Susie …. we are not 25 anymore, even if we have difficulties to accept that. And old damages will come back to hunt us in some way. Glad that you’re doing a so much better. Just take it easy and don’t over do it.


  3. I’m definitely an outdoors exerciser, Susie. Who wouldn’t be living in our wonderful and beautiful part of the world? Glad to hear that you were able to get out for a hike – but yes – this time of year it can be slippery, especially at higher elevations.


    1. I do both, but love hiking and walking outside. I hit it a little hard at first and rode the exercise bike or took a walk every day. I noticed that my knee was less angry with me if I exercised every other day.
      Are your lilacs as stupid as mine? They are ready to bloom!! In MARCH!!! It’s waaaaaaay too early.

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  4. Hurray. Good to see you up and about again, and what a day for a debut. I Think of myself as outdoors all the time, but in reality, especially during the rainy season, it is way too easy to go from car to gym and back with barely a sniff of fresh air. Thanks for a reminder, and inspiring photos. Glad that knee is on the mend.


    1. Thanks Julie! It is mending. I broke a sweat for the first time on my exercise bike today. My weeeee little muscles are starting to grow. πŸ™‚
      That’s great that you go to the gym! I alternate between the outdoors and my home gym in my basement. Boy has that come in handy! Ha!

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  5. (That’s the weirdest word, right? Always brings up images of women from 1920’s 30’s hiking in full long canvas skirts and big hats)
    Only in Boulder would people understand “Only in Boulder” Great giggle when I saw that pix.
    Glad you’re up and out. (Black and white does glare “danger, the mountain is after you”) I’ve seen some badly slashed and blooded knees from there – not from hiking trail but from stupid weak twisting ankle after going all the way down and heading to the car on rather easily manageable even for unsteady toddlers path. (And you know those college kids smirked)


    1. Those dang college kids… πŸ™‚ I made it home without a scratch, but realized it was risky when Danny fell. What was I thinking???? It would have been different with my boots. Those suckers are amazing in snow and slush.
      Sorry to hear someone fell. That is never any fun.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!
      I haven’t hit the couch in a while. I did make my bed my home for two months. That was a hard habit to break! I’m finally back to sitting in a chair at my desk. YES! I’m glad to be able to step up my exercise outdoors, literally! Ha!


  6. I have GOT to stop reading my email alerts before I’ve had my third cuppa tea! I read, ‘hiking chihuahuas’! … and I immediately felt sorry for their poor little short legs trying to keep up with the dynamo that is the new and improved Susie Lindau. πŸ˜€


  7. Looks like fun… and great pics. I love hiking but somehow never seem to make the time for it lately. I promised my son last summer we’d go on a backpacking hike and tent for a couple nights somewhere. With travel sports and all the other stuff we never pulled it off. THIS YEAR!!


    1. This is the year! Pick a date and GO! I would love to camp again too. It’s so weird, but I don’t think we hiked at all last summer. I’m not sure why. My knee had been bothering me so that may have held me back. Not this year! I would like to go at least once a week. We’ll see!


    1. Thanks so much Carrie! I hope you enjoyed your unplugging time.
      I went again last weekend and hiked in the mountains which was a lot tougher in the snow. I thought for sure I would feel it on Monday, but it was the first time without knee pain going down steps! What????

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  8. My body does not love mountain hiking anymore, so I find mellower trails or get out walking, biking or swimming instead. I love being outdoors, however; when it is too cold, icky weather or super hot, oven hot here I prefer to get my sweat on indoors at the gym.

    Great Captures – love the photo bomber – great pose dude – ha! Happy Day πŸ™‚


    1. That’s great that you get your exercise. I am so in the groove now. I just hit my ex. bike and broke a sweat for the first time. This is a habit I really don’t want to break. πŸ™‚
      The photo bomber cracked me up when I was going through my photos yesterday! Ha! πŸ™‚ Have a great rest of the week, Renee!


  9. Your pics bring back memories. Hiking at Chautauqua was one of my favorite places to be when I lived in Boulder. It felt like a place out of time. It must have been fabulous to be out and about after so many weeks of caring for your knee,


    1. It was so nice! Thanks Mary. I really needed to get out.
      We took a lower trail to get away from the throng of hikers. It was still a challenge with the snow and muck, but tons of fun. Afterward, we went to the dining hall for pizza. A perfect day! I hope you’ll venture back this way sometime. πŸ™‚


  10. There’s a Chautauqua in CO? Huh. The only one I’ve ever heard of is in NY state. It’s a non-profit institute that has lecture series every summer. So, when I read your post title I couldn’t figure out what the heck you were doing. Hiking through the lectures to disrupt them? Even for you, that would be a bit too wild! Now I get it, but had a good laugh in the process.


  11. Congratulations on hitting the hiking trail with gusto, as well as Danny. I’m not a hiker. I’m an indoor spin biker. Like commenter Ally Bean, I also thought that Chautauqua was in New York, and didn’t realize that there were multiple Chautauquas out there. I suppose there’s someone out there who’s even named their kid Chautauqua. They probably call their dog, Bill, and the cat, Jane.


    1. Probably… It was probably a common Native American name like Jones… Keep on cycling! I love my ex. bike.
      We hiked a much tougher trail Saturday. I made it a third of the way! Baby steps. Literally… πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  12. That black and white photo of the trail looks eerie – did any zombies lurch out at you to make Danny fall?

    I love to hike. I’ve been blowing off the gym for 7 months and have turned into a total, flabby couch potato. Walking/hiking in nature is the only physical thing I like to do and it has (barely) kept me from totally melting into that couch. When the trails in the local state park were snow-packed they were a lot easier to walk, as you know, than when the big melt commences. I’ve avoided them for a couple of weeks, but maybe tomorrow!


    1. I hope you got out there! I was hoping to make it a routine, but I will be making a few trips back to Wisconsin next month. I’ll have to be content with walking my parent’s dog. Maybe by then, I’ll be able to run….
      It’s been so warm that most of the snow down here is melted now. We hiked Mount Sanitas on Saturday. I didn’t have any problem with the steep terrain (it’s like stadium steps to the sky). I had problems with catching my breath. Wow! I need aerobic training, big time!
      Danny says snow snakes tripped him. Happens all the time when he skis! Ha!


  13. Glad that you’re back on your feet and there wasn’t too much slippin’ and sliding. Glad you looped it and were able to check out this pretty great scenery. Congrats Wild Rider!


    1. Good for you getting in the gym! It’s been a long winter for you Easterners. We’ve had a burst of early spring. After two months icing in bed, I was ready to throw on my boots and get OUT!!!
      Thanks Lisa!


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