Hiking Chautauqua – Slip Sliding Away

I never noticed how many u’s there are in Chautauqua. Huh.

Oh. Sorry. Hey! How are yah!

Danny and I hiked in a Boulder park where the foothills meet the Flatirons. No they aren’t in an aisle in Target. The Flatirons are flat (yep), rock formations like the underside of an iron. The snow melted in the strong Colorado sunshine and I hoped I wouldn’t go slip sliding away.

This was my first real hike in Boulder since surgery and I avoided the mud and slippery slush covered trail, big time, skipping over to the grass when I could. My technique was far from the nimble mountain goat and more like someone afraid of stepping on a land mine.

Susie the goofball

I clowned around while other hikers gave me the hairy eyeball. I have no shame, you know and I thought one of the pictures would make a great new profile picture.

Goofball IIINormally I would have wanted to hike up to the Flatirons, but looping a lower trail was enough for me.

Goofball IV

Why is it whenever someone tells you not to fall, that’s all you think about? They should say, “I’m sure with your uncoordinated body, you’ll spend a lot of time on the ground.” That would reeeeeeally keep me from falling. Bring it on ground! I’ll show you who can keep upright! Yeah!

See all that slipperiness? Do I get more sympathy from a dramatic black and white photo? 

Dramatic mountain

Boulder foothills

Hiking in snow is no big deal, but on a 70 degree day in March, mistakes were made. I wore my trail running shoes. I really needed boots.

photo bomber

IMG_3027The sunlit trail was easier to navigate. I suddenly remembered what my surgeon said. “You can hike, but stay away from anything steep.” Oopsy.


We made it back down in one piece, sort of. Right after this photo was taken, Danny fell! I would have taken a picture, but I was busy trying not to laugh while slipping around on the snowmelt.

must get selfie stick

It feels good to be back!

When was your last hike?

Do you like exercising outdoors or do you prefer the gym?

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72 thoughts on “Hiking Chautauqua – Slip Sliding Away

Add yours

    1. Thanks Catherine! It was a lot of fun. We’re going to try to hit a trail once a week.
      I didn’t notice the photo bomber until I put this post together. He cracked me up!


  1. Glad that you’re back on your feet and there wasn’t too much slippin’ and sliding. Glad you looped it and were able to check out this pretty great scenery. Congrats Wild Rider!


    1. Thanks Guat!
      I stepped up my game last weekend literally and hiked Mount Sanitas. That was much steeper. I only got a third of the way. I’ll try to go farther next time!


    1. Good for you getting in the gym! It’s been a long winter for you Easterners. We’ve had a burst of early spring. After two months icing in bed, I was ready to throw on my boots and get OUT!!!
      Thanks Lisa!


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