Ephemeral Photos!

Ephemeral – Lasting for a very short time.

Isn’t all of life ephemeral?

ephemeral in New Orleans

Is seeing believing or do we only see what we believe?

ephemeral Party in Downtown LA

 It’s all smoke and mirrors, even at the Denver Cheesecake Factory.

ephemeral mirrors Cheesecake Factory Denver

Nothing lasts forever.

sunset in Telluride ephemeral

I know. This one is super cliché, but I couldn’t resist. Ha!Telluride rainbow

Which is your favorite?

This post is a part of the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Ephemeral.

42 thoughts on “Ephemeral Photos!

Add yours

  1. Wonderful gallery – my favorite is the rainbow. I love rainbows! I have two entries this week … ice cream and time. *smile Have a great weekend.


  2. The rainbow might be cliche, but it’s very cool, Susie. Great shot!

    Yesterday, there was a horrific explosion in a building on the Lower East Side in Manhattan causing that building to collapse and a massive fire that continued into this morning. People were injured, the last I heard two are missing and likely dead, businesses were gutted and several residents in the area lost their homes. My colleague found pictures of that block taken in summer. Then, we saw how it looked after the explosion. Those are pictures that neither of us wanted to believe. I had just been in that area two days before. Now it looks like a war zone.


    1. Thank you, Patrica! I want to seize ‘this’ day! We are experiencing a very early spring here in Boulder, Colorado. I plan to take another hike in the foothills today. And you?


  3. Ay, it’s tough to choose just one. They are all beautiful and unique photos. If you make me choose one then I will pick the one with the sun setting into the mountains. Why do good things seem more ephemeral than bad things?


      1. Today we are helping our son prep for a big interview tomorrow for a summer job as a Community Police Officer in Nantucket. I’m helping with questions to ask and Mr. B is helping with tie knots etc. LOL. Hoping for an offer! 🙂


    1. It’s that split second when I fumble with my camera. Happens to me all the time! The worst is when I would freak taking a video and would turn it off instead of on. That happened to Danny when I did the Polar Plunge.


  4. I love them all, but probably the sunset is a skosh more favoriter than the others. How’s that for talking good? I is a writer.

    Love the photos Susie!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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