My Blurred Lines

I’m back in Wisconsin and took these selfies in my parents’ living room. The rectangles in the background are my father’s paintings.

Going home will be like waking from a dream. Flashes of memories will surround me after focused time with my parents. The clarity I have now will dissolve after returning to Boulder. Like most memories, this week will become a blur.

selfie 4

Selfie 3

Do your vacations race by? Do you photograph special moments?

This post is a response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Blur

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  1. Nice that you could visit your parents. Wish I could see your dad’s paintings more clearly. And to answer your question, do I take pictures of special moments? Thousands! I’m a huge documentor. But none of the photos exist now, since my entire life was auctioned off at a storage facility Feb. 8, 2014. All my artwork, gifts, collectibles, and about 10,000 photographs.

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    1. Wow! You really unloaded. I have thousands of photos too as you can imagine.
      This post was a response to a photo challenge, “Blur,” but I will post about his paintings sometime too. Thanks for stopping by Chaz!


  2. Emphatically yes. I think it was 10 days from the time Sharon and I met you and Danny until we met Lara Schiffbauer in Cheyenne on our way home. Those 10 days were basically spent with various relatives, and they whizzed by at warp speed.


  3. I’m always surprised how cool blurred photos look, but I never think to make mine blurred on purpose! (It happens often enough without me trying to be artful!) Enjoy your time away!


    1. Thanks Sally!
      I know what you mean. I have a new computer and have a limited amount of photos here in Wisconsin. I had deleted the blurred ones, so I made new ones!


        1. Thank you for being you.. and reading me and also spreading the word to others. It is up to all of us writers to keep people going.. even if it kills us..:) Or them with our constant blogs..:)


  4. Very cool photos! My sister is having so much fun with her iPhone 6 doing all kinds of photo tricks, slow motion videos, etc. My trip to PR is certainly becoming a blur though I can still taste the delicious food! 🙂

    Congrats to your dad on his basketball win! 🙂


    1. Thanks Maria! It was a last minute photo on Sunday. I had more problems with the new editor than the photos!
      I bet the food is spectacular in Puerto Rico!
      Wisconsin is playing for the championship tonight and it’s tied up at half time. Go Badgers!

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  5. I love those two photos. How did you do it? The bottom one, especially, makes me dizzy looking at it, but in a giddy sort of way. Glad you had a nice time with your parents. They were probably thrilled to have you home.


    1. Hey Mary! I missed your comment.
      I took a selfie while spinning around. Thanks! I really enjoyed my stay and ended up traveling back to Wisconsin two more times afterward. It’s been a WILD spring.


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