I’m Planning On A Happy Birthday!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life, it never turns out exactly the way you plan. All of your hopes and dreams may be realized, but it’s never the same as we imagine. This can be very true of birthdays too.

Susie Baby Picture 2

One year, my friends organized a birthday lunch for me and then it snowed. My party was cancelled and the kids enjoyed a snow day. Another year, my family planned to fly home in the early morning of my birthday after spring break, but a snowstorm kept us in airports all day. We picked up a pizza and celebrated at 10:00 at night.

This year, I’ve taken charge.

Thursday night, I returned to Boulder after a trip to Wisconsin where I visited my mom, helped my brother after surgery, and spent time with my dad who transitioned into the nursing home. I had one day to make appointments and hoped to cash in some karma. Hey! Everyone’s birthday should be filled with treats.

The plan:

Get a pedicure.

Have my hair styled.

Go out for lunch.

Spend birthday money at the mall.

Go out for dinner with the family.

Order dessert.

And then hit the dance floor, of course.

Hoping and dreaming about my birthday will be different than what will happen and that’s okay. I would be happy to accomplish half of my plan, but things are looking good. I made my nail appointment and there’s no snow in the forecast. Yeah! I can see it now. It’s going to be a happy birthday.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Have your plans ever gone awry?

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  1. My February birthday rarely got celebrated with a party because Mother Nature can be a bitch. I learned to that planning his just ridiculous sometimes and it’s best to wing it last minute. Glad your plans are looking good. ENJOY whatever you do to feel just a little extra special.


    1. Weather can be a factor. What a bummer!
      Yesterday, everything went according to plan. It was the best birthday! I will always plan my birthday from now on…
      Thanks so much, Lisa!


  2. My birthday is in November and it parent teacher conferences around the same time. Last year, it fell on Sunday and I went to a Bears game with my son – it was a good time; this year, conferences. It’s all good. I still got a cake. Have a great day, you deserve it,


    1. It did!!! I went shopping, then met my daughter to get our nails done. I went to a hair appointment while she ran errands, then we shopped again. We stopped at home to regroup then had a fantastic dinner with the whole family!


  3. Have a great birthday Susie. I don’t celebrate my birthday – not because I’m sensitive about my age (it’s too late for that), By all means, you should celebrate Susie style, like you do every other day.


    1. It’s always been a big deal for me and many times I sat around all day, bored out of my mind, so I plan my own now! It was a blast! I did everything on my list except dance. I was EXHAUSTED! The best part was having dinner with family.
      You should celebrate! It’s a great excuse to party!
      Sorry I missed your comment. I’ve been back and forth to Wisconsin and I’m catching up in the hotel right now! Sheesh!


  4. I’m glad you’re birthday plans went well…except for the not dancing, but you can always pretend you’re doing your birthday dance some other time. Happy Belated Birthday!!!


    1. Thanks so much! It was a fabulous birthday. I think the trick is to plan your own!
      (I’ve been back and forth to Wisconsin and I’m finally catching up. I’m heading back home this afternoon.)
      I will definitely make up for the lack of dancing really soon. I hit a couple of exercise classes and have been desperate to build muscle in my quad, but it’s going to take time. When I finally hit the dance floor, I’ll blog about it that’s for sure!!!


    1. Thanks so much Phil! It was so much fun. I shopped, got my hair and nails done, and partied with family. A perfect day!
      Sorry it took so long to comment. I’ve been traveling back in forth to Wisconsin the last few weeks. I’m heading back this afternoon.


  5. Hope your birthday was terrific and included some serious chocolating! Both of my most memorable birthdays involved kidnapping. On my 16th when my friends kidnapped me in pajamas and we went out for breakfast. (My evil mother knew, and didn’t even warn me to wear decent jammies.) My other fave (year redacted) was the first year I was in Seattle. The hub was still in Illinois, but he arranged for his father to kidnap me and take me to the seaplane terminal in Seattle for an arial tour of Seattle.


    1. OH! WOW! You have really lived the life of adventure! That is fantastic! There was a group of moms in my neighborhood who kidnapped their daughters, but mine wasn’t having it. She liked having a plan for her birthday. 🙂
      I had a fantastic birthday, Barb! From now on, I’ll always plan my own. It was jam packed with fun!


    1. It was perfect except for dancing. We were on the east side of downtown and would’ve had to repark the car. I had no energy after a WILD day of celebrating. I was happy to go home and take a raincheck! (My knee was a little sore.)
      I plan to hit the dance floor soon and will blog about it. 🙂

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  6. Nice place~~I’ve got a WordPress blog, but haven’t been back to see it in a year or two. I may give it a look-see and see if I (or this site) has changed for the better. Again, Happy Birthday my friend~~


    1. Thanks so much! Great to “see” you!
      There’s a reader now and that little comic bubble on the right tells you someone commented. It’s become very social and low stress unlike Open Salon.


  7. Hi Susie I’m new here. Just moved in from different platform (blogger – it’s boring there). You might wonder how I gate crashed on your birthday 🙂 But here’s what happened, your blog appeared on the feeds. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway…


    1. Woohoo!!! Thank you, Dex! Welcome to the party!! 🎉 I’m so glad you found me. I plan to post a funny blog tomorrow about basketball and have a few more giggles in the works. I hope you’ll stop by to meet my friends in the comments!

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      1. Sure I will stop by and meet your friends too! Basketball is a very popular game here in Philippines. It’s like football for the Americans. 🙂 Looking forward to read that funny blog. In times like this we need some laughter…. 🙂


              1. Oh I see. Just opened my laptop and checked my emails. I don’t know how long did I slept after one long flight from UK to Manila. I am in mandatory 14-day quarantine right now… 🙂 Hope this pandemic COVID will end soon and everything gets back to normal.


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