I’m Planning On A Happy Birthday!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life, it never turns out exactly the way you plan. All of your hopes and dreams may be realized, but it’s never the same as we imagine. This can be very true of birthdays too.

Susie Baby Picture 2

One year, my friends organized a birthday lunch for me and then it snowed. My party was cancelled and the kids enjoyed a snow day. Another year, my family planned to fly home in the early morning of my birthday after spring break, but a snowstorm kept us in airports all day. We picked up a pizza and celebrated at 10:00 at night.

This year, I’ve taken charge.

Thursday night, I returned to Boulder after a trip to Wisconsin where I visited my mom, helped my brother after surgery, and spent time with my dad who transitioned into the nursing home. I had one day to make appointments and hoped to cash in some karma. Hey! Everyone’s birthday should be filled with treats.

The plan:

Get a pedicure.

Have my hair styled.

Go out for lunch.

Spend birthday money at the mall.

Go out for dinner with the family.

Order dessert.

And then hit the dance floor, of course.

Hoping and dreaming about my birthday will be different than what will happen and that’s okay. I would be happy to accomplish half of my plan, but things are looking good. I made my nail appointment and there’s no snow in the forecast. Yeah! I can see it now. It’s going to be a happy birthday.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Have your plans ever gone awry?

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  1. Here’s hoping your birthday goes your way. Every seven years my birthday lands on Thanksgiving, so it’s safe to say I’m usually cooking a turkey around my bday.

    Happy Birthday!!


    1. Thanks so much, Carrie! It was very fun and went according to plan except for the dancing. We closed up the restaurant at 11:00 and after racing around all day, I was ready to be off my feet!
      That would be a double edged sword. On the one hand, everyone will be together for your birthday which rocks, but stuffing a turkey and pulling off the biggest dinner of the year wouldn’t seem like being pampered.


      1. Ha, yes, not too much pampering for me when I have to make a turkey dinner. But my family makes up for it later and takes me to The Cheesecake Factory. 🙂

        Sounds like you’ll need a foot massage today!


    1. Thanks Linda! I even scored a hair appointment and learned a new way to style my hair! It was very fun. There’s a lot to be said for making your own plan on your birthday.
      Love you too!


  2. Happy birthday, pretty lady! I’d say the most “awry” birthday was the one spent at my grandpa’s wake. Most of the time, though, my birthdays are lots of fun with a few choice friends.


    1. Thanks Kitt!
      Oh that would be horrid! There was a recent death in my husband’s family and we made sure the memorial service didn’t coincide with anyone’s birthday, but only checked immediate family….. Someone may have that same unfortunate fate!

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  3. Happy Birthday, Susie. Here’s to taking control of the situation! My birthday is a few days before Halloween and I always had an orange and black birthday cake with black cats, witches and bats on it. These days, I just prefer the orange in the form of a carrot cake (my favorite).


    1. Thanks Cathy!
      Great minds! I had a carrot cake last night too!
      Taking control has been so perfect for me. I did everything on my list except dance. Danny looked at me after we closed the restaurant at 11:00 and asked if I wanted to go dancing. I was exhausted after running around all day! I’ll rest up and dance in a week or too.


  4. Happy Birthday to you, dear Susie, Happy Birthday to you!
    I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be…
    Can’t wait for the post telling us what really happened for your special day. 😉
    Birthday hugs and all the best! 🙂


  5. I went back and read your birthday posts from 2013 and 2014 and the perspective I’ve received is a blessing. You are amazing, girl! Happy, Happy Birthday, Susie ~ and many more ahead.


    1. Wow! Thanks for reading them, Gabby! I’ve been through a lot, but I keep learning, adapting, and appreciate those birthdays that come once a year! 🙂
      Thanks so much for being such a fab virtual friend, Gabby! *muah*


  6. Since I married a man who doesn’t like to celebrate birthdays, he does no celebrating for me (other than telling me to pick out something I like as a gift- not very romantic, I know). However, last fall, I pampered myself a bit and bought myself an awesome camera (Canon 70D) that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying. And I had a fantastic day. A few things I try to always schedule during my birthday month are my annual mammogram and physical. I consider it taking care of my best interests- a present to myself.

    Have a fantastic birthday! May your day be even better than your plans.


    1. Thanks so much! It was a blast and went almost exactly according to plan.
      I think that’s the trick with birthdays. If we plan ahead, then we don’t have to wait around, we can just GOooooo!
      I love your idea of scheduling your exams. What a great gift and easy to remember!

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  7. Happy Birthday!
    One year I went to get my hair done and a hairdresser (who obviously wasn’t used to dry frizzy hair) heat styled the crap out of it so much and used so little styling products that it looked like a giant fluffy cape 30 mins after I left the salon. Another birthday my friend was supposed to style my hair similar to Veronica Lake’s sleek Hollywood waves but I ended up with a long bob that was so insanely big and curly I looked like I was wearing a clown wig!
    I hope your day has gone brilliantly (even if it’s not to the exact plan) and have an awesome evening!


    1. Thanks so much, Chrissie!
      I’ve had my hair done and had to go home to re-do it myself. That sounds horrific! I have fine hair that’s become straight in spots. I’ve always had a problem styling. The lady who did it yesterday did a great job and put a half a can of hairspray on it so it lasted. Yeah! It’s always a crap shoot when you go with someone new.
      My plan went brilliantly! At the end of the night I decided to save dancing for May. My knee is still a little wobbly. It was a WILD birthday!


  8. I always seem to be out of money for my birthday (or can’t think of anything to do in the dead of winter), so I don’t do much.

    For the past…I don’t know how many birthdays, though, my dad has always paid for a half-hour massage and I’ve picked up the other half, so at least I have that to look forward to every year! (This year I had to schedule it after my birthday, but at least I got it!)


    1. Thanks Peg!
      You did??????????? Ha! I don’t even drink anymore after finding out the correlation between BC and alcohol and I only would have an occasional glass of wine with dinner. But I did have a WILD day and night! I have no shame, I over-share and don’t care what others think. A crazy, crazy combo!
      I knocked off everything on my list, but after being out all day and night, I didn’t go dancing. I was exhausted!!!!!
      I know. Kinda lame, but I’ll make up for it, just wait and see….


        1. No one does!!!! I told my oncologist, it’s the best kept secret. He was surprised I didn’t know. The only time I ever heard about it was when Paul McCartney’s wife died. I figured she was an alcoholic. I guess it can effect some women who only drink 2-4 glasses a week. SHEESH! It’s on my list to blog about, but I hate looking back…


    1. Thanks so much!
      No snow yesterday! It was beautiful and in the low 70’s. A perfect day to shop, get nails and hair done and go out for dinner! Another Wild Birthday!


  9. Happiest of happy birthdays to you, Susie. I like to relax (pedi, massage) etc. + eat out for dinner with my family and just embrace all my blessings. My life isn’t perfect, but I love it. I think you feel the same about yours. Enjoy~


    1. Embracing your blessings is so important. I find it a blessing when reading all of these amazing birthday wishes!
      I’m with you on the pampering and can see that it will become a thing. 🙂
      Thanks Marcy! Are you going to Pike’s Peak?


  10. Happy Birthday, Susie! No matter what happens. My last birthday was ho hum and didn’t turn out like I planned at all. I know what you mean. I think it’s great you’re taking charge and have an open mind about it. Cheers! Enjoy that pedicure and being good to yourself.


    1. Thanks Amy!
      After a few letdowns, I took charge of the day! It’s such a relief to have a plan. We always go to dinner, but sometimes the day would drag on. Not anymore! I even scored a hair appointment after nails and had it styled. It was a fabulous birthday!

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    1. It was fabulous! I’ll always plan my day in the future. I completed my list, but ran out of gas and took a raincheck on the dancing. My knee is still healing.
      Thanks so much!


  11. i’ve had a few disappointments along the way, but then I’m fortunate to have had a lot of birthdays, so on balance, all good! I like your plans, and hope that indeed your celebration is complete!


    1. There’s a lot of pressure on birthdays. I will always plan them in the future since my birthday went exactly as planned!! I burned out and didn’t go dancing, but I need a little more time healing my knee anyway.
      Thanks so much!


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