I’m Back! A Photo Essay

I have emerged from a long winter of isolation. Two years of recovering from surgeries broke me in places, but where my body and psyche were shattered, I am stronger. Focused. Driven. I am stoked for the challenges that lie ahead. I am ready to take back my Wild Life.susie's knee

For me, skiing symbolizes health, strength, and freedom after setbacks. I looked forward to hitting the slopes again.

I had hiked and biked to get back in shape after a Makoplasty partial knee replacement on January 5th, but my physical therapist instructed me to build strength in my muscles to stabilize the knee instead. I took a few weeks of Pilates and strengthening classes.

Were my muscles strong enough or would I have to ride back down on the chairlift?

I made it to the top! Now for the true test.

The top of A-BasinI would be skiing the heaviest and slushiest snow of the year. It would have been painful to ski with my old knee. How would my body handle it?

So far, so good

I took it slow at first and let other skiers and snowboarders pass me.


The new plastic disk under my kneecap rode in the groove of my new metal cartilage replacement in a most excellent way. My quadriceps squeaked a little since they still need to be stretched and strengthened.

Susie's knee after surgery

During my second run, I let go of my nervousness and really carved my edges to see what my new knee could do.
Getting my legs under meAll warmed up, I experienced no pain at all. Miraculous!

Skiing againBut I quit while I was ahead.

feeling good, feeling strong

There is still time to ski this season. A-Basin closes on June 7th. If the snow continues to fall, maybe they will extend the season and the gapers will make an appearance on the first day of summer again.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to challenge my body with fitness classes. Last night, I took a dance class and you know what that means. The Wild Rider is back!

Are you looking forward to summer? Have you ever challenged yourself after an injury?

93 thoughts on “I’m Back! A Photo Essay

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  1. So,so,so happy for you, Susie! You are unbelievable. Like a Weeble who wobbles but can’t fall down. And if you do fall, you just get back up and keep on being Susie! You must have felt so free out there skiing away. Did you say dancing??? 🙂


    1. I fell on April Fools’ Day and it set me back a few weeks. Don’t tell. I want to keep my Weeble reputation. Ha!
      The dance class was a blast, but it was a little soon to be running around barefoot. I plan to go back with my daughter after I’ve been officially released to run in July. I’m in the gym and still rehabbing. It is taking forever to wake up my tiny quad from its long snooze.
      Thanks Maria!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jessica!
      I hope there is a lot of dancing in my future. I miss it! Dance class was fun, but I pushed it a little early. I’ve been instructed not to run until July. That doesn’t mean I can’t swivel my hips and shake my booty! Ha!


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